Top Most Traditional Portuguese Breakfast Recipes – What is a Typical Breakfast in Portugal

Portuguese Breakfast Recipes: When it comes to Portuguese breakfast it is very easy to prepare and delicious like other cuisines like French, Italian, and Mexican food. Anyway, we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If we have the tastiest breakfast then the day will be still so bright. When it comes to Portuguese breakfast they are very selective of foods. In that coffee and a sweet or savory is compulsory.

And Portuguese dishes have a lot of herbs, spices, and zest. And even we provided more types of Portuguese breakfast recipes in the list below. Jump straight to them and try those recipes at home!!!

Portuguese Breakfast Recipes

What Do the Portuguese Eat For Breakfast?

Normally, Portuguese will not give much importance to breakfast. So many people in Portuguese will skip breakfast but one important thing everyone needs in the morning is coffee, not only in the morning they drink coffee after lunch and dinner too. Some people eat toast with butter or a sandwich with a slice of cheese or ham along with coffee.

Whereas kids eat cereal, and teens will eat fresh fruits and yogurt. In the Portuguese breakfast menu, there will be an influence of Morocco and Spain flavors. Because North African kingdoms ruled Portugal for centuries in the middle ages as result Portuguese cuisine is so different even in breakfast.

Do Check These Top 7 Mouth-Watering Traditional Portuguese Breakfast Recipes

As we have seen above, that is what Portuguese eat for breakfast. But not only that we have many different types of breakfast dishes that you can try at home. Look into those traditional Portuguese breakfast recipes that are heart-filling and absolutely delicious ways to start your day.

Portuguese Baked Eggs with Cheese and Toast

Normally, this dish is mostly tried by every country as eggs are the most common in breakfast but the style that Portuguese people do is totally different. This dish was done with three types of cheeses, four types of peppers, garlic, onions, and many spices along with a tomato sauce that is spicy and gives a different taste to the eggs.

This food is very easy to make and very tasty and high on comfort. Once after tasting this dish, you will ask for this for your lunch and dinner too. As we have told you about the ingredients above just saute onions and peppers then add all the spices, and sauces even if you can add sliced tomatoes on top. Cook on a very low flame and finally add the cheese on top.

Bolo Do Caco(Sweet Potato Bread)

Bolo Do Caco is a soft bread that is very unique in taste and this will be sweet or savory taste. This dish is prepared with sweet potato and uses an iron skillet to get the authentic look of Portuguese bread. Just bake the sweet potatoes and puree after cooling down. Now mix the yeast, water, and salt, and keep it for 10 minutes.

Now place the flour on the table or in a bowl and add this mix to the flour, and knead it like a dough. Then cut the dough into pieces and leave it for 30 minutes then take an iron skillet and make those pieces into discs and cook them on the skillet. You can also spread garlic butter on top of this sweet potato bread.

Portuguese Tosta Mista

Tosta Mista is a very traditional and signature Portuguese dish that was made with ham and cheese and is very similar to our ham and cheese recipe that will be easy to make and can eat at any time of the day not only for breakfast. By eating this recipe your tastebuds will be much satisfied. To make this recipe, cut the buns into halves and just spread butter inside them, then layer with ham and cheese and sprinkle salt and pepper.

Now, the unique style of the recipe starts, just brush the bread on top with beaten egg and sprinkle oregano. Place them in the oven until the cheese is melted. Oregano makes all the difference.

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Pastel De Nata (Portuguese Custard Tart)

If you went to Portuguese, and are interested to try their dishes then this is one of the best dishes to try for breakfast. The alternate name of this pastel de nata is Portuguese custard tart. Previously this dish is only available at Mosteiro dos Jerónimos in Lisbon’s Belem but now it is available anywhere in Portuguese. Even if you are not in Portuguese just try out the recipe and you will definitely love it.

This dish is made with egg yolks, sugar, milk, or cream and seasonings like vanilla, lemon zest, cinnamon and depending on your taste. When you are making this recipe, the filling inside the tart should be runny and the custard should be soft even if it became cold. This start should be topped with caramelized sugar or marshmallow.

Portuguese Fig Jam

By looking at this name you may think how can we eat the jam for breakfast but this is perfect to use as a spread on the toast or biscuits that you eat in the morning along with coffee. Preparing and keeping it in your fridge can be used whenever you need it. On busy mornings, you can have this for your breakfast as it is very simple, easy, and need no time.

To prepare this jam you need figs as you can see in the name itself. Just bring the ripe figs then wash them and peel them. Now, add the figs to the saucepan along with sugar and cinnamon sticks. Place the stove on low flame and stir it continuously or occasionally. Once it is ready, cool it down and place it in a glass jar.

Pao De Deus

As the name is in Portuguese if we translate this name then we will get as bread of god. This Portuguese traditional recipe is made with coconut and eggs. Once you made these you can enjoy them all over the year by storing them. This bread is so fluffy, soft, and light. It will crunchy outside and soft inside. You can have this for your breakfast or you can even serve it as a dessert after lunch or dinner.

This recipe can be made within 5 minutes just with some ingredients like eggs, rum, vanilla, sugar, and lemon zest that are commonly available in the kitchen.

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Portuguese people also love juice along with coffee one of the most popular ones is orange juice. This dish might look very common to you but when you try this you will definitely love it and you will have no words other than saying fantastic because the oranges are grown in Portugal’s southern Algarve region, which is famous all around the world. They are growing these oranges since the sixteenth century.

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Within this hustle and bustle of city life, we all look for the fastest and easiest recipes for breakfast in the mornings. And these Portugal breakfast recipes will be equal to sweet pastries. Once you check out the list of the recipe names that we have provided below many of them will look like American breakfast items as Portuguese breakfast has juice, french toast, eggs, jams, and others.

  • Portuguese French Toast
  • Portuguese Biscoitos
  • Portuguese Breakfast Pizza
  • Portuguese Porridge
  • Portuguese Based Tuna Omelette
  • Pastel De Nata
  • Portuguese Frittata
  • Papo Seco which is called Portuguese Bread Rolls
  • Portuguese Corn Bread(Broa)
  • Portuguese Croissant
  • Pampilho
  • Bolo De Arroz

FAQs on Portuguese Breakfast Ideas

1. Do Portuguese eat eggs for breakfast?

Yes, when you walk around Lisbon in Portuguese it is the tourist center and you will many breakfast options mainly pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausages.

2. What is the typical breakfast in Portugal?

Some of the typical Portuguese breakfast recipes are:

  • Sande de queijo (cheese sandwich)
  • Sande mista (ham and cheese sandwich)
  • tosta mista (ham and cheese toastie)
  • Sande de fiambre (ham sandwich)

3. What is the Portuguese Omelet Called?

A Portuguese Omelet is called a Chourico. Chourico. It is the classic dish in Portuguese that can be often served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

4. What is Portugal’s largest omelet?

Portugal’s largest omelet size was 14225 lbs (6466 kg) having a diameter of 10.3 meters (33 feet 8 inches) that was donated by Uno Ovo company.

5. What is Portugal’s favorite food?

Portugal is a country with a lot of seafood and there are many recipes that are made with entire fish along with egg sacs.


Hope you like all the recipes that we have shown as they are very easy to make in the busy mornings and keep your tummy full. Then start preparing these dishes from tomorrow. And also if you like these recipes just share them with your friends on social media. Follow us for other interesting food ideas like Halloween Breakfast Recipes, and Pumpkin Spice Recipes at our official website.

Enjoy making these recipes as they are easy to eat on the go and they are absolutely mouth-watering.

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