30+ French Breakfast Foods To Try Today! – Check Out French Breakfast Menu Examples

French Breakfast Foods: French Cuisine is generally known for its elegant pastries and indulgent dessert recipes starting from flaky croissants, and elegant brunches to fancier dishes, French Breakfast foods are definitely going to inspire you to start a delightful morning with something new today.

These recipes are not only good for regular breakfasts or brunches but also fit in really well on any type of occasion. Well, in this article you will be learning about the best breakfast and brunch dish options from French Cuisine that will not only make you want them to add to your daily routine but will also cross your mind when you have a big occasion at your home or if guests are around.

French Breakfast Foods

Top 10 Best French Breakfast Foods List

When we think about French Breakfast Recipes we often have an image of something refined, sophisticated, and expensive meals, well, did you know you could experiment with French Breakfast Dishes right in the comfort of your home? Want to try some really delicious French Breakfast Foods for yourself or your family? Here is the top list of best recipes that you can choose from:

  1. French Breakfast Puffs
  2. French Toast
  3. French Cruller Donuts
  4. Croissants
  5. French Buckwheat Crepes
  6. French Croque Madame
  7. Cafe Au Lait
  8. Beignets
  9. French Chaussons Aux Pommes
  10. French Hot Chocolate

French Breakfast Puffs

These puffs can be best described as cinnamon sugar muffins but better. This French Breakfast recipe is super savory and comes smothered with a rich cinnamon nutmeg crumble that your family is definitely going to love. If you have a sweet tooth then these puffs are perfect for a brunch meet and get ready very quickly. You can pair these puffs with some Nutella or chocolate syrup for a better combination.

French Toast

This particular recipe is the most famous of all the French recipes out there which have now been completely integrated into the American Cuisine. This recipe is easy and can be fully customized at your home with endless topping and filling combinations.

French toasts can be decorated with a variety of ingredients starting from whipped cream, powdered sugar, and maple syrup, to blueberries, and would also require you to add some vanilla extract and cinnamon to spark up the flavors even more.

French Cruller Donuts

This French Breakfast pastry comes with a super elegant crux dough that is deep-fried and smothered in a delicate powdered sugar glaze. These pastries are light and beautiful and generally require all-purpose flour, eggs, granulated sugar, and vanilla paste mixed with the required spices and baked to perfection. Make sure to use unsalted butter in the dairy to balance the taste of the spices better.

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French Cuisine is mostly about buttery and flaky pastries and these French croissants are definitely a must-try for you. This recipe is a super savory sandwich that is sweetened with honey and topped with rich ingredients.

This recipe is easy and gets ready in a couple of minutes while not compromising on the quality. These delicious homemade croissants combine strong bread flour, tepid milk, unsalted butter, dry active yeast, and beaten yogurt along with milk to give the final glaze.

French Buckwheat Crepes

These savory buckwheat crepes from French Cuisine are definitely going to satisfy your hunger for a really long time. These fine crepes are stuffed with rich vegetables and cheese to make this recipe not only delicious but healthy too.

It has very less cooking time and gets ready with only 4 main ingredients including spinach, mushrooms, shallot, and coconut cream. The spices that you need to add are buckwheat flour, cloves, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, grated cheese, and finally top it up with some ground nutmeg, ground pepper, and dried oregano.

French Croque Madame

If you are a lover of ham sandwiches then you will definitely not be able to resist this sweet ham and creamy cheese toasted bread recipe. This croque dish is super classic and goes to the next level if added with a poached egg right on top.

The flavor of this recipe is top-notch by itself and if added with some artisanal mustard can definitely give a super amazing final touch to this blissful sandwich. You will also need coarsely grated Gruyere cheese, Dijon mustard, thinly sliced cooked ham, eggs, unsalted butter, milk, salt, and a final garnishing of black pepper and grated nutmeg.

Cafe Au Lait

This particular French Breakfast food is generally a dish combining coffee and milk where skimmed milk is topped with the goodness of a foamy and frothy coffee. This recipe is one of the French staples that are so elite as compared to the standard whipped coffee.

If you want to start your morning with an amazing caffeine boost, then this particular recipe is definitely going to amaze you. Apart from milk and dark roast coffee, you will also need to combine roasted chicory root and granulated sugar.

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This French Breakfast classic dish is generally fried buns that are topped with powdered sugar and are especially one of the most loved dishes amongst the kids. In this recipe, some dough balls slowly swell up into chubby beignets as they are fried to a crispy golden brown.

While adding the powdered sugar be generous and smother it up with some honey to give some extra sweetness. This dish is scrumptious, soft, and airy and also requires some dry active yeast, butter, eggs, and vegetable flour while preparing the dough.

French Chaussons Aux Pommes

This French Apple Pie Breakfast food is delicious to be enjoyed at any time of the day. This recipe combines crisp tart apples that are wrapped in a croissant-like pastry to result in something both sweet and butter.

This French Apple Turnover Recipe is mess-free and vegan as well. To go on, you will need golden delicious apples, granny smith apples, superfine sugar, all-butter frozen puff pastry along with some fresh lemon juice while preparing it for the final bake.

French Hot Chocolate

If you have a sweet tooth or a household full of kids, this recipe is a must-try for you. This French hot chocolate breakfast dish is super thick and rich that is going to melt into luxury flavors, right from the first bite.

This hot chocolate dish is going to serve you the best during those cold winter or fall mornings and requires a very simple set of ingredients including espresso powder, heavy cream, whole milk, bittersweet chocolate, powdered sugar, and a giant bowl of whipped cream for serving.

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List Of French Breakfast Recipes With Eggs

If you love incorporating eggs in your breakfast or brunch dishes owing to their Delicious taste and high protein content, then these French Breakfast Egg Recipes are definitely going to grab your attention:

  • Radish Toast With Poached Egg
  • Oven Toasts With Eggs and Cream
  • Eggs En Cocotte with Smoked Salmon
  • Kale, Radish, Eggs and Prosciutto Breakfast
  • Baked Egg with Goat Cheese
  • French Toast With Caramelized Bananas
  • French-style Scrambled Eggs
  • Quiche Lorraine Gruyère Tart
  • Savory Parmesan French Toast With Eggs and Hollandaise Sauce
  • Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast With Poached Eggs

Gluten-free French Breakfast Foods for Weight Loss

Now, let us look at some of the most amazing Gluten-free French Breakfast recipes that are not only delicious but also aid in losing excess weight and maintaining a healthy weight:

  • Gluten-free Breakfast Strata with ham, eggs, and garlic
  • Spring Salad With Goat Cheese Toast
  • Caramelized Red Onions with Balsamic Vinegar or Red Wine
  • Ricotta and Tangerine French Toast
  • Gluten-Free Brioche Roll Buns
  • Pear Spices French Toast with Cinnamon
  • High Fibre Summer Vegetable Ratatouille
  • High Protein Baked French Toast with Apple spices
  • Creamy French-Style Potato Asparagus Soup
  • Gluten-free Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Oatmeal and Amaranth

Vegan French Breakfast Foods List

French Breakfast foods come with a variety of Vegan recipe options too. Let’s what these amazingly delicious recipes are:

  • Breakfast Pizza With French Bread
  • French Breakfast Radish Kimchi with Mushroom Broth
  • Avocado Toast with Radish
  • Cannoli Choux Pastry Puff
  • Pumpkin French Toast Roll Ups
  • Panettone French Toast
  • Croque Monsieur Croissant Bake
  • Vegan Cinnamon French Toast
  • Mini Croque monsieur
  • Easy Cream Puff Swan with Chocolates

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FAQs on French Breakfast Foods In French

1. What is a typical breakfast in France?

A typical French breakfast is sweet and typically consists of bread and butter, jam spread, croissants, pastries, orange juice, milk, etc.

2. Do the French have eggs for breakfast?

Yes, French people typically eat dairy and poultry items for breakfast like bread, milk, pastries, yogurts, and eggs too don’t fall into any exception.

3. Do the French eat a lot for breakfast?

No, French people generally incorporate simple meals for breakfast that are lightweight and super quick to digest.

4. What are 10 French foods?

The 10 most famous French foods are Baguette, Ratatouille, Croissants, Quiche Lorraine, onion soup, croque madame, breakfast puffs, radish kimchis, breakfast strata, and more.


With this, we wrap today’s article up. This French Breakfast Foods article has not only given you an idea of what French Cuisine is but has also provided you with lots of breakfast options to choose from them.

Make sure to try out the recipe that you loved the most and share this article with other food or cooking enthusiasts too. Stay tuned to read more such interesting yet fun food-related writeups.

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