Does Rice Turn into Maggots? – Unveiled the Truth

Does Rice Turn into Maggots?: Buying the pantry products such as rice and flour in huge quantities can be the best way to save money. But your savings may be wasted if the food is spoiled by insects. If you find maggots and black bugs in your rice bag, then don’t worry as they will not harm you. Are you wondering does rice turn into maggots? Here is the answer for you.

Rice has larvae in it. When it is stored in the pantry, the larva will hatch and leads to maggots. But rice doesn’t turn into maggots. The better storage conditions of rice can prevent bugs or maggot formation. Here we are also giving how to treat already-infested rice and what happens when you eat maggots rice.

Does Rice Turn into Maggots

What Are Maggots?

Maggots are fly larvae and they are attracted to decaying food. When rice is directly exposed to air and moisture, it starts to decompose and larvae can smell this.

At this point, the larvae come to the rice bag and start eating it. The maggots will continue to grow and multiply rapidly, thus rice will have full of maggots.

Does Rice Turn into Maggots?

No, rice does not become maggots. Rice is a grain, so it can’t turn into a live insect or larva. However, rice is an ideal breeding space for insects. Insects lay their eggs on rice grains. Once the eggs hatch into larvae, the maggots have a food source, they reproduce and the cycle repeats.

Most of the time, it happens before the rice is packaged. The eggs are virtually invisible, so they are not identified until maggots are formed. However, it is not advised to consume live insect’s food, remove the insects from the rice and eat.

Why Does Rice Turn Into Maggots?

There are many reasons for the formation of maggots in the rice.

Rice Storage Environment

If the rice is not stored properly, then moisture and air get into it. It happens when the rice stored container is not sealed tightly. Maggots can get into rice if insects are already present in your pantry. When these insects lay eggs, the maggots can hatch and start eating the rice.

Poor Hygiene

Another main reason for maggots in rice is poor hygiene. If the storage containers are not clean, then there is a high chance of bacterial growth and food contamination.

So, it is important to wash the containers every time before using them for storage. And when water is getting in contact with rice, the rice will rot and leads to maggots infestation.

Maggots Infestation

The next reason for maggots in rice is the infestation of maggots. If there are maggots in the rice, it is because there were eggs laid by flies or other insects in the rice.

High Exposure to Heat

When the rice is placed in a too-warm environment, it may attract maggots and also quality degrades rapidly. So, it is better to keep rice in cool and dry places.

Mold Presence in Rice

The last reason is the presence of mold. If the rice is stored in a moist or humid place, mold may develop on it. The rice will start to decay and mold will begin to feed on it, resulting in an infestation of maggots.

How to Remove Maggots and Bugs From Rice?

If your rice is infested with maggots, here are the tips to get rid of them.

  • Boil the rice to kill any hatchlings.
  • Place the rice in the freezer.
  • Purchase an aerosol repellent made for rice bugs.

If your rice has fewer maggots, then it can be treated in any of the following ways to make it edible.

Refrigerate or Freeze for 24 Hours

The goods rot easily in warm and humid settings, so it is best to store the goods in the original packaging in the refrigerator for a few days. If it has any larvae or eggs, then they will decimate them. Remove the rice from the fridge and store them.

Keep Rice in Sunlight

Direct sunlight has the power to kill most insects. It is advisable to lay rice on a tray and keep it in the daylight for several hours. Those pests should come out from the plate in search of a shadowy place to hide.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

To get rid of preexisting pests and prevent increasing their count, start cleaning your kitchen and storeroom thoroughly. Firstly, remove all edible foods.

Vacuum the place alternatively to ensure that there are no leftover food particles in the kitchen. Disinfect all surface areas using a chlorine-soaked towel. You can even add clove oil or peppermint oil.

Wash the Rice

Soak rice in a container that is washed in warm detergent water. Whatever larvae or maggots are present will be killed prior to restocking. Make sure to rinse the vessels every time the past food stock runs out.


Similar to freezing, heating the rice under high temperatures can kill the maggot eggs from hatching. Heat your infested rice in the microwave at 14 degrees F for 15 minutes to kill the larvae.

Boric Acid

You can mix a pinch of boric powder or boric acid in your rice to prevent or remove infestation. Storing it in this method will prevent your rice from getting infested.

Oxygen Absorbers

As maggots need oxygen to hatch into larvae, you can place oxygen absorber packets to remove the oxygen from the rice. Avoid spreading or ingesting into the rice, as it can cause poisoning.

Peppercorn/ Bay Leaves

If mixing rice with boric powder, doesn’t work, then you can place bay leaves or cloves in your rice bag. This can prevent the product from being infected.

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Ways to Prevent Maggots in Rice – How To Store Rice?

These are the simple ways to prevent rice from turning into maggots.

Better Storage

The important thing you have to do to prevent rice from maggots is to store it properly. All rice packets should be kept in airtight and insect-proof packages. Also, ensure that rice is stored in a cool and dry place.

Inspect Before Cooking

Before cooking rice, you should inspect the grains and throw any discolored or damaged ones. It is better to inspect every time to stay healthy.

Be Hygienic

It is important to clean the vessels as it will help to prevent bacteria growth. Also, wash your hands before and after cooking the rice, and make sure that all utensils are clean.

Cook Properly

If you cook rice perfectly, the maggots will not be able to survive anymore. Follow the instructions printed on the rice package and don’t overcook or undercook it.

Even if you follow all these precautions, there can be a still chance of maggots in rice.

What Happens If You Eat Rice with Maggots?

In many cases, accidentally consuming maggots will not result in long-term consequences. However, people who have consumed maggots via the consumption of rotten food may be in danger of contracting food poisoning.

FAQs on Does Rice Turn into Maggots

1. Are rice worms harmful?

Rice worms are not harmful to human beings as they are not known to spread any disease.

2. How do you get rid of rice worms?

To get rid of rice worms, refrigerate or freeze them, keep your kitchen hygienic, wash the rice, and keep rice in sunlight.

3. Why does cooked rice look like maggots?

Cooked rice looks like maggots as those creatures are the larvae of weevils or Indian meal moths.

4. How do you prevent worms in rice?

You can prevent worms in rice by storing in the refrigerator or mixing it with boric acid

Key Takeaways

By now rice can’t turn into maggots, but it provides the requirements for fly larvae to hatch. The majority of infested rice is not harmful. There are multiple ways for killing the eggs and preventing their hatching.

The most effective strategies are freezing it, washing the rice, placing it in sunlight, and cleaning your kitchen regularly. Using natural repellents is also helpful.

If you have any doubts about this article, write a comment below. Stay tuned to our site to know more latest food articles.

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