Why Steak Turns Grey After Cooked? – 3 Reasons On Why My Raw & Cooked Steak Graying

Why Is My Steak Grey?: Are you having steak recipes regularly at restaurants and wondering how to overcome them for a better healthy lifestyle? Here is a solution, simply buy fresh steak and cook enough amount of steak at home. Save the remaining steak properly in the refrigerator.

However, you will face a lot of issues with steak storage at home or store but the one common problem to highlight here is turning your steak grey color. In case, you have faced this type of issue prior and imagined it as a spoilage sign then you’re wrong.

There are so many reasons behind the steak greying. Without any delay, let’s start revealing all the reasons and the solutions for the best results. Click on the link provided here and jump into the data that you’re looking for.

Why Is My Steak Grey

Why Steak Turns Gray When Cooked? | Why Is My Steak Grey After Cooking?

Whether it may be on the grill, on the stove, or in the oven, sometimes your steak may turn gray. The primary reason to turn as grey is inadequate heating temperature while cooking. When you cook the steak in the temperature range from 284°F to 355°F, then turns brown which is perfect. If the cooking temperature is below this range then it starts graying.

While cooking it also loses its protein content which leads to changes in taste, odor, texture, and color. But it results best in moistness, and tenderness, and is safe to eat. The best solution to avoid graying is to sizzle the meat too long on a hot enough surface.

Why Is My Steak Grey Before Cooking?

Yes, steak can also turn gray prior to cooking. The steak that has turned gray before cooking and after cooking is quite distinct. As reported by My Chicago Steak, the process of graying your steak is called metmyoglobin.

In short, when a protein in the muscle tissue known as myoglobin interacts with oxygen, as a result, myoglobin turns to metmyoglobin and steak produces greyish color before cooking. Also, the occurrence of grey steak is fairly common and it is absolutely safe to cook and eat unless it isn’t slimy or smelling odd.

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Other Reasons On Why My Steak Turns Grey

The following are some of the additional reasons for becoming steak grey. Check them and get your answers too in no time.


One more reason to turn your steak grey is overcooking. Yes, cooking at a high temperature is not okay with steak or any meat as it reduces the protein and lets go of its liquids. This results in a dry and tough steak. Also, skip cooking your steak past medium-rare which leads to becoming a steak into grey.

The solution to make it better is to cook your steak by simmering on low flame. You can even try out some methods to cook the steak very juicy, delicious, and tender. The temperature of the heat can be easily identified by a thermometer so check the steak heat temp when cooking and leave it to cook thoroughly.


With proper seasoning, your meat tastes delicious and looks appealing too. But the next common reason for a grey steak is improper seasoning. The main & crucial thing to use while seasoning is a dry rub or marinade that includes salt.

It needs to be done reasonably, or else you should face the risk of overcooking the steak which again leads to changing your steak to grey. Remember to avoid seasoning with wet ingredients like Worcestershire sauce or soy sauce. So, it’s suggested to go with dry rubs and marinades with ample salt before cooking.

What Color Is Steak When It Goes Bad?

There are a few colors like brown, yellow, purple, or grey tints that display as a spoilage sign. If you ask me if it is safe to eat or not, I would say that not a bad steak every time. Do check and identify other signs such as texture, a bad smell, or being outside of its expiration date for deciding whether the steak is safe to eat or not.

FAQs On Why My Steak Greyed Out?

1. Why is my steak Grey on the grill?

There are two reasons for graying steak on the grill. The first reason is When your steak doesn’t burn properly at high heat on the grill turns gray. The second reason is when the meat gets seasoned ahead of time then it changes to gray.

2. Why is my steak Grey in the freezer?

If you find your steak grey in the freezer, means freezer burn. When the air from the cold freezer contacts the food surface then that food goes under freezer burn. It is recommended to throw it away or cut off the graying part or burned part before cooking.

3. What is meant by graying steak?

Graying steak means not getting oxygen exposure. Yes, when it happens your meat or steak changes into a gray-brown shade.

4. Can you eat steak if it’s grey?

Yes, you can eat steak after graying too. Make sure to cook the steak properly and eat it. In case, you found that grey steak is slimy in texture or provides an odd smell or anything off then it is not safe to consume.

5. What happens if you eat gray steak?

Nothing bad will happen when you eat gray steak until it doesn’t have any spoilage signs. Yes, graying steak can be consumed normally but check the odor, appearance, and texture before cooking and eating.

Final Outcomes

Here comes the conclusion part of the Why Is My Steak Grey guide. Now, you all know what are the major reasons for changing the steak to gray color. Always follow the instructions carefully and properly before cooking steak that turned into grey to end up eating healthy food.

If we miss anything important related to the same, drop it down in the comment section so that we will update it in this guide asap. Do comment below about the experiences you faced while your steak turned gray and let us know what you learned from this article.

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