The Risks of Consuming Expired Rice Milk: What You Need to Know

Does Rice Milk Go Bad?: Have you ever bought a carton of “organic” rice milk and now questioned can rice milk go bad? Or you come across an expired rice milk pack in your kitchen pantry and internally debate whether you should use the expired beverage or not?

If you have ever found yourself in any of these situations, then this article will tell you the missing pieces to complete your rice milk puzzle. Throughout this article, we will be discussing rice milk shelf life, expiry dates, storage methodologies, and red flags that indicate spoilage. So, give it a read to discover more.

Does Rice Milk Go Bad

Does Rice Milk Go Bad? – How Long Is Rice Milk Good For After Opening?

Yes, absolutely. Similar to other perishable beverages such as almond milk, soy milk, etc., even rice milk tends to go bad. However, the exact shelf life of rice milk depends on various factors like the number of preservatives added to the milk, quality of storage, and whether it’s homemade or artificially produced.

If you follow the correct storage techniques, then you can substantially increase the shelf life of rice milk. The estimated shelf life has been provided below.

Type of Rice Milk Shelf Life at Room Temperature Shelf Life in the Freezer
Unopened and unrefrigerated rice milk (at the supermarket) Up to 10 days 1-2 months
Opened and unrefrigerated rice milk (at the supermarket) 5-6 days Up to a month
Fresh and refrigerated rice milk 2-3 days 15-20 days
Homemade Rice Milk 2-3 days 5-7 days

How Long Does Rice Milk Last

How to Store the Rice Milk?

If you have bought and used your rice milk, then you may be left wondering about the necessary steps for stacking away the rice milk. The exact process that you follow depends on the time at which you want to store the milk. We will be telling you about professional storing methodologies that you can comfortably follow in less amount of time.

  • If you have bought packaged rice milk, then you can safely leave it on the kitchen counter for at least 5 days. Whenever you open the bottle, make it a point to place the cap back on. This habit will go a long way in preserving the quality of milk.
  • On the other hand, if you have opened up the bottle multiple times, then it is advisable that you put it in your refrigerator. A cool and dry place such as the fridge will help keep the contents healthy and drinkable.
  • If the rice milk is already past its expiration date or it is homemade rice milk, then your only safe bet will be the freezer. Surprisingly, freezing the rice milk can keep it fresh for almost a month.

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How to Tell If Rice Milk Has Gone Bad?

You may wonder about rice milk’s expiration when you find an unopened carton of rice milk in your kitchen. It can get tricky to identify milk spoilage due to the less-than-visible symptoms available. So, keep a tab on the carton of milk and look out for the following signs.

  • If the milk can looks swelled/ leaked/ cracked, although it was fine before, then it may indicate milk spoilage. So, throw it away instantly before it bursts.
  • Any weird smell that may feel like deterioration is also a clear red sign. You should get rid of the milk pack as soon as possible.
  • Rice milk tends to give off a sour taste when it goes bad. Therefore, if you mistakenly drink the spoiled milk, make sure that you throw away the rest of the pack.
  • Mold near the surface of the opening of the milk tetra pack is also a sign of spoilage. It is most commonly observed on packs kept in direct sunlight or humid spaces.
  • Any pack that has been opened and kept inside the fridge for more than 10 days shall be thrown away too. If you are confused about whether your milk is spoiled or not, it is better to presume that it is.

Does Rice Milk Go Bad

Fun Facts About Rice Milk

Rice milk is quite popular among vegans who prefer non-dairy products. Also, it is no less than a blessing for lactose-intolerant people. Other than low-calorie count and rich nutrient profile, rice milk is also infamous for its health and skin benefits.

If you drink a cup of rice milk every day, you can expect glowing skin, reduced cholesterol, better heart health, and a strengthened immune system. Rice milk has 3 grams of fat in a cup as compared to 10 grams in whole cow’s milk. The best part is that you get only 130 calories from a full cup of rice milk.

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FAQs on Does Rice Milk Go Bad

1. Does rice milk go bad if you leave it out?

Reasonably speaking, Yes! Similar to rice milk, all other dairy products tend to go bad pretty fast if you leave them outside at room temperature. The only exception is powdered milk. So, if you wish to keep your rice milk safer for a longer duration, then store it in an airtight container inside the fridge.

2. What does rice milk smell like?

Ironically, rice milk smells like rice only. It may range anywhere from a stale odor to an unsweetened flavor. The spectrum of flavors is quite big when it comes to rice milk. However, when you spot any foul odor, simply throw away the milk to avoid spoilage.

3. Is rice milk good in tea?

Yes, generally speaking, rice milk tastes well when used in tea. However, different people have various taste preferences, so the exact likability may vary depending on the person. Rice mill tends to blend smoothly with tea and you will get a distinctive aroma of rice along with tea leaves when you drink it.

4. Is rice milk good for you?

Yes, rice milk is healthy and good for everyone as it is rich in antioxidants, calcium, and vitamin D.

5. How long does rice milk last after opening? 

How long does opened shelf-stable rice milk last? When it is stored in the refrigerator, it stays good for 7-10 days after opened.


Hopefully, this article soothed your worries about storing rice milk. It is always better to make dairy products at home in a natural fashion rather than purchasing artificially produced milk which is quite processed.

However, no matter what the type of rice milk, you can always rely on the stacking techniques that we explained to store away your milk. Stay tuned for more such articles like Can Soy Milk Go Bad and about your favorite food items and beverages.

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