Does MCT Oil Go Bad? Understand the MCT Oil Shelf Life, Benefits and Tips

Does MCT Oil Go Bad? MCT oil is so healthy that you can consume it directly from the bottle or add it to your food. The oil was not popular before. But, nowadays, this is becoming a favorite of fitness freaks and health enthusiasts. However, the Best MCT oil is recommended in very small dosages for us to use.

Thus, people might often wonder what to do with the rest of the oil in their bottle. You need to store them properly to ensure their quality. Find out Does MCT Oil Go Bad from this guide, along with MCT Oil storage tips, and MCT oil expiration.

Does MCT Oil Go Bad

What Is MCT Oil?

MCT oil is a form of saturated fatty acid that is used in very small quantities. The oil is composed of Medium-Chain Triglycerides, which are found in coconut oil, palm oil, and palm kernel oil. MCT oil is transparent and colorless. The fat molecules in MCT oil are usually found in daily-use products such as coconut oil, dairy products, and other fatty substances.

Concentrated MCT oil is made out of coconut oil or palm kernel oil through a process called fractionation. MCT is then separated from the original and is concentrated accordingly. Concentrated MCT oil is comparatively expensive and is usually available in small bottles. The oil has got a very long shelf life, compared to other oils. So do they really go bad? Let’s see.

Does MCT Oil Go Bad After Opening? | Does MCT Oil Go Rancid?

Yes. MCT oil does go bad with time. When exposed to air or moisture, the oil will start oxidizing and will eventually go bad. It can also go rancid with time. Rancidity occurs when the fat molecules are broken down due to chemical reactions.

It is better to toss your MCT oil, once it goes rancid. Storing in the best conditions possible is the only way through which you can retain the quality of your MCT oil. Read on to find out about its typical shelf life and storage practices.

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How Long Does MCT Oil Last? | Shelf Life of MCT Oil

Since MCT oils are saturated fats, they can be stored for a very long time, under the best conditions. Typically, a bottle of MCT oil has a shelf life of two years. But depending on the storage conditions, it can go even further, or get rancid before the packaging date. Look for the expiry date on the bottle. It can sit for years after the expiry date, but the quality will start to degrade over time.

MCT Oil Shelf Life After Opening & Unopened

Conditions  Pantry
MCT Oil (Unopened) “Best by” + 2 years
MCT Oil (Opened) “Best by” + 1 year

It is always best to use MCT oil at the prescribed time. Note that an unopened bottle of MCT can retain its quality beyond its expiry date. But, it depends on how you store your MCT oil.

How Long Does MCT Oil Last

How To Store MCT Oil After Opening?

It doesn’t require much effort to preserve MCT oil as it naturally has a prolonged shelf life. Always make sure that you store them in a dark, dry, and cold place. Your cupboard is an ideal place to store MCT oil. You can also store them in the kitchen or in the pantry.

Note that it should be kept away from heat and light sources. It would be best if you could keep them in dark or opaque bottles. Make sure that the bottle is sealed when not in use. With exposure to air and other pollutants, the oil can go rancid. So be careful while storing it. Take a look at some of the storage techniques.

Room Temperature

Room temperature is totally safe to store your MCT oil. Unopened bottles of MCT oil can be stored for up to two years at room temperature. But, understand that the quality can degrade over time.


It is perfectly fine to refrigerate your MCT oil. It will help your oil stay away from sunlight. Make sure that the oil is stored in an airtight container for refrigeration. MCT oil will remain liquid even if it is refrigerated.

The greatest advantage of storing your MCT oil in the refrigerator is that it protects the oil from premature degradation.

Can You Freeze MCT Oil? | Does MCT Oil Freeze?

Yes, you can freeze your MCT oil. Freezing won’t bring any changes to the texture of the oil. It remains in a liquid state even after freezing. If your oil starts to get solid, it means that the oil is not pure. If you are living in a hot environment, it would be best if you could refrigerate or freeze your MCT oil.

How to Tell if MCT Oil is Bad? | Signs of Spoilage

Let us know some signs that help us to determine whether MCT oil has gone bad. Check out these signs thoroughly before using your MCT oil.


MCT oil is typically odorless. If your MCT oil begins to smell bad, throw it out. Any unpleasant, metallic, bitter, or soapy odor could also be a sign of spoilage.


MCT oil is colorless and clear. If the clarity of the oil fades, do not use it. It might also get cloudy when getting spoiled. Consider these signs of spoilage. It might also turn into a yellowish color upon getting rancid. Check the color before using it.

The Presence of contaminants

MCT oil naturally has the capacity to reduce the risk of mold or bacteria growth. But, notice that it is not impossible. If there are any contaminants in the bottle, you should throw it away. There are higher chances for the oil to get rancid with pollutants in it. Look for any signs of black spots, which are visible hints of bacteria or contaminants.


MCT oil naturally has a lightweight, smooth, and thin consistency similar to that of olive oil. If it gets thicker or lumpy, remember that it is a sign of spoilage.


Your MCT oil must not be exposed to moisture. Heat, light, and moisture content will increase the rate of oxidation, which will eventually spoil your oil.

Also, learn that MCT oil is tasteless. So if it gives off a strong or weird taste, it could also be a sign of spoilage.

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Interesting Facts About MCT Oil

  • MCT oil is often used to suppress appetite.
  • MCT oil helps accelerate fat loss without breaking fast.
  • It is a widely used food supplement by athletes and those who follow a ketogenic diet.
  • MCT Oil is an amazing energy source. It helps to boost cognitive and athletic performance.
  • Consumption of MCT oil at a moderate level has great health benefits. Besides promoting weight loss, the oil is known for lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  • MCT oil has a low smoking point and is not suitable for cooking. Because of its low smoking point, if cooking, the temperature should be kept below 3200F.
  • People mostly prefer MCT oil to MCT powder as it is easy to carry along while traveling.
  • MCT oil can be used as a carrier oil for essential oils. Since they are lightweight, they get easily absorbed into your skin and will act as a carrier oil.
  • MCT oil can be used as an alternative to cooking oils.
  • MCT oil is used as a heralded dietary supplement.

FAQs on Can MCT Oil Go Bad?

1. What Is the Difference Between MCT Oil and Coconut Oil?

The major difference between MCT oil and coconut oil is that the former contains only medium-chain triglycerides. The latter consists of both medium and long-chain triglycerides. Both are great for providing health benefits. Want to know Can Coconut Oil Go Bad? Press the link.

2. Which One Lasts Longer- MCT Oil or MCT Powder?

MCT oil lasts longer than MCT powder. MCT powder is made from MCT oil, which is dried into fine powder particles. MCT oil typically has a longer shelf life than MCT powder.

3. How Long Does MCT Oil Last After the Expiration Date?

MCT Oil usually comes with a prolonged shelf life. In the best conditions, it will last up to two years in your pantry. It is also safe to consume your MCT oil after the expiry date. Note that the quality might degrade after the prescribed time.

4. How Do You Know if MCT Oil Has Gone Bad?

You will know if MCT oil has gone bad or rancid just by your senses. Trust them. Check out its color, odor, taste, and consistency to see if it has gone bad or not.

5. How long is MCT oil good for?

If we store the MCT oil in a cool and dark place correctly and safely, it can stay good for up to 2 years. Also, after opening the MCT oil, you can maintain the freshness for upto six months.

6. Can I use mct oil Costco?

Yes, we can use organic Costco MCT oil for cooking.

7. Can MCT oil expire?

No, MCT oil can’t go expire. They have a best-by or use-by date on the package.

8. What is the shelf life of mct oil?

A maximum of 2 years is the mct oil expiry date & shelf life.

9. Does THC oil go bad?

Yes, THC oil goes bad in a month or two due to the harsh conditions.

10. Can you store mct oil in the fridge?

Yes, you can go with mct oil refrigerate but maintain the good mct oil freezing point.

Key Takeaways – Does MCT Oil Expire?

We hope that you are enriched with information regarding Does MCT Oil Go Bad. Study proper storage practices of MCT oil and any signs of spoilage before using your MCT oil from our guide. Make use of the above-mentioned methods to increase the shelf life of MCT oil.

Ensure its quality before using it. For more information and updates concerning the storage, shelf life, and spoilage signs of MCT oil, visit our site You can also comment below with any food-related queries. Google now by entering the search query like mct oil near me and find the location.

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