Can Sesame Oil Go Bad? – Know the Answer For Better Tasting Sesame Oil

Can Sesame Oil Go Bad? Does Sesame Oil Expire?: Are you excited to try out the new recipe this weekend and need an ingredient called sesame oil? Simply, open your cabinet and get it, Oh No! realized that it got opened and sitting in the kitchen store for a couple of months not being used.

Here comes the question in your mind does sesame oil go bad? we got you covered. Also, this small guide will discuss what is the shelf life of sesame oil, measures to follow while storing, tips, signs of spoilage, etc. for your knowledge.

Can Sesame Oil Go Bad

Can Sesame Oil Go Bad? How To Tell If Sesame Oil Is Rancid?

Yes, Sesame Oil goes bad when it is not sealed or placed in the correct areas. If you miss sealing it properly leads to rancid. The hydrolysis or oxidation of fats that are open to sunlight, air, moisture, or bacteria causes rancidity.

After taking the proper storage precautions, it will exposed to air and light. So, it goes bad as it oxidizes at a faster pace. However, the process of rancid cooking oils isn’t common. So, check the opened sesame oil before using it in the dishes.

Sesame oils are of different kinds like cold-pressed sesame oil and toasted sesame oil. To decide how to tell if sesame oil is bad, we have to gain knowledge about plain and toasted sesame oils. Plain sesame oils are squeezed from raw sesame seeds whereas toasted sesame oil is produced from toasted sesame seeds.

The drastic difference between both the oils is taste, flavor, and aroma. Toasted sesame oils work best in salads as a finishing oil and other works best in cooking.

Can Toasted Sesame Oil Go Bad? | How Long Does Toasted Sesame Oil Last Once Opened?

In general, Toasted Sesame Oil doesn’t go bad even after months of the sesame oil expiration date. However, there is a difference in the quality in the case of expired toasted sesame oil. Thus, we advise completing the toasted sesame oil within 6-9 months once the bottle is opened.

Is Rancid Sesame Oil Safe to Eat?

Yes, rancid sesame oil is safe to consume unless it goes upto terrible spoilage. Rancid means that oxygen has degenerated the oil which changes the aroma and taste, it doesn’t imply rotten or spoiled.

In every restaurant or hotel or even in your house, you may have eaten rancid oils plenty of times but never faced any issues right!! Discard it when it meets unfreshness and off taste and off smell.

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Can Sesame Oil Go Bad

Can Sesame Oil Go Bad 2

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Net Contents: 1 Litre (910 gms at 30°C)

Nutritional Information
(Approximate Composition per 100 gms)

Energy 900Kcal
Monounsaturated Fatty Acids 43 g
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids 42 g
Saturated Fatty Acids 15 g

How Long Does Sesame Oil Last Once Opened?

Sesame Oil lasts for quite good upto the best-by date and also a few more months when it is stored well. The best-by date is nothing but the experts give a rough estimated time when oil holds good quality. The sesame oil lifespan after opening completely depends on the storage practices.

When it comes to another type of sesame oil like toasted, the shelf life is, even more, better than plain oil. Based on the packaging, it holds the best quality for between 1.5 to 2.5 years. Plain sesame oil can maintain the original quality for between a year and two without opening. Also, it depends on the label date.

If you want to know the sesame oil shelf life opened bottle, the estimated time would be 2-4 months, or else verify how long the oil will last and the quality printed on the packet or bottle. After that also you can use it but it’s upto your decision and the storage conditions it sits after opened.

Condition Pantry Fridge
Plain sesame oil (opened) 9 months 1 year
Toasted sesame oil (opened) 4 – 6 months 6 – 9 months
Sesame oil (unopened) Best-by + 6 months

Once you find any of the hints that your opened sesame oil has spoiled then it should be discarded right away.

sesame oil shelf life table

For better knowledge of sesame oil storage, check out the below module.

How To Store Sesame Oil?

The directions to store the sesame oil are quite the same for all kinds of sesame oil. They are as fashioned:

  • One of the top guidelines is to store it in a cool and dark area like a pantry, cabinet works best. Simply remember that the room temperature should not fluctuate.
  • If the sesame oil packet or bottle is opened, then storage guidelines are to seal it very tight and don’t keep it in those areas where it gets exposed to harsh light, air, and moisture.
  • The best tip to store the oil properly and extend its shelf life is to take the sesame oil how much you need for cooking transfer it to a small bowl or bottle rest and keep it back in the cupboard or cabinet.
  • It is a bad idea to keep the opened oil in the freezer. It doesn’t require, unlike tahini.

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Can Sesame Oil Go Bad

Fun Facts About Sesame Oil

Some of the interesting and known facts about sesame oil are curated here to get more benefits from it:

  • The oil that was extracted from sesame seeds is known as sesame oil and ayurvedically it is so important.
  • For medicinal and holistic treatment also sesame seed oil is useful and improved with antibacterial properties and antioxidants.
  • India especially in south India & other Asian countries utilizes sesame oil as a cooking oil.
  • This sesame oil is high in copper, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. It is helpful and acts as a great remedy for skin ills and hair.
  • Also, it is high in minerals and vitamins. For those who are new mothers, sesame oil massages boost your post-natal care and relieve stress.

Does Sesame Oil Need To Be Refrigerated?

Yes, Sesame Oil should be refrigerated after opening. Unlike other oils, sesame oil is prone to damage at a faster rate becomes rancid, and loses its flavor. Thus, keep the sesame oil in the refrigerator to retain the flavor for a long time.

FAQs on Dose Sesame Oil Go Bad? How Long Does it Last?

1. How long can I keep sesame oil?

If your sesame oil is opened then the timespan stays long for 1 year in the fridge and 9 months in the pantry or cabinet. When it is in an unopened state, then the shelf life is best by plus extra 6 months.

2. What happens if I use expired sesame oil?

Rancid sesame oil can make you sick but not that harmful. It may cause stomachache or nausea but be conscious when you consume it. If you feel it turns worse with so many signs of spoilage then discard it immediately.

3. How do I know if sesame oil is bad?

The sign of identifying bad sesame oil is when it becomes rancid. When you find your refrigerated or stored sesame oil dark in color and smells like paint thinner or nail polish remover then you can say it has gone bad. For every cooking oil, the process of spoilage is different.

4. Does toasted sesame oil need to be refrigerated?

Toasted sesame oil doesn’t require to be refrigerated. But it lasts the quality a little longer when you refrigerate.

5. How long is sesame oil good for after opening?

An opened bottle of sesame oil can last well for up to a year in the refrigerator. In the pantry, it can last well within six months.

In a Nutshell – Can sesame oil go off?

Sesame oil goes bad when it is not stored properly and exposed to light, moisture, air, etc. So, follow the instructions provided above regarding how to store sesame oil, Can I use expired sesame oil, and extend the shelf life of sesame oil?

Also, get more information on can cooking oils go bad, whether does sesame oil go off, and other food articles from our site at a faster pace.

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