Can Margarine Go Bad in the Fridge? – Tips to Store Margarine for Long Time

Does Margarine Go Bad?: Margarine is a fat-based food product that looks like butter consisting of fluid or solid milk products, salt, and other flavoring agents, preservatives, yellow food pigments, and emulsifiers, A & D vitamins, and butter. It is high in calories even though we love to consume it with buttered toast and flaky pie crusts on occasions. Recently, you picked up the tub of margarine and used it for one piece of toast. Now, you are anxious to know if can margarine go bad in the refrigerator? or How to store margarine once opened? or what is the margarine shelf life? got you covered. Refer to the below modules and clear all your queries in seconds.

Can Margarine Go Bad

Can Margarine Go Bad?

Yes, Margarine can go bad, and also it got less shelf life too. When you opened your buttery spread and leave it at room temperature then it is good to use for a few hours as it goes rancid and falls the taste and quality. Whether it is unopened and frozen in the refrigerator then your margarine is safe for one long year or up to the date printed on the tub or packaging. Hence, plan to buy the margarine tub whether there is a huge usage on that particular month.

Can Margarine Go Bad

Signs of Spoilage | How To Tell If Margarine is Bad?

You can’t find many ways to identify the spoilage of margarine. But learn these signs of spoilage and prevent it prior.

  • One of the best indicators is sight and smell to understand that margarine has spoiled.
  • You can also witness some dark in color and hard or waxy look in rare situations then which indicates the spoilage.
  • When your margarine spread turns rancid then it smells like paint or old microwaveable popcorn.
  • If you see the liquid formed at the surface of the spread then it is one more sign of margarine spoilage.
  • Also, remember that frozen margarine can part upon thawing, because of the moisture content in margarine so don’t think of spoilage signs.
  • When it comes to the margarine tub which is left on the counter overnight at room temperature, it starts to go rancid as it is less stable and more sensitive to temp.
  • All the above signs of spoilage will work with the tub of margarine so check the condition and decide to discard or use it.
  • However, the mold is also one more sign of expired margarine as it consists of high saturated fat content.

Signs of Spoilage

How Long Does Margarine Last? | Margarine Shelf Life

Margarine lasts for a couple of months as per their condition. If you opened and left out then for less time it goes good. If you opened and freeze it then it lasts for a pretty good time. If the margarine is unopened and sits in your freezer then the shelf life is long compared to all scenarios. Want to know the exact shelf life of margarine? check out the table below and preserve your margarine with utmost care.

 Conditions Refrigerator Freezer
Opened margarine 1-2 months 6-8 months
Unopened margarine 4-5 months 6-12 months

Note: Always go with the sell-by date printed on the packaging and use it for that particular time to taste yummy food of better quality.

Margarine Shelf Life

Tips for Storing Margarine

Some of the best ways to store the margarine are discussed here that you should focus on and be aware of not being spoilage at any point:

  • Make a place in your fridge and store it on the middle shelf at 40℉ (4℃).
  • Margarine stays fresh when it gets stored in the fridge after being opened. So always remember to keep your margarine sealed in your refrigerator.
  • Avoid margarine exposure to air, light, and heat as it causes to spoilage.
  • Not only you can refrigerate it, but also actually freeze it which works excellently when it comes to shelf life.
  • Always adapt the way of sealing the margarine sticks in freezer bags and give them extra protection.
  • Avoid using the same knife or spoon to take the margarine spread while eating any foods like bread, roti, etc.
  • Take extra care of the tubs of margarine storage to increase the shelf life.

Can You Freeze Margarine?

Yes, you can freeze margarine for better quality and increase its shelf life. Any fat products like butter, or margarine can last for a long time if they get frozen or stays in the refrigerator once opened or unopened. But here margarine holds less fat than butter so when it freezes then the texture of the margarine may get affected more.

Go for the trial and error method by taking the small piece of your light buttery spread (margarine) to freeze it. Later, test the condition of that small piece and understand how to store the margarine for the perfect one. It’s better to use freezer margarine than frozen margarine while consuming.

FAQs on Does Margarine Go Bad If In or Not Refrigerated

1. Is expired margarine okay to use?

No, expired margarine is not okay to use as it discards the quality and taste if it is stored for a long time. Everyone should consume margarine or any fat-based products before the sell-by date or if it is stored properly in the freezer or refrigerator.

2. Can You Leave Margarine Out?

No, margarine can’t be left out as it melts and spreads on the counter. But if it doesn’t matter how the quality of margarine would be after leaving it out for you? Then, you can go forward to leave your margarine out. You can leave margarine for a couple of hours or overnight if it is frozen.

3. Does margarine spoil if not refrigerated?

Yes, maybe margarine gets spoiled in a couple of days if not refrigerated. If it is stored in the fridge then it stays for 2-3 months once opened. And rest of the details about how long does margarine last is available clearly above.

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