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Can Garlic Go Bad?: Garlic is a staple for many kitchens across the world. Most home chefs can’t live without it. Buying a big bag of garlic heads might make you curious about how long garlic lasts and wonder whether garlic can go bad.

Don’t worry as we have covered everything that you like to know about the shelf life of garlic, how long it last, how quickly garlic goes bad based on a wide variety of factors, and many more. If you are interested, start reading can garlic go bad or not?

Can Garlic Go Bad

How Long Does Garlic Last?

Just like many other fresh vegetables, garlic doesn’t come with a “best-by-date” and expiration date. The main factor that you need to keep in mind when you want to know how long garlic lasts depends on how it is stored and packaged. Below we are going to provide you with the shelf life of the garlic and give you an idea of how many days you need to use them.

Types of Garlic Pantry Fridge
Garlic bulb (whole fresh bulb) 3 – 6 months  Not Recommended
Garlic bulb (cracked) 2 – 4 months  Not Recommended
Garlic (peeled clove)  Not Recommended 1 week
Garlic (unpeeled clove) 1 month Not Recommended
Garlic (sliced, minced, or pressed)  Not Recommended 1 day

By storing it at room temperature with good ventilation, whole garlic will stay last for upto six months.

shelf life of garlic


How Do You Know When Garlic Is Bad?

Know if your garlic has gone bad or not with some simple signs like the smell, look, and feel.  It is very important to know when your garlic is unsafe to eat. Let us look into the signs that are given below.

Sour Smell

Garlic universally has a smell of pungent, spicy as well as mellow. The utmost sign that your garlic has gone bad is that it loses its distinct fragrance and gains a sour smell. So you must separate the one which has gone bad among all to put the other ones not get ruined.

Change in color

Another important sign to tell that garlic has gone bad is its color. Usually, garlic seems to be white. If the color of garlic changes to yellow or blue-green from its usual color or if you find any brown spots on it then we will tell that garlic is ruined and we cannot use them anymore.


As the garlic ages, it may start to sprout. Sprouted garlic may have green roots which are originated from the center of the clove. This sprouted garlic is not very harmful to ingest, but it will not taste good. If you are going to cook such a type of garlic, just remove the roots and use them.

Feel by Touch

Good fresh garlic will be firm to the touch more like an onion. Just squeeze the cloves before using the garlic if you feel that cloves are soft and mushy, then stop using them.

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Can Garlic Go Bad

At the Store

Storing the garlic properly is important as we need to use them every time. Look into the steps on how to store the garlic properly to keep it fresh for a long time.

Store Whole Garlic At Room Temperature

To keep the garlic fresh for a long time, keep the garlic in a cool, dry place by placing it in a bag or bowl that has good airflow. Keep them in your pantry where there will be no counter from the sun.

Store Peeled Garlic In the Fridge

To store the garlic which is minced, whole peeled cloves, or sliced for a long time, the refrigerator is the best place. Keep the garlic in an air-tight container and store them as they should be dry. By doing this garlic will last longer.

Store Garlic in the Freezer

One of the best ways to lengthen the shelf life of garlic is by freezing them in the freezer. But you should keep in mind that by storing the garlic in the freezer there will be a change in taste and texture. Wrap the garlic cloves or whole garlic in the aluminum foil and freeze them.

Keep Garlic Dry

To keep the garlic fresh for a long time, store the garlic in plastic bags to keep them away from moisture. Plastic bags are unbreathable and they will keep air from circulating.

Buy Fresh Garlic

One of the important things that you should do to store garlic for a long time is to buy garlic that is fresh and stays in good shape, it should be firm to the touch and should be tight skin and dry.

Is It Unsafe to Eat Bad Garlic?

Obviously yes, because no one will eat the moldy and mushy garlic. But the sprouted, that have become browned or yellowed spots can still be used. But there will be a slight change in their taste. By removing the sprouts and trimming the spots we can use them and no need to throw them in the trash.

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Interesting Facts About Garlic

Look into the facts that are given below about garlic which we don’t know till now.

  • Garlic used to be called Russian penicillin, and it was given to soldiers in World War 2 as medicine.
  • Garlic is low in calories but high in nutrition with many health properties.
  • Garlic was one of the best herbs to be cultivated.
  • In Garlic, we have 300 varieties on the earth.

FAQs on Does Garlic Go Bad

1. Why does my garlic taste weird?

As the garlic ages, the germ turns green and begins to taste bitter. So the garlic tastes weird.

2. Is it Ok to eat garlic with green in the middle?

Yes, the good news is that these bright green sprouts are safe to eat, but there will be changes in taste.

3. Why is my garlic grey?

The sulphur compounds, that are in garlic will be broken up by the active enzymes in the garlic which allows sulphur to react with any copper in the solution.

In a Nutshell

Hope that the information that was provided above on whether “can garlic go bad” is beneficial for you. As garlic is an essential ingredient in many recipes, storing it for a long time is an essential thing.

Share it with your family and friends as it is a staple vegetable in many kitchens. Stay connected with the site for many other food articles like Can sweet potatoes go bad, can olives go bad, and many more.






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