How Long Do Onions Last? – How To Store Cut Onions In The Refrigerator?

How Long Do Onions Last At Room Temperature?: Excited to learn all about onions like interesting facts, signs of spoilage, tips for storing onions both uncut & cut, and the main part of this guide ie., how long do onions last in the pantry and fridge? Let’s step into the below-explained modules and gain completed knowledge about the shelf life of onions. You may also get a question like Does Onions Go Bad? Read on to find the answer and clarify your small queries about onions in no time.

How Long Do Onions Last In the Fridge

Do Onions Last Longer in the Fridge or on the Counter? | How Long Do Onions Last After Harvest?

The shelf life of onions lasts for a longer time but it ranges between a couple of weeks and a couple of months. The storage time of onions is completely based on the conditions it has stored. When it is stored in the pantry, the shelf life is two weeks in warm seasons and can be up to a month in cold seasons.

When it comes to diced onions or chopped ones, it lasts for a week in the fridge. If you follow all the above conditions properly then your onions can for a longer time like 2 – 3 months too. The best tip to cut off the spoilage on onions is to buy enough quantity of onions for maintaining the freshness.

Conditions Pantry Fridge
Fresh whole onions 1 – 3 months
Sliced or chopped onions 4 – 7 days

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How Long Do Onions Last

As you have an idea about which time onions can be good. Now, see the information about how to store onions for weeks once you chopped them from the below video, also follow the guidelines instructed in this guide too.

How Long Do Onions Last

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How To Store Onions Both Cut & Uncut for Longer Time

The best storage place to keep the onions fresh is in a cool, well-ventilated, dry place. Peeling the onion just before using it in any dishes is the correct to store the onion for a long time. Once you peeled or chopped the onions then the storage time gets reduced.

The storage tip to extend the chopped onions is to keep them in an airtight container and store it in the fridge. Also, it depends on the temperature at the places you have stored.

Let’s see the preferred temperature for storing onions. It is between 45 and 55°F (about 12°C to 15°C). If the cold cellar pantry maintains the same temperature then it works best for storing onions. When the temperature turns warm then onions start rotten or sprouting. So check the temperatures and store the onions accordingly.

To store the root veggies and to maintain their dryness, you have to transfer all the onions into a mesh bag, or a ventilated bag, or a wire basket. In the olden days, people use nylon textured cloths or stockings and tied a knot between each onion for proper storage.

Avoid storing onions in plastic bags, if you had no option then open the top and leave it, or else do keep some holes to give the space for airflow.

How To Tell If an Onion Is Bad?

Are you confused to decide that your stored onions have gone bad or not? Here are the signs to tell if an onion is bad or not:

  • Off Smell: In case you stored the onions away from the airflow then it goes rotten in a short span. If it smells like a putrid, or distinct odor compared to the fresh onions then it’s time to discard.
  • Different Colored Mold Patches: It is unsafe to eat mold onions. So, avoid using onions that contain black or gray mold growth on the onion.
  • Rotten: No matter how properly you store the onions, sometimes they start to rot from the inner part of it. So make sure to cut the onion in half and check whether it’s rotten or not. If rotten then throw it immediately.
  • Slimy or Soft: When it holds a lot of water content in the onion then it’s unsafe to consume.

At some point, you may also think that loose skins of the onion are spoiled ones but not safe to eat by throwing the first layer of it. Also when you see dark or yellowish spots on the onions then cut that area and use the rest of the onion in your dishes.

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Must-Know Fun Onion Facts

Just look at these interesting & amazing facts about Onion and learn some history about it:

  • The most popular onion varieties are in three different colors. They are red, white, and yellow.
  • By eating one onion, the calories that add up are 45 calories.
  • Libya is the country that eats most onions. Every year, each person consumes nearly 66.8 lbs of onions.
  • The biggest onion was grown by V. Throup of Silsden in England which weight 10 pounds 14 onions as per the Guinness book of world records.

FAQs on How Long Will Onions Last in the Refrigerator

1. What are the Signs of a Bad Onion?

The signs of a bad onion are as listed below:

  • Foul/rotten odor
  • Discoloration
  • Soft or squishy
  • Mold
  • Dry flesh
  • Sprouting
  • Soft spots

2. Do onions go bad?

No, onions had long shelf life with proper storage. It can be stored in the pantry or kitchen counter and last for 1 to 3 months without any spoilage. If you find any signs of spoilage, get rid of it and prevent the remaining bunch of onions.

3. Should onions be refrigerated?

Refrigerating the onions is essential when you want the sweet or mild onion varieties stored for a longer time. But make sure to adjust the temperature of the fridge in low humidity. Onions that are trimmed in pieces and peeled onions should seal properly and be stored in the fridge for up to 7 days. You can also freeze the chopped onions for up to 6 months using zipper-lock bags or airtight containers.

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