When Does Avocado Oil Go Bad? – Here’s How To Tell Avocado Oil Expired or Spoiled

Does Avocado Oil Go Bad? Avocado fruit is rich in oil and thus is used for the manufacture of oil. Avocado oil is one of the favorites of many people for its great avocado flavor. This popular vegetable oil is quite expensive and is used widely across the world.

So we all have leftover oil in bottles with us and are worried about does avocado oil go bad. If we store them properly until we use them for next time, they can’t go rancid.

So be aware of any signs of spoilage, and check your unopened avocado oil to see if it is still useful. Find out Can Avocado Oil Go Bad. In-depth along with how long avocado oil can last, storage tips, and the shelf life of different types of avocado oil from this guide.

Does Avocado Oil Go Bad

What is Avocado Oil? | Types of Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is one of the best vegetable oils available on the market. It is more expensive than regular vegetable oils. Avocado oil is made from the extracts of avocado pulp; which has oleic acid, a healthy fat. The avocado pulp is squeezed to obtain avocado oil. Avocado oil usually has a mild and nutty flavor.

Avocado oil is usually found in two forms: Refined and Unrefined. The unrefined avocado oil is usually labeled as virgin and extra virgin. The virgin oil has a pleasant fresh smell. While extra virgin avocado oil tastes like avocados with some buttery flavor and comes with a green hue.

Does Avocado Oil Go Bad

Does Avocado Oil Go Bad?

Yes. Like all oils, avocado oil can also go bad with time. After a longer period of time, the oil starts oxidizing and will eventually turn rancid. Avocado’s rapid degradation can be attributed to its exposure to light and oxygen, which causes chemical reactions.

So with proper storage, we can definitely increase the shelf life of avocado oil. Read on and check out how avocado oil goes bad and some storage practices to increase its shelf life.

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How Long Does Avocado Oil Last? | Expiry Dates and Shelf Life of Avocado Oil

Avocado oil has a shelf life of two years. It can also be used after its expiration date if stored properly. However, it all depends on how you store it along with the quality of the oil. Based on the storage conditions, sometimes avocado oil retains its quality long after the expiry date or can go rancid even before the expiry date.

Refined oil has a longer lifespan than unrefined oil. Unrefined will last for about five months after opening. And refined avocado oil can last over six months. Check the below table for detailed avocado oil shelf life.

Places To Store Unopened Avocado Oil Opened Avocado Oil
Pantry Best-by or 9 to 12 months (Refined) 9 to 12 months

(Unrefined) 4 to 6 months

Fridge One Year (Unrefined) 6 to 9 months
Freezer One Year One Year

It would always be the best choice if you could keep your avocado oil on a shelf rather than in your fridge.

How Long Does Avocado Oil Last

How To Store Avocado Oil?

You can use several methods to store your avocado oil. Always make sure that you store them in a dark, dry, and cool place. They must be kept away from heat sources and sunlight to avoid any damage.

Your kitchen, pantry, or dark cabinet is the best option to store avocado oil. Remember to use an opaque or dark bottle to store your avocado oil. This will help it from being exposed to sunlight.

Pick the one that comes with the latest manufactured date. Let us see what some easy techniques are to store avocado oil.

Store in a Dark Cabinet

Always store your avocado oil in dark areas. The oil must not be exposed to sunlight. Using dark bottles and placing them in dark areas is the best way. You can store your avocado oil in the kitchen or in the pantry if it is properly sealed.

Room temperature

Room temperature is ideal for storing avocado oil. Unopened avocado oil will last up to a year at room temperature.

Low Acid Content

Try to choose a brand with a low amount of acid. Oils with low acid content will last longer than those with high acid content.


Refrigerators are not highly recommended for storing your avocado oil. But by using a fridge, you can definitely ensure a long shelf life for your oil. The oil will last up to eight months even after opening if it is properly stored in the fridge. Unopened bottles can last up to a year in the fridge.

Can You Freeze Avocado Oil?

Yes. Though freezing is not an ideal option, you can freeze it if you want to prolong its shelf life. Freezing will help your avocado oil last its life, up to a year. But the temperature should be between 350 and 370 F. Note that, like every oil stored in the fridge, your avocado oil will change the texture of your avocado oil.

The oil will get solidified with a milky or cloudy color. However, it won’t lose its nutritional quality. Once taken out of the fridge or freezer, place it at room temperature so that after some time it will regain its original texture and color.

For fast recovery from the frozen state, you can even dip the oil in warm water. You can also use a spoon to have your solid avocado and it can be directly used in dishes. It will melt at room temperature.

How to Tell if Avocado Oil Has Gone Bad? – Signs of Spoilage

It is a bit difficult to tell if Avocado Oil Has Gone Bad. But, there are some signs that help you to determine whether your avocado oil has gone bad. Check out the below signs and see whether the oil is edible or not.


Normally, refined avocado has an oily or bland taste, while unrefined avocado can have a grassy or buttery taste. Once it goes bad, your avocado oil will start tasting bitter or sharp. It also develops a harsh and acidic taste.


To check whether the oil has gone rancid, do sniff at it. That’s the simplest way. If it has a nasty, pungent, spoiled, or rotten smell, toss it off. The smell can sometimes be similar to that of spoiled grains, nail polish, crayons, or even old paint.

Apart from these two signs, a change in color or texture is also a sign that it has gone bad. Dust and insects can also spoil the oil. Beware of the presence of them.

Interesting Facts about Avocado Oil

Here are some of the fun facts about avocado oil that you need to know before storing or using oil in your dishes:

  • Avocado oil is good for your heart. It helps in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure. Lutein, which is present in avocado oil, is great for the health of your eyes. It is also good for your skin and helps with healing wounds quickly.
  • Avocado oil has high smoke points and is a nice option for stir-frying and deep-frying. They are used with dishes like grilled meat, salads, and baking products.
  • Avocado oil is also used as a skincare product and can be directly used on the skin. It also serves as an ingredient for making creams, lotions, and face masks.

FAQs on Do Avocado Oil Go Bad?

1. Can I Consume Rancid Avocado Oil?

No, you shouldn’t consume rancid avocado oil as it contains toxins that are harmful to your body. Tasting rancid avocado oil won’t be a problem. But large amounts can definitely make you sick.

2. What To Do With Expired Avocado Oil?

Expired avocado oil can be used as a lubricant and rust preventative. They can also be used as lamp oil. They also work great as a polish on furniture by adding equal amounts of vinegar and oil. Add some drops of lavender or citrus to your expired avocado oil and you can use it as a pleasant-smelling mixture.

3. Can You Refrigerate Avocado Oil?

Yes, but avocado oil does not need to be refrigerated. However, it is fine to keep them in the fridge for longer shelf life. Note that the oil will solidify in the fridge and will be back to its normal consistency when placed out at room temperature.

4. How To Dispose Of Expired and Rancid Avocado Oil?

Do not pour your rancid avocado oil into the kitchen sink, as the fat can stick to the sink. Use paper or a towel to absorb it and leave it as paper garbage. It is best to freeze it before throwing it away and use a spoon to take it out.

Key Takeaways

We hope that this guide was useful to provide you with information regarding does avocado oil go bad. Check your avocado oil properly to ensure its quality and that it is safe to use in your dishes. Make use of our instructions to extend the shelf life of avocado oil. Look for avocado oil spoilage signs to avoid any possible risks. For more information and updates regarding food-related queries, visit our site @CanFoodGoBad.com and comment below for any help.

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