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Can Corn Syrup Go Bad If Unopened?: Corn syrup is the ingredient we commonly use in many baked goods and sweets So, you bought a corn syrup bottle a few years ago and half of it is used and the rest is still in the pantry. The only question that remains is can corn syrup go bad?

Generally, corn syrup is not used by most people. But when you buy a corn syrup bottle, you can use it as a substitute for maple syrup, sugar syrup, and so on. If you want to know about corn syrup storage, shelf life, and going bad, read this complete page.

can corn syrup go bad

Can Corn Syrup Go Bad? How Do You Tell If It Is Bad?

No, corn syrup doesn’t go bad. But technically speaking, every food product goes bad over the period. corn syrup won’t spoil unless you leave the bottle open for a long time. It might lead to bacteria growth or mould inside the bottle.

Light corn syrup can turn yellow steadily over time It doesn’t indicate that corn syrup turned bad or spoiled. We all know that corn syrup has an indefinite shelf time, so it is impossible to spoil unless you add contaminants or water to the bottle.

If you store syrup safely, then it is impossible to spoil. However, when you check if the smell is bad, or if any contaminants inside the bottle, then discard the syrup. Also, check the taste of the syrup, if it is not good, then it is not safe to eat syrup

How To Store Corn Syrup?

Actually, corn syrup does not require much storage conditions. A place like a pantry or a kitchen which is away from sunlight is more than enough. At room temperature, it will stay good for an indefinite period, but there shouldn’t be temperature fluctuation.

Once the corn syrup bottle is opened, it should be sealed tightly and left in the kitchen or pantry. Always make sure that it is sealed safely after every use so that bugs or bacteria can’t enter inside.

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Can Corn Syrup Go Bad

How Long Does Corn Syrup Last?

Corn syrup shelf life is about an indefinite period. So unless the bugs or something bad happens, the syrup spoils. But it will not retain its quality forever. To enjoy the fresh sweetener, you have to consume the corn syrup before the expiration date.

Before using the sweetener which has crossed best by date, you have to check the smell, taste and other signs of spoilage. If everything is fine, then you can use it in baked goods. Like other food products, once the bottle is opened, the shelf life doesn’t change.

Corn syrup (unopened or opened) Keeps fine indefinitely

how long does corn syrup last

Fun Facts About Corn Syrup

The interesting facts about corn syrup are along the lines:

  • Corn syrup is a sweet syrup made from the naturally occurring sugars in corn.
  • The 2 main varieties of corn syrup are light and dark.
  • Corn syrup can be used in baked goods, condiments, and candy making.
  • The corn syrup substitutes are agave syrup, golden syrup, cane syrup, maple syrup, glucose syrup, and sugar syrup.

FAQs on Does Corn Syrup Go Bad

1. Will expired corn syrup hurt you?

No, corn syrup stays good for an indefinite time whether it is opened or unopened.

2. How to store corn syrup after opening?

After opening the corn syrup bottle, it should be sealed tightly when not in use. And the bottle can be stored at room temperature, there is no need for a freezer or fridge.

3. Does corn syrup need to be refrigerated?

No, there is no need to refrigerate corn syrup. It stays fine even at room temperature. The only thing you need to concentrate on is the bottle should not expose to light sources or temperature fluctuations.

4. How long is the syrup good for after opening?

If you seal the opened corn syrup bottle properly, then it will last for indefinite days.

In a Nutshell

We hope that we have covered all the relevant information about can corn syrup go bad and it is useful for you. Corn syrup lasts for an indefinite period and used as a substitute for many syrups. To know more interesting updates on food products, bookmark our site.

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