Does Rice Vinegar Go Bad? If Yes, Here How To Tell & How To Store It Fresh?

Can Rice Vinegar Go Bad: Have you bought a bottle of rice vinegar from the store to prepare Asian foods and used 2-3 tablespoons and kept it in the kitchen cabinet? Rice vinegar is used for marinades, salad dressings, sushi rice, and many others.

When you are using this, you may think that can rice vinegar go bad without lasting for long, how to store this without going bad? we have good news for you. Rice vinegar will have a longer shelf life than other condiments.

And in this article, we have provided complete information about rice vinegar like how long it lasts, how to store it, spoilage signs, and many more. Start reading to learn!!

Can Rice Vinegar Go Bad

What is Rice Vinegar?

Rice vinegar is a liquid that was made from the fermented Rice. Rice will be fermented when the sugar from the rice converted to alcohol and then it will change into vinegar. Rice vinegar is the most popular seasoning that was used in many asian cusines. In this we will use the best ingredients like fermented rice, acetic acid, rice wine and water. Rice vinegar will be more mild than distilled white vinegar. Rice vinegar is originally a french word that has the meaning of sour wine.

How Long Does Rice Vinegar Last?

Like many other types of vinegars, we dont have the any exact shelf life for rice vinegar. Rice vinegar will not get spoiled and also it will not stay forever. The product will lose its quality over the time. By storing it peoperly you can use it for long time without going bad even after expiry. But using it before expiry is the best thing. As it has many preservatives it will last long.

 Type Pantry Fridge
Rice vinegar (unopened or opened) 5+ years 10+ years

Shelf life of Rice Vinegar

Can Rice Vinegar Go Bad?

No, rice vinegar will not go bad but if you store it for a long period of time, there will be a change in quality and flavor. If the product has an expiry date you can use it for a long time even after the completion of the expiry. The expiration date is just to tell how long it is fresh. As we have acidity in this rice vinegar, we will not see mold growth and bacteria in this vinegar. Anyways, using it before the expiry date is always the best thing.

Signs that Rice Vinegar Has Gone Bad – Changes in Rice Vinegar

It is very rare to see that rice vinegar has gone bad, as it is a long-lasting condiment. But when we are using it after a long time, we may have doubts about that is it ok to use or not. So, for that reason, we have provided you with some signs to know whether the rice vinegar is ok to use or not.

  • If you see any color change in rice vinegar from dark yellow to almost molasses then it is no longer safe to use.
  • When you smell the rice vinegar if you get the unpleasant or rotten smell, then discard the bottle as it is spoiled.
  • If you see that the vinegar has cloudiness becoming darker and thicker like balsamic vinegar, it is still safe to use as it is not spoiled.
  • If you do not see any visual changes or changes in smell, then you can taste the rice vinegar by cooking it with the dish in small amounts, if you do not get the original taste, flavor and aroma then there is no use in using it.

Can You Freeze Rice Vinegar

Yes, you can freeze the vinegar if you like to freeze, but it doen’t really need to freeze the rice vinegar as it has the acidity in it. And also if you freeze the rice vinegar, when you thaw it you will see that it will water down the flavor, so that it will not taste good. But, for you if it is necessary to freeze the vinegar then you the freeze safe containers and freeze it.

How To Store Rice Vinegar

As we know, rice vinegar has a longer shelf life, storing it properly will also help you to use it for a long time even after expiry. Let us look in to the some store tips or guidelines to keep the vinegar for long time without going bad. Storing tips are very similar to balsamic vinegar.

  • If the bottle is opened or unopened you can use it for long time by placing it in the pantry at room temperature.
  • If the pantry is not available for you, just store it cool, dry place.
  • As rice vinegar is an acidic product, it will come in an glass bottle, if yours doesn’t come in glass bottle, transfer it into an air tight container that you are having with you.
  • Avoid using iron, copper and barss containers, as it will get corrosion easily.
  • Store the rice vinegar bottle in dark place away from heat elements like sunlight, stove, oven or others.
  • Seal the lidtightly after every use.
  • If the rice vinegar is close to the expiry date, just place it in the refrigerator.

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Can Rice Vinegar Go Bad

Unknown Facts About Rice Vinegar

As rice vinegar is used in all asian foods, there are many unknoown facts about rice vinegar. Let us look into those facts that we dont know about rice vinegar.

  • In rice vinegar we have many types, they are black rice vinegar, red rice vinegar, white rice vinegar.
  • By using rice vinegar it will strenthen your immune system.
  • Rice vinegar is also known as rice wine vinegar.
  • It will help you in maintain weight, and health.

FAQs on Does Rice Vinegar Go Bad

1. Why is my vinegar cloudy?

When vinegar is left for too long, the vinegar will become cloudy. No need to worry about it as it is safe to eat even if it is cloudy.

2. Is it safe to eat expired rice vinegar?

yes, it is safe to consume expired white vinegar, but there will be a change in quality, freshness and flavor. If you see any spoilage signs and if you consume it, it is harmful.

3. Why does my vinegar has stuff floating in it?

If you stored it for long time you may see bits floating in it, that is call the “mother” that will be present in some unpasteurized vinegars. You can still use that vinegar as it is still safe to eat.

In a Nutshell

As rice vinegar will last for long storing is the primary thing. Hope that the information that we have shared regarding can vinegar go bad is useful and beneficial for you. Rice vinegar is a pantry staple and all good cooks will have this at their home. Still if you have any doubts you can comment to us in the comment section. Still if you want to learn about other vinegars like can apple cider vinegar go bad, checkout our site canfoodgobad.Com

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