Can Champagne Go Bad After Opening? – Signs of Spoilage, Storage Tips

Can Champagne Go Bad If Unopened?: We drink champagne on most special occasions in our life like a special party, birthday, new year or anniversary. And if you hosting any of these parties with your friends, we often have to buy either 1 or 2 champagne bottles. In this case, if you have not finished opening the bottle, then the first question you might get is can champagne go bad or how long does it last?

Your money will not waste when you drink or serve the alcohol before it goes bad. To keep champagne fresh you need to follow the below-provided storage tips. Along with this, we have also given about how to tell if champagne go bad, and its shelf life.

can champagne go bad

Can Champagne Go Bad? Does Champagne Go Bad After Opening?

Yes, champagne can go bad just like all other food products. But decent storage can increase the shelf life of the drink even when it is opened. You can have the champagne drink for as long as it maintains the quality.

After opening the champagne bottle, it should be sealed tightly and stored in the refrigerator so that it will last for months with the best taste. Sparkling wine is not bad it is safe to drink.

How To Store Champagne?

If your champagne bottle is unopened, then you can store it like wine products. The important thing is you have to place the champagne bottle in a cool, dark place which is away from light and heat sources that can be a pantry. The best temperature is between 53°F and 59°F.

The old sparkling wine can be stored at room temperature in the pantry or kitchen cupboard. The most expensive champagne has a wooden cork around it. Leave the bottles in it to have more shelf life, but place them horizontally. Also, make sure that the cork is moist.

The inexpensive champagne comes with a plastic cork and it should be placed upright all the time. Once you have opened the bottle, then seal it tightly and refrigerate. You can even use the original cork box. Or use a champagne sealer and transfer into smaller bottles and refrigerate. Another last option is to wrap in aluminium and use rubber bad for a god seal.

How Long Can You Keep An Unopened Bottle of Champagne?

An unopened champagne (non-vintage) bottle will last for 4 to 5 years and a vintage bottle’s shelf life is more than 10 years in the pantry. Because the vintage drink is made with grapes from a single year and non-vintage drinks are made with grapes for multiple years. Sparkling wine’s shelf life is small than other hard alcohols.

Vintage champagne bottles retain their quality for many years. So it is better to go for vintage alcohol. But it is very difficult to find vintage champagne bottles. Non-vintage is less expensive sparkling wines that you can easily get in the supermarkets near you. You can place the unopened champagne bottles in the pantry and use them.

Pantry Fridge
Champagne (unopened, non-vintage) 4 – 5 years
Champagne (unopened, vintage) 10+ years
Champagne (opened) 4 – 5 days

champagne shelf life

How Long Can You Keep Champagne in The Fridge After Opening?

It is recommended to complete the whole champagne bottle in a single day after opening. If that is not possible, then store it in a refrigerator with an airtight cap. But try to finish once opened champagne bottles are within 3 to 5 days for best results, or you can extend for 1 week.

The reason for finishing the sparkling wine is it inevitably begins to lose its carbonation. The same thing happens with sparkling soda or water.

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Can Champagne Go Bad

How To Tell If Champagne Is Bad Without Opening?

Champagne does not go bad quickly if stored safely. But over time, it might lose its fizz, and most people discard such champagne. Vintage champagnes have more shelf life than non-vintage ones.

Generally, most champagnes are best to be enjoyed soon after buying. They don’t maintain quality forever. To test whether it is bad or not, just open the bottle, and pour some into a glass. If it smells bad, then it is not safe to drink. Take a sip to check the taste. If there is bad taste, then discard it.

Interesting Facts About Champagne

The interesting facts about champagne are included here:

  • Champagne is actually a type of wine.
  • There is no grape or town called Champagne
  • Champagne has 3 times more carbonation than beer.
  • Champagne contains fewer calories than red and white wine
  • Champagne is created by fermenting the wine twice
  • About 28,000 bottles of champagne are served at Wimbledon every year.
  • There are about 49 million bubbles in a 7500ml bottle of Champagne.

FAQs on Can Champagne Go Bad

1. How long can you keep unopened champagne?

The unopened non-vintage champagne will last for 4 to 5 years in the pantry. Whereas vintage unopened champagne will last for 10+ years.

2. Can you get sick from drinking old champagne?

No, old champagne will not make you sick.

3. Does champagne have alcohol?

Yes, the champagne has an alcohol percentage of about 12.2 percent which is lower than the average alcohol percentage of red wine.

4. How do you know if champagne is bad?

If your champagne changes color and turned deep yellow or gold, then it has gone bad. Other signs of spoilage are clumps in the liquid, bad taste and smell sour.

In a Nutshell

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