Can Whiskey Go Bad After Opening? – Tips To Store Whisky For Long Time

Can Whiskey Go Bad In Heat?: Do you have opened whisky bottle stock in your pantry? If yes, then check this page to know if can whisky go bad, its shelf life and signs of spoilage. Actually, whisky lasts for many years if you store it properly even if it is opened.

Here we are giving the complete information about how to store whisky properly so that it will last longer, how to tell whisky has gone bad, how long does whisky last and others.

can whisky go bad

Can Whiskey Go Bad? | When Whiskey Goes Bad?

Yes, whisky can go bad when exposed to air, and heat. But it will have a higher shelf life when compared to other alcoholic drinks.

Whenever opened whisky bottle is exposed to air, the drink components start to alter slowly, twisting the original flavor. The ethanol evaporation causes the alcohol to decline, and lose intensity steadily.

Whisky is high-proof alcohol, so it is very difficult for mold or bacteria development inside the bottle. That’s why opened whisky bottle will go bad quickly. So, it is suggested to seal tightly the opened whisky bottle.

How To Store Whiskey?

The storage precautions of whisky are similar to other liquours. The bottle should be placed in a dark place. The pantry is the best place for the opened whisky when you want to finish the drink within months.

And the unopened or opened whisky should be placed away from the heat sources like the kitchen or sunlight.

The opened whisky should be sealed tightly when not in use. Because if it is exposed to air for a longer time, it might lose taste, flavor, smell, and quality.

The more oxygen in the bottle leads to a loss of quality quickly. You can also keep the opened or unopened whisky bottles in the refrigerator to increase their life span.

Can Whiskey Go Bad

How Long Does Whisky Last?

The shelf life of whisky bottles depends on how they are stored. An unopened whisky will last infinite days if stored safely in a cool and dry environment.

When it is exposed to direct sunlight, it might produce catalyzing reactions that might lead to chemical reactions and organic molecules breakdown. Thus, the bottle of whisky loses its flavor, aroma, and texture.

Half-filled whisky bottles will last for 1 to 2 years in the pantry. While quarter quarter-filled bottle stays good for 3 to 4 months. Once the whisky bottle is packed, it stops aging. Thus, it should be finished within 6 to 8 months.

Whiskey (opened/unopened) Pantry
Whiskey (unopened) Stays fine indefinitely
Whiskey (half-filled) 1 to 2 years
Whiskey (quarter-filled) 3 to 4 months

shelf life of whisky

How To Tell If Whisky Has Gone Bad?

A properly sealed bottle of whisky can last for an indefinite period. Once the seal is opened, you have to check the spoilage signs before consuming it as it starts to go bad. There are a few important signs to tell that whisky has gone bad.


If your whisky smells too sour, then it should be discarded. The good whisky aroma is grainy, wine tasting, peaty, woody, grassy, or fruity overtone.


The alcohol loses its potency and evaporates when it is been opened. The flavor components in the whisky disappear leading to a change in taste.


Good whisky is in brown. Alcohol is a solvent and it soaks taste and color molecules from the wood. If you notice any color change in the whisky bottle, then it is not safe to drink.

Mold or Debris At The Bottom Of The Bottle

If you observe any sediment in the bottle, then it should be discarded. That can be mold. The mold growth indicates that it has gone wrong.

Interesting Facts About Whisky

The surprising facts about the alcoholic drink whisky are mentioned here:

  • Whisky starts its life as a beer.
  • We spell Scottish and Canadian whisky without the e and the others as whisky.
  • The oldest whisky is over 150 years old.
  • The word whisky means water of life.
  • Scotch whisky generates £135 of revenue every second.
  • Whisky needs 3 years to age.
  • Drinking whisky prevents cancer.
  • One of the basic ingredients of Tabasco sauce is whisky.

FAQs on Does Whisky Go Bad

1. Can old whiskey make you sick?

No, expired whisky can’t make you sick.

2. Can you freeze whisky?

Yes, you can freeze whisky, but it is not recommended.

3. Is 100-year-old whiskey safe to drink?

Yes, it will be fine to drink the old whisky bottle if unopened for 100 years and stored in the pantry. But it is mandatory to check the spoilage signs before using.

4. Does whisky go bad in the fridge?

No, whisky doesn’t go bad in the fridge. The unopened bottle of whisky will last for many years.

Key Upshots

Whisky can go bad if opened and not sealed correctly. We are hoping that you found answers to all your questions i.e. can whisky go bad, its shelf life, storage conditions, and spoilage indications?

If you have any other doubts regarding whisky, you can leave a comment below. Stay tuned to our site to know the info about different food products.

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