Can Blue Cheese Go Bad? Here’s How to Avoid It – How to Make Blue Cheese Last Longer?

Can Blue Cheese Go Bad?:  Blue cheese is the best ingredient that enhances the taste and smell of the recipe. But you may have one question in your mind every time you see a cheese pack in your fridge “Can blue cheese go bad?”.

If you are the one who thinks of it every time and searches for the best storage tips. Don’t worry we have got covered all those in our article. Some people don’t know about this blue cheese, if you are in this category, this blue cheese is a dairy product also known as bleu cheese.

And in this, we have many types, to know everything about blue cheese, check out our article. In this blog, we have covered all the information like shelf life, spoilage signs, how long it lasts, and many more. Start reading to know more!!

Can Blue Cheese Go Bad

Storing Blue Cheese

Without proper storage of blue cheese, you cannot able to use it for more days. Storing blue cheese is very tricky than other dairy products. But below we are going to provide you with the best storage tips, by following them you can keep your cheese fresh for many days.

  • Always store the blue cheese by wrapping it.
  • When you are keeping it in the fridge, set the temperature between 46°F to 55°FF or 8°C and 13°C.
  • Before keeping it in a freezer bag you better use a cheese bag, parchment paper, or wax paper.
  • Don’t wrap the cheese too tightly, so that it still has some space to breathe.
  • As it is a dairy product, don’t keep it outside other than the fridge.
  • You can keep the cheese in an airtight container before keeping it in a fridge. So that it will last long.

Shelf Life of Blue Cheese

As we all know that food has a limited shelf life, so storing it best, can extend the shelf life of the product. Shelf life is different for unopened and opened packs. Your cheese can last for six months if it is unopened. We have given the table below to know the shelf life of opened, unopened, crumbled, and wedge cheese easily and clearly.

Types Fridge
Blue Cheese Wedge(Unopened) Sell by +1-2 weeks
Blue Cheese Wedge(Opened) 2-4 weeks
Blue Cheese Crumbled(Unopened) Sell-by +2-3 weeks
Blue Cheese Crumbled(Opened) 1 week

Note: Before buying the dairy products like blue cheese check the “sell-by date” on the packaging.

Shelf life of blue cheese

How to Tell if Blue Cheese is Bad?

As blue cheese is a dairy product, it will easily go bad. But, saying that cheese has gone bad is not that easy. So, check out that we have provided you with some signs or tips to know easily whether the cheese has gone bad or not.

Can Blue Cheese Go Bad

Check the Mold Growth

Blue cheese will have a moldy surface as many people love it, so it will make it harder to guess whether cheese has mold growth or not. So, check it by seeing it closely, if it is fuzzy better to throw it out because blue cheese mold will not be fuzzy.

Color Change

As cheese will be in the color creamy or white. But if you see the cheese in the colors green, yellow, pink, and brown. It is probably not safe to consume. Just throw it away if you see it weird, change in color, and dry.

Smell the Cheese

Blue cheese will have a different smell that many people don’t like. If you are newly using it, you can tell that it has gone bad or not but if you are familiar with the smell, you can say that cheese has gone bad if it has a different smell other than the original smell. So that immediately you can throw it.

Taste the Cheese

You may think “how can we eat expired cheese”. But if you want to know that cheese has gone bad, it is the perfect sense. If everything is fine, and you can’t see any of the above signs then by tasting it only you can check it.

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Interesting Facts About Blue Cheese

As most of us like to eat blue cheese, we have many interesting facts that we have to know about blue cheese. The facts are given below.

  • The flavor of the cheese will always depend on the blue cheese, size, shape, the climate of the curing, and length of aging.
  • Blue will help you to boast more calcium and it is very nutritious.
  • The cheese will be so tasty, with red wine or sparkling wine.
  • If you eat it with bread, almond, and crackers, it will taste best.
  • As we don’t know, many sauces are also made from blue cheese.

FAQs on Does Blue Cheese Go Bad?

1. Is it safe to eat cheese with mold?

Yes, it is safe to eat the molded cheese, as blue cheese is made with the cultures of the mold Penicillium.

2. How does blue cheese look like?

Blue cheese looks with having blue or veins of mold. And the color varies from blue-green to blue-gray.

3. Why does blue cheese smells so bad?

The mold and bacteria that we have on that cheese give a distinct aroma. As it is created from cultures and mold penicillium it smells bad.

In a NutShell

Hope that the information that was provided for you on can blue cheese go bad? is useful for you. When you bring the cheese from the store, always check the “sell by date” and it should always be kept in a refrigerator.

Still, if you have any doubts, you can comment to us in the comment section. If you want to know about other dairy products like can cream cheese go bad, can condensed milk go bad, and many more check our site. And also bookmark our site for more updates.

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