20+ Best & Delicious Vegan Buddha Bowls That Are Easy To Make 

Buddha Bowl Recipes: Most adults are in an ongoing cycle of corporate life that is busy, secluded, and monotonous for the most part. Therefore, most of our eating habits are also limited to three rushed meals on a regular basis. Well, we can’t change our lifestyle, but what we can do instead is to keep our bodies healthy by eating a lot of plant-based meals.

Buddha bowls are one of those highly plant-based bowls that include a lot of whole foods, sprouts, leafy veggies, plant-based protein like tofu, and sometimes fish or meat. This colorful Buddha food bowl has tons of recipes you can try and in this article, you will find ten of them in detail. Let’s see.

Buddha Bowls

10 Healthy & Easy Buddha Bowl Recipes You Will Regret Missing

Buddha Bowl is one of the easiest ways to incorporate whole fibers and other nutrients into our bodies. These are wholesome one-bowl meal recipes that are easy to make. These can contain rice, veggies, whole grains, and much more. One of the important things about making a Buddha bowl is prepping. Look at these recipes that will give you some ideas to prepare the perfect one. 

  1. Bali Bowl Made With Peanut Tofu
  2. Barley Bowl Made With Roasted Sunchoke
  3. Chimichurri Bowl Made With Smoked Cauliflower
  4. Coconut Kabocha Bowl With Millets
  5. Turmeric Sweet Potato Bowls With Grains and Poached Eggs
  6. Cauliflower Rice And Chipotle Bowl
  7. Sesame Salmon With Glazed Hoisin Bowl
  8. Green Grain With Red Bean Taco Bowl
  9. Fajita Bowl (Vegan)
  10. Mango Bowl With Caribbean Black Bean

Bali Bowl Made With Peanut Tofu

If you are a workout freak, this Bali bowl with peanut tofu is your best choice for getting all the nutrients. The peanut tofu seared in the pan is a good source of protein that is vital for repairing any muscle fatigue after a good weight training session. The bowl is also filled with greens, sweet potato, black rice, etc.

This is an interesting vegan bowl filled with the most nutrients we need throughout the day. The use of peanut sauce in this bowl is a great way to wrap things up. The taste of sauce makes all the vegetables and tofu taste great without having to leave out any nutritional value from the food.

Barley Bowl Made With Roasted Sunchoke

It is quite exceptional that you can add so many nutritious yet delicious things to a Buddha bowl. This Buddha bowl has an earthy flavor that brings out the most benefits from the pulses and chewy sprouts. Some cooked barley and seared mushrooms make the bowl quite flavorful and nutritious.

Once you include some roasted Sunchokes along with some fresh kale, the flavor of the bowl just gets better. The crispy yet chewy texture of the ingredients is incredibly delicious and wholesome for our taste buds. Also, add some tahini sauce as a light dressing for the Buddha bowl, it tastes like heaven on earth.

Chimichurri Bowl Made With Smoked Cauliflower

Who doesn’t love a bowl filled with colorful veggies and a smoky flavor, making the flavor ten times better? This chimichurri bowl made with smoked cauliflower is a burst of taste and you won’t regret any of what you eat. Sometimes cauliflower can be pretty blan once boiled, but smoked cauliflower is a whole different story.

What you can do is add pinto beans, lime rice with coriander, slaw, and a lot of chimichurri sauce. A few slices of tomatoes wouldn’t hurt if you want a little tanginess to your Buddha bowl. However, the choice of additional veggies is optional and you can add whatever suits your taste.

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Coconut Kabocha Bowl With Millets

Now this coconut kabocha with millet is a spicy bowl of greens and nutrition that will need a good amount of water to slow the heat. The onions, chickpeas, and kabocha are mixed with a hint of aromatic sauces that makes the ingredient quite spicy to handle on their own.

However, it is in fact great for your gut health, as it has coconut and a little sprinkle of turmeric. Well, to skip the heat there is also a cooling sauce made out of cucumber, lime, and coconut that also enhances the taste.

Above all killers have a high nutritional value, so you’re not really missing out. Overall, this Buddha bowl is a quick trip to some Mexican heat and flavors that just makes your taste buds and health happy.

Turmeric Sweet Potato Bowls With Grains and Poached Eggs

On days when you feel terribly sick or just drained out, a healing bowl is a must for your well-being. A healing bowl can contain things like porridge, chicken stew, or a simple rice dish. However, this healing bowl contains flavored sweet potatoes with poached eggs.

Now it is not often that people eat nonvegetarian Buddha bowls, but it is not that uncommon to infuse fish or meat. The addition of grains and poached eggs only means a lot of protein content in the food. In addition to that, don’t forget to add some lemon dressing after gathering all the ingredients.

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Cauliflower Rice And Chipotle Bowl

Often when people are in a calorie deficit, they like to switch between different kinds of rice. Sometimes, it may be a bowl of brown rice, sometimes a moderate portion of red or black rice, or just cauliflower rice. The best part of cauliflower rice is that it is so easily accessible and available to people.

Hence, cauliflower chipotle rice is another Buddha bowl recipe that you must try before anything else. The main ingredient here is cauliflower rice which you can easily get by grinding the white part of the cauliflower. Thereafter, mix a good amount of chickpeas, tomatoes, shallots, and a good dressing to mix everything.

Sesame Salmon With Glazed Hoisin Bowl

While we are still in the context of eating cauliflower rice, here is another recipe you will love. As we mentioned earlier, a Buddha bowl doesn’t limit itself to just plants and grains. The addition of fish and white meat is quite regular and that’s why this recipe will have some delicious salmon.

This recipe is made on top of some cauliflower rice along with a good lime dressing with herbs. The glazed honey salmon is just a cherry on top, but it enhanced the flavor like no other. To top everything, you can go on to add some freshly chopped spring onion and taste the refreshed flavors.

Green Grain With Red Bean Taco Bowl

Just another low-carb and low-calorie Buddha bowl recipe that has red beans in it that tastes immaculate. The green grain is just a bunch of pulses and green rice but the real hero are the beans. The Mexican flavors are just on point and can’t miss out on the preparation because it is so easy.

All you have to do is cook the red beans with a good amount of spices and cook the green rice. From there on, you just have to follow the way of making a Mexican taco filled with some shallots and avocados. And, there you will have your delicious green grain with a red bean taco bowl.

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Fajita Bowl (Vegan)

Most people cannot stand fajita bowls without the inclusion of some kind of animal-based protein. However, a vegan fajita bowl does the job of including as many nutrients as the meaty ones. Just make sure you are eating mindfully and considering the correct volume of food to satisfy your appetite.

In this vegan fajita bowl, you are going to include a good amount of red beans, shallots, red bell peppers, and corn tortillas. To top off everything, you will have to make a creamy and thick avocado sauce as a quick dressing for the ingredients. Also, do not forget the cauliflower rice that is enough for a meal.

Mango Bowl With Caribbean Black Bean

This Carribean black bean Buddha bowl is all you will need during the summers to refresh your health, mind, and taste buds. It is a wholesome bowl with sprouts, black beans, shallots, and mango salsa dressing that you will love. The most refreshing part is the magic salsa that is made with a ton of good ingredients that makes the bowl a good Buddha bowl.

In the salsa, you can use cooling ingredients like coriander, lime, cucumber, mango extracts, etc. However, after that go on to add a generous amount of salt and a good amount of chili. Apparently, it is supposed to taste like a cajun dip but way less cooling with a less hot taste.

List Of Other Tasty Buddha Bowls For Weight Loss

Buddha Bowls are wholesome one-bowl meals that are flavorful and taste incredible. Apart from being filling and nutritious, these are also easy to cook. While you are done with the above delicious Buddha bowl recipes, also check out these recipes for Buddha bowls.

  • Burrito Bowl (Vegan)
  • Thai Buddha Bowl
  • Oaxacan Bowl
  • Plantain Buddha Bowl
  • Grain Bowl With Zucchini Toasted Seeds & Halloumi
  • Brown Rice Energy Bowl
  • Sesame Sriracha Buddha Bowls
  • Vietnamese Pork Bowl (Caramelised)
  • Buddha Bowl With Spicy Mango Sauce
  • Shawarma Tofu Bowls
  • Tahini Marinated Chicken Buddha Bowl

FAQs On Yummy Buddha Bowl Recipes With Meat

1. What exactly is a Buddha Bowl? 

Buddha bosses are food bowls that emphasize plant-based nutrition, entire foods, and a lesser amount of animal products. It frequently is served cold and is rich in nutrients.

2. Are Buddha Bowls healthy to eat?

A lot of whole fiber and other nutrients make Buddha bowls very nutrient-dense.

3. Is it preferred for Buddha Bowls to be warm or cold? 

Buddha bowls are frequently served cold since they typically contain raw sprouts and vegetables that are good for your stomach.

Key Outcomes

Buddha bowls are a great inclusion to an hour didn’t if you want to include more greens in your meals. These bowls are greatly beneficial to our gut, which is also our second mind. Well, if you didn’t look anymore for Buddha bowls and changed your mind to make other food items for your breakfast or brunch then visit our website and discover more articles like this.

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