Savoury Breakfast Finger Foods For A Crowd! – 10 Best Breakfast Finger Foods Ideas To Brighten Your Mood

Breakfast Finger Foods: If you are not very fond of the regular cereal that you eat for your breakfast and want some amazing alternative to it which is not only easy to make but also is the same with respect to nutrients, then a plate of breakfast finger foods is definitely going to keep you sorted here. These foods are especially good for people who are super busy in their regular lifestyle and want quick mess-free food options that they can quickly grab on the go and keep them satisfied without the need to sit and complete a full course of meals.

Now that you have known about all the goodness of breakfast finger foods let us now look at the most popular recipes that come under this category and are definitely sure to amaze you. Without any further blabbering, let’s quickly start with the recipes.

Breakfast Finger Foods

List of 10 Best Breakfast Finger Foods To Try Today!

Breakfast Finger Foods do come in a lot of variations and styles, and here is a list of the best breakfast finger recipes that you must definitely try on your busy days:

Blueberry Oatmeal Breakfast Bars

This unique Breakfast finger recipe is just like oatmeal and blueberry blondies. This dish is super chewy, gluten-free and not overtly sweet if you can find the right brand of oats. This dish uses bananas for moisture, along with honey and blueberries to add some extra sweetness. You can add some coconut oil, cinnamon and vanilla extract to make sure to keep the taste at the top bar.

Banana Chocolate Chunk Muffins

This recipe is mostly loved by a large range of consumers because of their sweet and chocolate muffin flavours. This recipe will require you to add ripe mashed bananas to any cake that is guaranteed to give you a super moist and tender crumb. You will also need to add some maple syrup to sweeten your base and just a small amount of coconut flour to make sure it is healthy along with being tasty.

Copycat Starbucks Vanilla Beans Scones Recipe

Most of you must have loved the Grande caramel macchiato and petite vanilla scones from Starbucks. So do you want to make it at home? The scone in this recipe is itself super tender and crumbly but the glaze that it is smothered in is an absolute steal deal. To go on with this recipe you need a simple mixture of vanilla, powdered sugar and cream that is definitely going to melt your heart right from the first bite.

Elvis Peanut Butter and fried Banana Sandwich with Bacon

This particular sandwich breakfast finger recipe is super indulgent as well as super filling to keep your tummy full until lunch time. This dish is made with bananas, peanut butter, jam and bacon which are served warm coffee. Make sure to use soft french bread instead of any random bread to help keep the sandwich sauce and try pairing it up with some black berries to increase the level of flavours even further.

Granola Bars

If you are a lover of granola altogether then you would definitely expect a super wholesome granola bar recipe that is loaded with dried fruits like cranberries, raisins, nuts, etc. and must include some chocolate as well to give a spark of sweetness.

This recipe is packed with the goodness of oats and seeds along with an amazing chocolate based drizzle, maple syrup, honey and dark chocolate that is definitely going to make your heart melt. Once this recipe is ready, finally garnish it with some vanilla extract, nutmeg, cinnamon and brown sugar for the final touch.

Breakfast Casserole Bites

Casseroles are an amazing option for breakfast, lunch or dinner as they are super wholesome to keep you satisfied as well as nourished for a long period of time. Casseroles generally come as one single dish that is filled with a lot of ingredients that are warmed, incorporating eggs, sausage, veggies, etc. These look like mini cupcakes that are freezer friendly and hence can be made in a bulk amount and stored for future use.

Baked Hash Brown Cups

Who doesn’t want to start their day with a super savoury meal with a super nutritious filling? Well, hash brown cups will definitely help. This particular recipe is made from parmesan cheese, shredded potatoes, breadcrumbs along with seasoning of cilantro, cinnamon and basil leaves.

You can also pair up this recipe with eggs, sausage and bacon to ensure keeping the protein content appropriate in your body. Once the dish is ready you can garnish it up with some paprika, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder.

Cinnamon French Toast Sticks

If you have a household full of kids and want some mess free quick breakfast option for them then these cinnamon French Toast Sticks are definitely going to cuddle your toddler’s heart. This dish comes as a thick slice of white bread that is rolled in milk and egg custard.

Once cooked, this recipe is super crunchy from the outside and soft and tender from the inside, but make sure you do not forget to roll these sticks in cinnamon, sugar and pair it up with some Nutella, chocolate sauce or maple syrup along with it to give a super heavenly final touch.

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Blueberry Pancake Bites

For pancake lovers out there, this recipe is super amazing as it is made in a donut hole pan and exactly looks like crispy and creamy munchkins. The batter that is used in this recipe is too runny so make sure that you are carefully filling up the holes. To go on, you will need blueberries, banana pieces, chocolate chunks, strawberry slices, baking powder, sugar, butter and some vanilla extract as well.

Deliciously Moist Banana Bread

The banana bread has always been one of the most favourite breakfast options. This recipe is sweet due to the chocolate inside and is also nutritious due to the presence of banana, dried fruits, and other essential ingredients in it.

To go with this recipe, you need all purpose flour, lemon juice and vanilla extract that needs to be combined with the overripe bananas, butter and eggs. Once your dish is ready top it up with some chopped walnuts, to give a touch of nutty flavours along with Protein.

Breakfast Finger Foods for Toddlers

For babies who have just started to learn to eat by themselves, these finger food recipes are definitely going to save their mothers from picking up after them. Come let’s check the recipes now:

  • Scrambled eggs with vegetables
  • Rice and chicken nugget
  • Mashed potato rolls
  • Minced chicken finger sandwiches
  • Meat and wheat balls
  • Oats and Apple Pancake with Yogurt
  • Honey toast sandwich
  • Baked sweet potato sticks
  • Egg and vegetable muffin
  • Spinach, cheese, and rice rolls
  • Potato and peas cutlet

Gluten-free Breakfast Finger Foods

Want to maintain a gluten free healthy diet as well as keep the preparation short and quick? These recipes will surely help:

  • Applesauce Bread
  • Chewy Banana Quinoa Bars
  • Sweet Potato Banana Bites
  • Copycat Starbucks Spinach and Feta Breakfast Wraps
  • Frozen Fruit Protein Bites
  • Breakfast Choco Chip Cookies
  • Bacon Jalapeno Deviled Eggs
  • Homemade Pop-Tarts
  • French Toast Sticks
  • Carrot Zucchini Muffins

Wanna explore many breakfast foods in your routine like Breakfast Pies don’t worry as we have got them all covered.

Vegan Breakfast Finger Foods

Now, let us look at some of the best breakfast finger foods for vegans that are definitely a must try at your residence:

  • Chipotle Focaccia with Garlic-Onion Topping
  • Rustic Tuscan Pepper Bruschetta
  • Appetizer Tomato Cheese Bread
  • Mini Mac & Cheese Bites
  • Chickpea Fritters with Sweet-Spicy Sauce
  • Garbanzo-Stuffed Mini Peppers
  • Greek Olive Tapenade
  • Moroccan Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Zucchini Patties with Dill Dip
  • Pecan Pie Mini Muffins

FAQs on Easy Breakfast Finger Foods

1. What is good finger food for baby breakfast?

Some really good Breakfast finger food recipes that you can feed your baby are roasted sweet potato, meatballs, tofu, Spinach Pancakes, Baby Peanut Butter Puffs, baby banana muffins, baked oatmeal, etc.

2. What are some popular finger foods?

Some crowd-friendly breakfast finger foods are Mimosa Bar, Bacon wrapped sausage, Sago Chilla, Crispy Veggie nuggets, pineapple stack-ups, Crispy mozzarella sticks, Super-crisp potato bites, etc.

3. Are breakfast finger foods good for you?

Yes, breakfast finger foods are definitely good for you because not only is it mess-free and convenient dishes, but also are highly nutritious and gets digested completely in no time while keeping you satisfied till lunch.

4. What are breakfast finger foods for vegetarians?

Some great Vegetarian breakfast finger foods include Spicy Edamame, Buttery Radish Baguette, Spanakopita Pinwheels, Ravioli Appetizer Pops, deviled eggs, etc.

Bottom Line

Wrapping everything up, Breakfast finger foods are a superbly saviour option if you have thrown a sudden party and want to serve your guests with some quick mess free snacks that get prepared in no time and can be handheld while eating, without the need for any crockery.

Breakfast finger foods do come with a lot of options and you can customise them from this article as per your preference. We hope you found this article helpful, do stay tuned to get in touch with more like Shrimp Breakfast Recipes and Healthy Waffle Recipes.

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