15 + Toast Recipes For Breakfast That Your Whole Family Loves

Toast Recipes: A warm welcome back to all our readers on our new blog post. Hope our recipes have helped you in maintaining your health, and have also fulfilled your desires for yearnings. In today’s blog posts, we have brought to you all our new quick-to-cook recipes, with somewhat similar ingredients, that you would have put in while trying out our previous recipes. But nothing to be worried about, these ingredients would still give a whole new taste and appearance to your dish.

This blog post is all about decking and garnishing up your plates with our new hearty and dainty recipes. These “Toast Recipes” would be splendid options, for breakfasts, brunch and to serve yourself with evening snacks. You can make as many variations in the ingredients as you want, and bring a new taste to your plates. Most of the ingredients will be readily available to you, at your home itself, so you don’t have to run over to a grocery store every now and then.

Toast Recipes

13 Best Palatable Toast Recipes

While leaving early in the morning for offices, college, or dropping off our kids at school, we are in a hustle and bustle, and this hustle, usually makes us leave our houses with an unhealthy breakfast, or with no proper breakfast, especially for the bachelors who are staying far away from their families. So, we have brought you some super healthy and delicious recipes, that won’t take away too many minutes from your limited time for cooking, would include easily available ingredients, mostly the ones that you might be already using daily, and would take away all the worries of your moms, in regards to your health.

With these 13 toast recipes, you can just switch and swap the ingredients and always present a new snack for yourself, friends, and family members. So without dawdling you around, let’s get our journey started with our new recipes.

Chilli Cheese Toast Recipe

This is the ultimate toast that one would love to have, the attractive part of this toast is that the bread slices are fried in cheese batter. So, for all the cheese lovers out there, this is the perfect snack you can treat yourself to any time of the day, and after trying it out for once you will definitely add it to your “Party Snacks” list, as this would be the perfect snack to put up in front of your guests, for any party.

And as mentioned earlier, the ingredients that you would require for prepping up the toast are just cheese, salt, oil, coriander leaves for freshness, baking powder, milk, bread slices, and green chilies. This snack would also own a place in the hearts of spice lovers, and though it might take a little longer time for cooking, it would definitely be worth a try.

Egg in a Blanket

The name itself would attract you to try out this recipe as soon as you discover it, but another good thing about the recipe is that it would take away just 15 minutes from your time to transform into a “Ready to serve” dish. With such a small amount of time taken, you can assure yourself of a healthy breakfast daily.

And another best part of this recipe is that you can always vamp up your toast by just swapping some ingredients here and there, like you can add toppings of colorful fruits to it, along with the basic ingredients of the dish like eggs, bread slices, chili flakes, oregano, and butter.

Mozzarella Toast

Though the toast might sound a bit unhealthy by the name, but, when you would give an eye to the ingredients, you would instantly add the recipe to one of your healthy recipe dishes. The ingredients involve brown pieces of bread, and fresh garden herbs, like basils, it requires spring onions, garlic, black pepper, salt, butter, and the highlight of the dish, mozzarella cheese.

Unlike the previous recipe, this recipe just takes 20 mins for the whole preparation. But this recipe would be the best way to kick start your morning, freshening up your mood and energizing yourself, for the whole day.

Masala Chicken Toast

Perfect choice for spice lovers, the marinated boneless chicken pieces which are tossed up in flavors and spices, are added on hot buttered toast, making it a splendid choice for your breakfast or brunch. The most attractive part of the dish is the juiciness of the chicken, which gives a whole burst of taste as soon as it enters your mouth.

You can add some freshness to the toast by garnishing it with fresh herbs from your garden. Also to add on to the spicy flavor of the toast you can garnish it with chili flakes and finely chopped green and red chilies.

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Bacon and Mushroom Toast

Another spiced toast recipe is here, that would require less cooking time than the above recipe, and it would be as scrumptious as the previous one. The fascinating fact about this recipe is, that you can fry the bacon and mushroom, adding to their crunchiness, and then dip both items in cream and yogurt and serve them on toast with toppings of fresh veggies like tomato slices.

This appetizing dish is a perfect breakfast, brunch, or party snack, that you would joyfully serve and share with your guests, friends, and family. With less prepping up time of just 3 minutes, this dish too takes only 20 minutes for cooking.

Masala Cheese French Toast

This French toast can be given a desi touch by adding and tossing it up with herbs and spices. The toasts are just another excellent choice for all cheese lovers. Cheese comprises the ingredients that would serve you with health benefits along with serving to your palettes.

The highlights of the toast, mayonnaise, and cheese, make the recipe devouring. The savory and sweet flavor of the spices and the sweetness of mayonnaise makes it different to plump for and takes just 30 minutes for casting into the perfect to serve for the dish.

Prawn and Sesame Toast

An excellent selection for dinner parties, snacks and to treat yourself with, for brunch, this recipe is strengthened by its highlighted ingredient, which is rich in vitamins, and minerals and are proven to be an excellent and complete source of proteins, “Prawns and fish”, and another main ingredient, sesame, which are a magnificent source for magnesium and calcium.

The other ingredients put into the dish to make it enjoyable are salt and pepper, yogurt, egg white, lemon juice, chili powder, spring onions, and lettuce leaves to bring freshness to the dish. The dish can be garnished with coriander leaves and is best served with tomato ketchup.

Mushroom Paneer Toast

Another dish with spotlighted ingredients well-heeled in minerals and vitamins takes up just 30 minutes for complete cooking. This dish can be served with numerous toppings such as cottage cheese, tomatoes, fruits, chilies, cooked carrots, cucumber, or even onions. If you are one of those who fancy having spicy recipes, you can add spices to its ingredients, and give your dish a spicy touch…

The ingredients of this recipe are mostly the ones that are used while preparing homemade remedies, like cloves, black pepper, cinnamon, aniseed, cumin seeds, ginger, and turmeric powder. And any recipe involving these ingredients would be the always opt to option for all mothers, wishing to serve health with taste in the plates for their kids and family members.

Grilled Cheese Toast

A recipe you can’t resist, take this toast recipe to the fore by adding simple and healthy fruits and veggies to it. The underlying fact of this recipe is that it presents you with immense taste and health even after putting in some handful of ingredients in it, and just takes approx 20 minutes to be cooked.

The main ingredient that you would be in need for preparing the recipe is bread slices, butter, and cheese, preferably cheddar cheese. And you could always modify the toast by adding vegetables and fruits, either of your choice, or the ones that are handy to you, like tomatoes, strawberries, avocados, and onions, and you could also add bacon to it for some nothingness.

Bombay Toast

As the name suggests, this recipe won’t leave you empty stomach ever and requires just 25 minutes for its cooking time. Another nutrient-opulent recipe, it just requires bread, butter, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and cucumbers as its star ingredients.

You can always serve this dish, with fried potato sticks, ketchup, or even with thick mango, mint, or coriander thick sauce, and season it up with fresh herbs and oregano, and chili flake seasonings, along with some powdered black pepper giving it a spicy, sweet and sour taste. This dish serves as a marvelous choice to serve to your guests, and friends at parties and their sudden visits to you.

Asparagus Omelette Toast

The cornerstone ingredient of the dish is affluent in minerals and fiber ensuring that you are not sacrificing your health while perpetuating the level of the recipes with your taste buds. This dish would take only 20 minutes to be on your plates. Serve yourself the delicious dish and just include new ingredients to it, and change its savor.

The dish requires a handful of ingredients like eggs, asparagus, bread slices, and butter. But you can always include some half-cooked vegetables and fruits in the batter, or even just fresh herbs like parsley, chervils, spinach, purslane, and collards.

Rainbow Fruit Toast

All health lovers would be fond of this recipe and would serve themselves daily with these toasts, since, as charismatic the name of the salver is, the more alluring its ingredients are. This dish just needs a few minutes to be on your plates and involves a handful of ingredients like pieces of bread, butter, and fruits of your choice.

You can always mix and combine various ingredients like strawberry with basil, mango with chili, kiwi with mint, raspberry with peach, tomato with avocado, and mixed berries. Instead of serving yourself with a single combo, this dish could be an ideal snack for parties, where you can cook up all the combos and give an ultimate invite to your guests to munch on these healthy recipes without a second thought.

McCormick French Toast

The golden and crispy toast dissolves into a creamy texture after entering your mouth and takes you to heaven in every bite that you take. These toasts are drizzled in sweet and cinnamon-flavored syrup. Just leave the custard in the refrigerator for some time allowing its ingredients to marry each other so that your taste buds are treated with delicious tastes.

Spruce up your toasts with fresh berries, jams, malamades, toasted nuts, peanut butter, bananas, chocolate hazelnut, ham, or sausages. With these numerous topping options, you are certain about the thought that you aren’t plating yourself with the same dish each day.

FAQs on Toast Recipes

1. What are the best ingredients we can include in our toasts?

The best ingredients for your perfect toast are avocados, nut butter, choco chips, cream cheese, vegetables, fruits, and eggs.

2. What are the various toppings we can add to our toasts?

The various seasoning options for the toast could be paprika, salt and pepper, nuts and seeds, bagel seasoning, hot sauce, maple syrup, or even a drizzle of honey is a good option.

3. How can we serve the toasts to kids, ensuring that their platter is healthy?

To serve healthy yummy toasts to your kids, melt the dark chocolate into syrup and add it to the toast, add sliced strawberries, bananas, apples, mixed berries, or avocados to it

4. What are some more breakfast recipes?

Some more healthy breakfast recipes are chia puddings, oats recipes, energy balls, and banana splits, which you can check upon.

In a Nutshell

To sum up, though you might have served and cooked toasts countless times, with numerous alterations, this blog of “Toast Recipes” has provided you with the exquisite solution for your breakfast, brunch, snacks for yourselves, and even parties and dinner parties. These fuss-free recipes would be the first choice of every mother and health lover who were out, on the search for a healthy platter.

So gather around the ingredients, and start trying out the recipes you wish to gobble up and serve to your loved ones. Hope our recipes always keep you in good health. Also, do let us know in the comment section, which recipe earned the first place in your heart, and what would be your next demand from us.


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