Do Capers Go Bad? Here’s What Experts Tell About It

Do Capers Go Bad: Capers are the burst of flavors. Most of us often see it in many dishes but we do not know what it is, Right? Capers are tiny, green flower buds with sweet and salty flavor that elevates the taste of the entire dish. Did you purchase them and have them in the fridge for a long time? then you may be thinking, do capers go bad?

If you wish to know everything about capers starting from what they are to how to store them for long. Check out this blog post, as we have provided with entire information belonging to capers. Start reading and scroll down to know!!!

Do Capers Go Bad

What are Capers?

Capers are the unripened flower buds taken from a thorny bush called Capparis spinosa. These capers are mostly used in Mediterranean cuisine. As they are so bitter we mellow them by soaking in the brine. Capers found anywhere in the world. Mostly, you can buy pickled capers, that was made by taking pea-sized immature buds and they are dried for some time and pickled in brine.

We can describe the flavor as hints of lemon with a nod to green olives and more. Capers are great ways to make plate pop.

Do Capers Go Bad?

Yes, capers can go bad. But they will not go bad immediately, it takes a very long time. Because the capers are kept in vinegar it takes a long time as we know that the vinegar reserve food. As we buy pickled capers in the jar from the store, once after opening they will last for one year but you need to refrigerate the container. An unopened jar of capers will last for 2 years if they are stored properly.

How Long Do Capers Last – Shelf Life of Capers

When it comes to the question of how long capers last it totally depends on the way you store it. When you buy the caper jar at the store you need to check for the best-by date before buying. But for some of them, there will not be any best-by-date label, they will last for one year if they are airtight.

Here we are going to provide you with the shelf life table to get an idea of how long capers last if opened, unopened, or placed in a fridge, freezer, or refrigerator.

Types Shelf Life
Unopened Jar of Capers Two years
Opened Jar of Capers in Fridge Two years
Opened Jar of Capers One year
Capers, freshly made Two weeks.


Shelf Life of Capers

Signs To Know That Capers Gone Bad – How To Tell Capers Are Bad

If the capers jar has been in the pantry for more than one year or expired, you can just see the below signs that will tell you whether the capers had gone bad or not. If you do not see any of the signs then you can use it even if it is more than one year.

  • When you open the jar if you see any rust marks inside the lid, then it is a sign of spoilage, and throw it in the dustbin.
  • When the capers turn old, the color starts to change and darken than normal. If you notice that then we can say that they are rotten and toss them out.
  • If you notice any dark spots, mold, or fungi then just throw it away.
  • The next sign is if the capers have gone bad then the liquid and caper both get the foul smell.
  • Even if you get any popping sound when you open the jar then you can say that capers gone bad.
  • If the jar is damaged, do not dare to eat, just throw them away.
  • If you do not see any of the signs, just taste the capers as they are in vinegar they should taste like olives with the tartiness of vinegar and salt flavor. But if they are bitter or have a sour taste then discard them as they are spoiled.

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Best Way To Store Capers To Extend Their Shelf Life

If you want to extend the shelf life of capers then storing it in a perfect way is very important. So below we have provided you with different ways of storing like in the pantry, fridge, and freezer. Look at them and learn.

Store it in the Pantry

When you buy the capers from the store, just check out best by date and then bring them home. Once after bringing it, you can place it in a pantry but the pantry should be clean without any dust and moisture, and also do not keep it directly under the sunlight. Do not forget to wipe the jar with a paper towel to avoid moisture and mites.

Store it in the Refrigerator

If you opened the jar of capers, it is best to keep it in the fridge, if you have space even you can store an unopened bottle. But when you are storing it in the fridge store it on the inner shelf of the fridge to limit temperature variations. And while using it always use a dry spoon to scoop the desired amount. Always keep the lid tightly.

Store it in a Freezer

If you love to store it in the freezer for a long time, you can store it in smaller portions than storing the entire jar. So that it will be good for thawing and constant freezing. Always make sure to seal the lid tightly and label it with the name and date.

Interesting Facts That You Need to Know About Capers

Here we are going to provide you with some interesting facts that every one of you should know about capers are given below. Have a look at them.

  • Capers are closely related to the cabbage family and the native of it are Mediterranean.
  • Most capers in the US are brined.
  • Salted capers are more fresh than the brined capers and they are more flavorful too.
  • Capers are a good source of Vitamin A, C, K, B3, B2, and Calcium.
  • Capers are rich in minerals, iron, and copper.

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FAQs on Can Capers Go Bad

1. Do capers need to be rinsed before use?

Somtimes yes and sometimes no because it totally depends on the type you use. If they are dry-packed or brined, you do not need to rinse them off, but if you want you can wash them.

2. Can you eat capers directly from the jar?

Yes, you can eat the capers by opening the jar directly as they are rich in vitamins and minerals, but be careful and do not eat much, as they are high in sodium.

3. What are other ways to use expired capers?

As expired capers are not good to eat, we need to throw them away. But instead of throwing them in the dustbin, you can make compost if you have a garden, that can be used as a natural fertilizer. Otherwise, the expired can of capers can be used as a cleaning agent, the vinegar that we have in that will help to clean surfaces and remove stains.

4. What do you eat capers with?

You can use capers in a different variety of pasta dishes which is having some protein like fish and chicken. Even capers will work well with light ingredients like citrus, tomato, salad, eggplant, and even bagels.

5. Can capers prevent cancer?

Yes, of course, as capers are high in antioxidants they can prevent free radicals and reduce the oxidative stress that can cause cell damage that causes cancer.

Final Thoughts

As we have come to a conclusion, we hope that you got the answer to your question “Do Capers Go Bad” or not? If you stored them well we can increase their shelf life. So, try to store it properly in a good way and enjoy it for a long. Still, if you have any doubts you can comment to us in the comment section below.

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