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How Long Do Pears Last:┬áThis question doesn’t have a single answer. The real answer to this question depends on various factors. The big thing is the perishable quality of some fruits. Pears are one of those fruits. Their storage and maintenance require utmost care and precautions.

In this write-up, the focus would be on exploring the durability of pears. Besides, it is really important to be aware of the appropriate conditions. Therefore, this write-up would throw light on such helpful facts and conditions.

How Long Do Pears Last

Do Pears Go Bad?

Pears are prone to rot once they are ripe and are exposed to the surroundings. The most common signs of pears getting bad enough are multiple. For example, one might start observing the pears’ skin being extremely soft. Apart from this, rotting pears are extremely soft at their inner core.

Most products have an expiry date. Since there is no specific “best before” date for pears, you should check it regularly.

How Long Do Pears Last

Signs Pears Have Gone Bad

There are some signs to identify the going bad of pears. As people know the quality of good quality and ripe fruit, anything opposite indicates degradation in the quality. Some steps are needed to ensure the condition of the pears. Here is how you can verify it:

  • Multiple bruises or signs of blemishes on the skin indicate a mild worsening. These blemishes show that the fruit is not good to be eaten.
  • If your finger pierces the skin of the fruit, it has definitely gone bad. This indicates that the edible part of the fruit has started getting decomposed. It should be avoided at all costs.
  • The center of the fruit gets soft and brown. If it happens, throw it away. It happens as the center part is fleshy and it undergoes rapid oxidation. In that case, it’s unfit for consumption.

How To Store Pears?

The big question now is the storage of pears. It is possible at various places. However, it matters what you can do for the time being. It also depends on the nature of the pears. Bringing raw pears points towards the ripening of fruit at room temperature. Apart from cold temperature (30 degrees F), it is necessary to ensure 85% humidity.

How to store pears in the fridge?

The first process is to store pears in the fridge. It would also help in the ripening of pears. Here is how you can store the fruit in the fridge.

  • Place the pears in the paper bag and keep them in the crisp drawer. You can do this with a perforated bag also.
  • However, avoid storing blemished and mushy fruits in the fridge.
  • Pears can also be stored with sugar syrup in the fridge.

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Shelf Life Of Pears

The shelf-life of pears is very important for the overall storage process. The shelf life is the period for which a product can be stored reliably. For raw pears, storing them at room temperature can work for 2-3 days Here is a collection of the shelf-life of pears at various places.

Type Counter Fridge Freezer
Whole pears 3 or 4 days 7-12 days
Cut pears 1 day 3 days max 6 to 9 months
Canned pears 7 days max

Shelf Life Of Pears

Fun Facts About Pears

Every fruit or vegetable has some very interesting characteristics. Read about the fun facts associated with pears:

  • Pears exist in almost 3000 varieties across the world. The duration of pear’s history is long enough.
  • The US is one of the biggest producers of pears in the world.
  • Pears ripen the best when they are off the tree.
  • Pears resemble butter. Therefore, they were called butter fruits.
  • Every year in the US, pears are picked by hand.
  • Pears belong to the family of roses.
  • Pear trees wood is an integral component of furniture and wooden items.

FAQs on How Long Do Pears Last

1. Why are the pears brought from the store, green and hard?

Pears ripen the best when they are off the trees. It gives an opportunity for pears to ripen at home.

2. How nutritious are pears?

Pears have a high nutritional value. It has 6-gram fiber, 190 gm of potassium, and a good vitamin c source.

3. What is a health-friendly property of pears?

Pears have good antioxidant properties.

4. Why do pears get brown?

Pears get brown when exposed to the environment. It happens due to oxidation.


This write-up has explained the conditions of pears and their storage. Right from the purchase of pears to storage in various sources, is a mandatory process. Therefore, it’s important to know about the shelf-life and storage. Stay tuned to our site to avail latest updates on Can Avocado Go Bad and Can Oranges go Bad in a fraction of a second.

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