Does Couscous Go Bad – How Long Does Couscous Last & How To Store It Long Term

Does Couscous Go Bad?:  It is a question of utmost importance. Preserving food items may be extremely simple in the modern world. Due to the use of preservatives, long-term storage is easy. However, some dishes are still prone to going bad. While preservation is not hard for readymade goods, it is tough for homemade ones. There are various ingredients in the kitchen.

Their quality and benefits may be numerous. The real struggles come up in the preservation itself. Couscous is one of those dishes. It is a semolina-based pasta with a number of health-oriented benefits. In this article of ours, we will give you a brief idea of everything you need to know about Couscous such as Shelf Life, Expiration Dates, and Is it Ok to eat expired Couscous, and a lot more in the later sections.

Does Couscous Go Bad

Can Couscous Go Bad?

Couscous really doesn’t expire and lasts even after the expiry date. However, you need to properly take care of it to prevent it from going bad. After you open the couscous try to seal it tightly and keep it back in the refrigerator.

What happens when Couscous is Exposed to the Environment?

It is possible to store Couscous in the environment. However, there are some precautions to keep in touch with. Before that,

  • Storing Couscous in a dry and cool place can maintain the storage for 3 to 6 months.
  • It also depends on the storage container. Cheap containers may pose the risk of early going bad.
  • Using high-quality containers is recommended for getting long-term benefits and storage.
  • The main thing is to use an air-tight pantry, container, cupboard, and cabinets.

These are some ways to protect it while storing it in the environment.

How to Store Couscous?

Storing Couscous in the Fridge

The next thing is to store Couscous in the fridge. It is a more viable option for storing Couscous. The condition here is that it shouldn’t mix up with other dishes.

  • Couscous lasts longer in the fridge when one keeps it on the colder backside.
  • Keeping it on the front side, which is exposed to warm air enhances the risks.
  • Here also, it’s recommended to use an air-tight container. One should only open it when it is required.
  • A resealable bag with tight sealing is also an alternative to a container.

Storing in the Freezer

The best way to store Couscous is to keep it in the freezer. This is the easiest thing to store Couscous. One should store it in the freezer. There are some conditions that one needs to fulfill:

  • The Couscous should not be mixed with any other thing.
  • Neither one should expose it to the external surroundings or air.
  • It can stay for 3-4 months in the freezer provided it is kept in an air-tight container.

How Long Does Couscous Stay Good For?

Couscous stays good for a few hours after it is cooked. However, if stored in the fridge, it stays good for 3 days. Provided you follow proper safety measures you can extend the shelf life of Couscous. Thus, we advise you to keep an eye on the best-by date of the packaging to make sure you don’t end up eating spoiled couscous. The table below shows rough estimates of how long does couscous last.

State Pantry Fridge
Dry couscous 3 – 6 months past its date
Cooked spaghetti squash 4 – 5 days

How Long Does Couscous Last

Signs Couscous has Gone Bad | How To Tell If Couscous Is Bad?

Despite storing Couscous in the freezer, there are many chances of it going bad. So, it’s important to check out for the signs.

  • Odour: A rancid smell depicts the degradation in the quality. It may smell like wet cardboard.
  • Bugs: The occurrence of living or dead bugs shows it has gone bad. Remove it as soon as possible.
  • Taste: A change in taste also shows its quality. Ensure that the taste is the same as before storing it. Get rid of it once it shows a change in taste.
  • Storage Time: Keep checking for a week. If it has been for more than a week, you may consider opening and monitoring it.

These are the signs one should check out. Since Couscous is prone to going bad, following some precautions is extremely important.

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Is It Ok To Eat Expired Couscous?

Yes, it’s safe to eat expired Couscous. If the packet is nearing its expiry date, ensure its safety and consume it before it becomes unusable. Expired Couscous is a breeding ground for bugs and insects and they multiply in number when kept at room temperature. They release harmful toxins into the package that might cause food poisoning or so. Look for the signs of spoilage before eating Couscous in order to avoid any health-related issues like food poisoning.

Does Couscous Go Bad

Fun Facts about Couscous

Here are some fun facts about Couscous.

  • The name, “Couscous” comes from Berber culture. Specifically, it comes from the word, “seksu” or “kesksu”.
  • Couscous nutrition facts are here. A cup of Couscous has almost 200 calories. Out of which, 12% is proteins, 87% are starch, and 1% is fats.
  • It is an antioxidant that helps the body cells in regeneration.
  • The easy-to-store feature of Couscous made it a staple food for merchants and nomads. Couscous origin has been a vital component of their existence.

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FAQs on Does Couscous Go Bad

1. What is Couscous shelf-life?

The normal shelf-life of Couscous is 3 days.

2. How to store Couscous without a freezer?

It is possible to store Couscous with the help of an air-tight container.

3. How to store Couscous in the fridge?

Store Couscous on the backside (colder side) of the fridge.

4. Which food does Couscous resemble?

Couscous resembles an Italian origin food- Pasta.

5. How is Couscous a healthy food?

Couscous is an antioxidant that is good for cell regeneration.

6. What does bad couscous smell like?

Bad couscous smells stale and rancid. If you feel the odor is off it’s time for it to go.


Couscous may be delicious and healthy food. However, there are some risks associated with its storage. This is possible by keeping in mind its storage precautions. Despite the best care, sometimes it may not last long. However, one should try his/ her best to store it. Check out our site for more updates on Is It Ok to Expired Cereal and many more etc.

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