Can You Freeze Corn Tortillas? – If Yes, Here’s How To Freeze, Thaw & Refreeze Corn Tortillas?

Can You Freeze Corn Tortillas?: No time to prepare corn tortillas? But you like to eat them for your breakfast. If yes, you came to the right place. Even though making corn tortillas is not much complicated but it takes a lot of time. Then what if we store the corn tortillas by making them once at a time? What if we freeze corn tortillas? Can you freeze corn tortillas?

To know answers to all these questions, just look into the article below, and know complete information about whether can you freeze corn tortillas, how long can you freeze & defrost corn tortillas, and many more are discussed. Read on to know more!!!

Can You Freeze Corn Tortillas


Can You Freeze Corn Tortillas? | Do Corn Tortillas Freeze Well?

Yes, corn tortillas can be frozen. You let them cool after preparing them and transfer them into a freezer-safe bag for keeping in the freezer. When it comes to knowing whether it freezes well or not. Yes, corn tortillas freeze pretty nicely.

Usually, corn tortillas that are sealed well will freeze in a way that their quality or texture does not deteriorate. You must prevent moisture from forming on the tortilla. You can ensure that by sealing the freezer bag well so that moisture does not get in.

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How To Freeze Corn Tortillas?

If you have a pack of store-bought corn tortillas, freezing it is as easy as throwing the pack into the freezer. But if you want to preserve homemade tortillas, here is the method:

  • Allow them to cool: If your tortillas are made by you, chances are that they will still be warm when you freeze them. We recommend that you ensure that your corn tortillas are as cool as possible. If they aren’t cool condensation will be formed and which would lead to mushy corn tortillas and there will also be a larger risk of freezer burn.
  • Bag up: Transfer the corn tortillas to a freezer-safe bag to prevent direct contact with ice. Make sure that the freezer bags are large enough to keep the whole tortillas flat. They must not be scrunched up.
  • Squeeze out air and seal: Remove extra air from the freezer-safe bag by squeezing it out. Seal the bag well.
  • Label and freeze: Place tortillas evenly in the freezer and label them with the freezing date and use-by date.

Tips On Freezing Corn Tortillas

Now that you know how to freeze corn tortillas, here are our top tips to make your job easier.

  • Layer the tortillas in the freezer with baking paper or wax paper that will allow ensuring that the tortillas freeze individually and do not stick together when they freeze. This is most crucial when two tortillas need to be separated.
  • Though tortillas can be frozen repeatedly, the texture of the tortillas will degrade upon refreezing. To prevent that freeze the tortillas in batches. This way you will be able to defrost only how much you need.
  • Corn tortillas are more forgiving than wheat flour tortillas. Very likely this is because of the gluten content and that makes the wheat flour tortillas sticky when moist.

How Long Can You Freeze Corn Tortillas?

Corn tortillas can be frozen for about three months before they deteriorate in taste or texture. To make sure that the tortillas are stored nicely for the entire three months, ensure that the bag they are in is fully sealed at all times. Contact with moisture or air will cause the tortillas to degrade.

How Are Corn Tortillas Defrosted?

The easiest method to thaw corn tortillas is to remove them from the freezer-safe bags and put them on the countertop, on a wire rack for some time. Good air ventilation will be allowed around the tortillas which would speed up the thawing process and ensure that the tortillas do not sit on a pool of water.

You can also thaw the corn tortillas by removing them from the freezer-safe bag and microwaving it for ten seconds. You should take care of the fact that the bottom and top corn tortillas of the stack will likely dry out or tear. You can wrap the dried-out tortillas in a damp paper towel till they are ready to use. However, ensure that the paper towels are not too wet or you will get mushy tortillas.

FAQs Related To Can I Freeze Corn Tortillas?

1. Can whole wheat tortillas be frozen?

Yes, you can freeze plain flour and whole wheat tortillas. However, they won’t freeze nicely as corn tortillas do.

2. Is it good to freeze corn tortillas?

Yes, it is good to freeze corn tortillas. And in the case of corn tortillas, freezing is an excellent way to extend their shelf life.

3. Can Corn Tortillas Be Refrozen?

Though you can freeze corn tortillas again after defrosting, we would recommend not doing it. This is because there are no health hazards associated with refreezing tortillas, but their texture is degraded when refrozen.

Key Takeaways

Hope that you now know if Can you freeze corn tortillas or not. After defrosting you can use them as you would use fresh corn tortillas. If you have any queries regarding freezing corn tortillas, you can write to us in the comment section below and a staff member will respond to you as soon as possible. Do visit our website to know more about preserving food like the can you freeze corn tortilla article.

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