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Can Tequila Go Bad?: Do you want to have a drink and find a bottle of Tequila lying in your cabinet? You might have had questions like Can Tequila Go Bad, How Long Do Tequila Last, How to Tell if Tequila is Bad, Storage Practices of Tequila then this article is for you.

If you are interested in finding out more about Tequila go through this entire article. In addition to these, we have included concepts like What happens if Tequila is left out open, and Interesting facts to know about Tequila.

Can Tequilla Go Bad

Does Tequila Go Bad?

Tequila seldom goes bad. Usually, Tequila has an indefinite shelf life and goes bad in rare cases unless and until you don’t store it properly. A Sealed bottle will make sure the external factors don’t affect the liquid inside it. Due to the high alcohol content present in the liquor the chances of tequila going bad are quite less.

Store the tequila from light as light, temperature and air can affect the quality of the alcohol. Better keep it in a cool place so as to ensure you drink the Tequila while it is in good quality.

Storing of Tequila

Just like any other alcohol store tequila in a cool and dry place. Pantry can be a great place to keep your Tequila if you don’t have a plan of using it in the next few months. If you don’t find enough space in the pantry you can even store the Tequila in a Cellar. Once after you open the bottle make sure to seal it tightly if not in use. Make sure not to store it with a pourer or without its cap.

Tightly sealed Tequila bottle will make sure no impurities will get into it. The second thing is if you kept the bottle open liquid in the bottle starts to evaporate quicker when compared to a sealed bottle. As alcohol evaporates at a faster rate the Tequila will turn mild. Next thing to keep in mind is if you don’t use a bottle that is half empty better transfer it to a small container. The more the air inside the bottle the faster the oxidation process and the faster the evaporation takes place thus deteriorating the tequila.

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Can Tequila Go Bad

Shelf Life of Tequila

Storing tequila for years will not improve the taste. The Shelf Life of Tequila will stay indefinitely as long as the seal is closed tightly. If you store an unopened bottle in the pantry for years it is clear that the bottle stays of good quality. However, after opening the tequila bottle it should be consumed within a few months to enjoy the best quality drink.

The quality of tequila will deteriorate with time if left open. Thus, storing an opened bottle for a year or two isn’t a great idea. The taste will not be great after a period of time and you might toss it out for quality reasons. Go through the following table to better understand how long Tequila last.

Type Pantry
Tequila (Unopened or Opened) Stays safe indefinitely

How Long Does Tequilla Last

How to Tell if Tequila is Bad?

Tequila usually stays safe for years. If it goes bad it may be because you might have added some bacteria or impurities to the bottle. To be sure take a closer look at the bottle of tequila to see if it has spoiled. You can even taste it a bit or sense the smell to understand whether it is bad or not.

If it doesn’t look like how it should be or find the taste awful better discard it for safety reasons. However, tequila going bad is a rare case and it will not taste as good as it should. However, it’s up to you whether to use it or throw it out.

What Does Oxidation Do To Tequila?

The oxidation process will change the taste and flavor of Tequila. Thus, when not in use make sure to seal the bottle of tequila tightly to extend the shelf life. After you drink Tequila make sure to transfer it to a small bottle when the original packaging is half empty. Adding more oxygen to the bottle can deteriorate the Tequila at a faster rate whereas shifting it to a smaller bottle can slow down the deterioration process.

Interesting Facts about Tequila

Below is the list of some of the little-known facts bout Tequila. Get to know them and know about this drink better and know the facts that you probably never knew. They are along the lines

  • Tequila is a plant-based drink and is prepared from the blue agave or agave tequilana Weber.
  • Only Agave Heart is used in the making of Tequila.
  • Tequila can be turned into diamonds.
  • It’s been enjoyed since ancient times.
  • Tequila can be classified into 3 primary categories namely Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo.
  • An unopened Bottle of Tequila can be stored for years without getting contaminated.

FAQs on Does Tequila Go Bad or Expire

1. How do you know if Tequila has Gone Bad?

When you taste Tequila and if you feel the taste awful it is a sign that it has gone bad.

2. What happens if you drink Old Tequila?

if you drink Old Tequila you will experience a dull taste and nothing more than that.

3. How long will an open bottle of Tequila Last?

An Open Bottle of Tequila will last about a year or so.


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