Is Your Pancake Mix Still Good? 5 Ways to Find Out

Can Pancake Mix Go Bad? Does Pancake Mix Expire?: You found pancake mix you put in the fridge a long ago and wondered can pancake mix go bad. Actually, pancake mix stays good for months after the expiration date, but it doesn’t make fluffy pancakes over the period.

Dry pancake mix has baking soda that helps to increase the batter’s shelf life. The best thing is you can use cake mix a few days after the expiration. Once you buy pancake mix from the store, you can use it whenever you want and make cakes quickly.

Read on to learn about pancake mix storage precautions, food safety, pancake batter shelf life, spoilage indications, whether can you refrigerate pancake batter, and whether can you eat expired pancake mix.

can pancake mix go bad

Can Pancake Mix Go Bad? | Does Pancake Mix Go Bad?

Yes, the pancake mix goes bad. Over time, the pancake mix does not give fluffy and nice pancakes.
Actually, pancake mix doesn’t go rancid as quickly as other perishable products. Because it has baking soda or baking powder which helps to retain its quality for a longer period.

The batter goes bad doesn’t mean that it can’t be eaten anymore. However, the quality of the product degrades over time. You can consume the pancakes after the best-by date.

The important thing is if you want to use the pancake mix for more days, then you need to store it safely. The expected pancake mix shelf life is about 6 to 12 months.

How To Store Pancake Mix?

The proper storage conditions ensure that the pancake mix stays good for a longer time. As it is a dry ingredient, it should be stored like cake mix, flour, and other dry products. These are the tips to store pancake mix properly.

Keep It Sealed

Make sure to seal the opened pancake mic pancake after every use. Otherwise, store the dry pancake mix in an air-tight container and place it away from moisture to prevent mold growth and bug infestation. It also keeps the powder from absorbing odors and flavors of other products.

Choose A Cool, Dry Place

Temperature and moisture are the worst places for pancake mix. To preserve the powder for a long time, place it away from store heat, direct sunlight, or other heat sources and seal the package once it is opened. A pantry is the best place to store pancake mix.

Refrigerate Homemade Pancake Mix

As homemade pancake has ingredients that spoil easily, it is recommended to store them in the freezer or fridge. The cool environment helps to preserve the pancake mix for a long time.

Can Pancake Mix Go Bad

Is It Safe to Use Expired Pancake Mix?

The producers don’t recommend using expired pancake mix. But if you don’t find any signs of spoilage on the powder, then you can make pancakes with it.

The expired pancake mix has less potency and it doesn’t give fluffy pancakes. So add baking powder and baking soda to the pancake mix to get the delicious pancakes. The general ratio is for 1 cup of pancake mix, you have to add 2 spoons of baking powder and 1/8 spoon of baking soda.

A pancake mix is a combination of a bunch of ingredients such as flour, sugar, a leaving agent, and other dry ingredients. As all the ingredients are dry, you can use the expired pancake mix to make cakes and consume them.

The mold or bacteria growth bad odor or different taste are the indications that your powder is spoiled. When the pancake mix has gone bad, you should not consume it anymore because it may lead to health problems or sickness.

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How Long Does Pancake Mix Last? – How long is pancake mix good for?

A mix of Pancake shelf life is about 1 year and it will last a few months after the expiration date. Most pancake mix packets will have a lifespan between six months to 1 year. It helps to use the mix within the best by period because that’s when it is at its best quality.

Either unopened or opened pancake mix lasts for 6 to 12 months before the expiration date and 2 to 6 months after the expiration date in the pantry. Here we are giving the shelf life of the pancake mix table.

Pancake Mix Pantry
Before Best-by Date Past Best-by Date
Unopened/opened 6 to 12 months 2 to 6 months

how long does pancake mix last

Signs of Spoilage of Pancake Mix

If you store pancake mix safely, then it will not go bad. But if you notice the below-mentioned signs of spoilage, then you should not consume it.


If you observe blue or green spots in the dry powder, then it is no longer eatable. The main reason for mold growth inside the pancake mix is the storage conditions which may be moist areas and not sealed properly.

Prolonged Storage

Originally, the pancake mix dry powder will stay good after the best by date on the package label. But if the powder is stored for more than 12 months, then there are high chance it can be spoiled.

Insects in the Package

If you store the mix in an open container without a proper seal, then there are high possibilities of mold growth, and bugs breeding in. So, it is not safe to eat that pancakes.

Holes on the Box

Don’t buy pancake mix if the package has holes in it. Holes are a sign that the product is damaged.

Wet Clumps

When the pancake mix is not sealed properly, then it might absorb moisture from the air and form clumps. If you notice the wet clumps at the early stage, you can use it. But over time, the lumps turn into mold and become unusable.

Can You Freeze Dry Pancake Mix?

Yes, you can freeze the dry pancake mix powder. But it should be tightly sealed so that the moisture doesn’t enter inside the package. The best choice is to use an airtight container or freezer bag to store dry pancake mix in the freezer.

Freezing helps the powder maintain quality for a longer time. You can directly use the frozen mix to make your dishes.

Interesting Facts About Pancake Mix

The surprising pancake mix facts are listed here:

  • The first pancakes were called Alita Dolcia and were made by Romans in the 1st century.
  • The world’s biggest pancake measured 49+ feet in diameter and weighed 6,614 pounds.
  • The world’s most expensive pancake cost more than a transatlantic flight.
  • Pancake day or shrove Tuesday is a special day celebrated in many countries around the world.
  • There are many varieties of pancakes.

FAQs on Does Pancake Mix Go Bad

1. Do you refrigerate pancake mix after opening?

Yes, we can refrigerate the pancake mix after opening. Refrigerating helps to retain its quality for a longer period and make fluffy cakes.

2. How long is pancake mix good after the expiration date?

The pancake mix stays good for at least 2 to 6 months after the expiration date.

3. Can expired pancake mix kill you?

No, expired pancake mix will not kill you. But it may make you sick.

4. Does pancake mix really expire?

Yes, pancake mix expires a few months after the printed date. However many producers suggest using the dry powder before the expiration date.

5. How long does pancake batter last in fridge?

Pancake batter can last in the fridge for upto 2-4 days with proper storage.

Key Upshots – Can you use expired pancake mix?

At last, we can say that the information shared here about Can Pancake Mix Go Bad will be helpful to you to some extent. You can follow the simple storage tips mentioned here to increase this dry powder shelf life and enjoy the pancakes for a longer period with fresh and original flavors. If you require any food-related inquiries, visit our page

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