Can Jam Go Bad? – How Can You Tell if Jam Has Gone Bad? – Shelf Life & Storage Tips

Can Jam Go Bad?: If Yes, Can you eat expired jam? Jam is a wonderful condiment that you can add to bread and scones. Jam is not only a favorite it is also a common condiment in every kitchen cabinet.

Sometimes, without knowing we will bring a jam bottle from the store, and after coming home or while cleaning the pantry you realize that you already have an unopened bottle of jam at home.

You may think of solutions for this like how to store them without going bad, what are the spoilage signs and many more. So, if you are the one who is searching on the internet about “Can jam go bad, can I eat expired jam, how to know if jam is bad, and how to store jam properly if it is opened or unopened”.

You can check out our article to learn answers to all these questions. We have discussed what is jam, storage tips, shelf life, does unopened jam go bad, can jam expire, and many more. Sounds Interesting, right? then let’s start reading can jam go out of date!!

Can Jam Go Bad

How Long Does Jam Last Once Opened? Shelf Life of Jam

If you buy the jam in the store, you will get the jar with the label “best before date”. Most jams will last for 6 -12 months before reaching the best-before date. But by storing the jam properly, it can stay fresh for another year or more after expiry.

The durability of the jam will depend on the sugar available in the jam. If you have more sugar, the jam will last longer. And also the shelf life of jam depends upon the open and unopened packs. We will see the shelf life clearly in the below table.

Type of Jam
Unopened Jam in Pantry
Opened Jam in Fridge
Jam Up to 2 years 6 months to 1 year
Jelly Up to 2 years 6 months to 1 year
Freezer Jam Up to 1 year (In the Freezer) Up to 1 month
Homemade 1-2 years Up to 1 year
Low Sugar Jam/Jelly Not recommended 8-9 months
Sugar-Free Jam/Jelly Not recommended 6-9 months
Fruit Butter Up to 2 years 2-3 months
Smuckers fruit jam 6-9 months Up to 9 months

Shelf life of jam

Can Jam Go Bad? | How To Tell If Jam Is Bad?

Yes, as it was prepared with water, sugar, and fruits, the jam will go bad. As we know fruits will not stay longer, so the jam will go bad especially when the jar is opened. We need to complete it before expiry. Probably, most companies have the best before date up to 12 months.

We need to complete it within 12 months. Otherwise, it will go bad. And before eating expired jam always check the spoilage signs. Some of the signs are given below.

Can Jam Go Bad

Mold Growth & Yeast

The best sign that you can notice immediately as the jam has gone bad is checking for the visual sign. If you notice that the jam has any mold growth on the surface or on the cap, throw it off.

Off Odor

If you do not see any growth visually, then check the smell of the jam, if the jam smells like fermented yeast or alcohol. Then it is a sign that jam has gone bad, just toss it out.

Organic Growth

It is also one of the signs to tell that the jam has spoiled. consuming the expired jam is very harmful and you may get stomach-related complications. So, throw the jam once it is past the expiry.

Bulging Jar

When you are thinking of eating the jam that has been sitting for a long time in the pantry, make sure that the lid of the jar is not rusting or bulging. If you see any one of them, just discard it.

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Can Jam Go Bad

Can Jam Go Bad 1

Jam Ingredients:
Sugar, Mixed Fruit Pulp Blend – 60% (Papaya Pulp, Pear Pulp, Apple Juice, Banana Pulp, Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice, Mango Pulp, Grape Juice, Acidity Regulator – E330, Thickener – E440, Iodised Salt, Vitamins & Mineral, Preservative – E202, Natural Flavoring Substances, Food Colour – E122.
Number of Serves Per Pack: Approx. 35, Per Serve: 20 g (1 Tbsp)

Nutrition Information (Typical Values) – Per 100 g Product, Per Serve, %RDA/Serve:
Energy (Kcal) – 285, 57, 3%; Protein (g) – 0.3, 01; Carbohydrate (g) – 70.5, 14.1, [Total Sugars (g) – 68.1, 13.6; Added Sugars (g) – 62.6, 12.5, 25%; Dietary Fibre (g) – 0.8, 0.2]; Total Fat (g) – 0.1, Trace, < 1%, [Saturated Fat (g) – Trace, Trace, < 1%; Trans Fat (g) – 0, 0, 0%; Cholesterol (mg) – 0, 0]; Sodium (mg) – 51, 10, 1%; Vitamin A (µg) – 472.5, 94.5, 15%; Vitamin B6 (mg) – 1.2, 0.23, 15%; Vitamin B7 (µg) – 18.8, 3.75, 15%; Zinc (mg) – 4.4, 0.89, 15%. % of an Average Adult’s Recommended Dietary Allowance (2000 kcal diet).
15% Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) Per Serve for 7 to 9 Years: Based on ICMR-NIN, 2020 & FSSAI Direction on RDA, 2021.

How To Store Jam? | Can Jam Go Off?

If you want to prolong the shelf life of the jam, storing properly is the best solution. Don’t fret, storing the jam is not rocket science, it is very easy. If you do not know follow the guidelines that are provided below. So that you can enjoy your jam for a long time.

  • If the jam is unopened, you can store it in a cool, dry, and dark place.
  • And keep it away from sunlight and heat elements like stove, and oven.
  • If the jar is opened, it is better to keep it in the refrigerator to prolong its shelf life.
  • And make sure to close the lid tightly after every use.
  • Use the wet, dry spoon when you take out the jam.

Can You Freeze Jam? How To Freeze It?

Yes, you can freeze jam to improve its shelf life. If the jam is properly frozen it can stay fresh for up to 12 months. But we suggest you complete the jam as early as possible. Because freezing it for a long time will lose its intensity and character.

And when you think of freezing jam, there is a certain process of freezing it. Otherwise, it will go bad. When you freeze the jam, don’t fill the jar full of jam, leave some space on the top of the jar.

That space will be used for water extension. This breaks the jar if it is made of glass, so while freezing the jam it is better to freeze it in freezer bags.

Fun Facts About Jam

As jam is made by boiling a fruit to its pulp and adding sugar and preservatives. So, as it is easy to make jams, we need to know many interesting things about jams. Let us look into it.

  • Sailors and pirates used jam to prevent scurvy.
  • Until we have discovered pasteurization, jam production on a large scale is not possible.
  • Jam is cholesterol free and it can fight heart diseases, as we will have antioxidants in the fruits.
  • The fiber content in the jam will curb hunger and aid with weight loss.
  • Jam recipe is in the cookbook of Romans.

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FAQs on Does Jam Go Bad | Does jam go off?

1. How To Defrost Jam?

Defrosting the jam from the freezer is very easy. When you want to eat it, transfer the jam from the freezer to the fridge before night. Otherwise, before eating it leave for 1 hour at room temperature.

2. What If I eat Expired Jam?

If you consume expired jam which is having signs of mold or organic growth, it may affect your health. If you eat that jam you may get gastrointestinal complications.

3. How Long Does Jar of Jam Last Once Opened?

Once the jar of jam is opened it will last up to a year by keeping it in the refrigerator.

4. What to do with expired jam?

Is expired jam safe to eat? is the biggest query for the ones who hold the past best by jam bottle. Yes, the expired jam is safe to use on breads or rotis once they are stored properly.

5. Can you eat jam after expiration date?

Yes, we can eat jam after the expiration date also but make sure to check that there is no mould.

6. How long is jelly good for after expiration date?

Opened jelly should be consumed within 6 months to a year and unopened should be consumed one year or more past the jelly expiry date.

7. Is unopened expired jam safe to eat?

Yes, unopened jam is safe to eat for 1-2 years if stored properly. Have no idea how long does unopened jam lasts? Be with us and get updates regularly on foods.

8. Is it okay to eat expired jam?

Yes, expired jam ok to eat but read the instructions on the package like how much time past the expiration, etc.

In a Nutshell – Can You Eat Out Of Date Jam?

We feel that you are satisfied with the information that was given above regarding can jam go bad. As jam is a quite long-lasting product, you can use it for a long even after expiry by following some storage methods.

Share it with others if you like it and if you need any assistance, comment to us in the comment section. Stay connected with our CanFoodGoBad.Com website for more updates on sweet products.

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