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Can Asparagus Go Bad?: Have you opened the fridge and seen asparagus that has been bought many days before? A lot of fruits and vegetables have clear signs that they are going bad.

But when we come to the asparagus it is very tricky to know whether it has been spoiled or not. Are you curious to know about the symptoms of rotten asparagus? If so, then you are at the right place.

Asparagus is a springtime favorite vegetable and it is hard to come in other seasons. Similar to other vegetables asparagus also has many nutritious characteristics which are very beneficial to your immune system and health.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss many interesting things about asparagus like can asparagus go bad? or not, tips to know that asparagus has gone bad, storing tips, and many more. Start reading to know!!

Can Asparagus Go Bad

Can Asparagus Go Bad? How To Tell If Asparagus Went Bad?

Yes, like many other vegetables asparagus goes bad. As it was a high-priced vegetable, it would be a shame to go to waste. Like other vegetables, telling that asparagus has gone bad is very tricky. Here we are going to see some signs to know that asparagus went bad. Once you notice any of these signs just throw them away as they got spoiled.

Change in Color

As this asparagus is nice green in color. If you keep it for long days it will change into a dull greenish color and it is not good to use.

Change in Texture

If you buy fresh asparagus then the stems of those asparagus will be firm. After many days the stems of the asparagus will go soft, and it is a sign to throw it out as it is not fresh anymore. If you see any mold growth then also time to throw.

Change in Smell

Asparagus will not have any smell when they are fresh, but once they start spoiling it will have some distinctive unpleasant smell. If you are feeling that smell you just throw them away.

Slimy Asparagus Tips

The most delicious part of the asparagus is its tips. If you keep them in moisture the tips will get slimy ànd they will not be used for cooking. You need to remove them and you need to use the rest.

Can Asparagus Go Bad

How Long Does Asparagus Last?

The longevity of asparagus will depend on the way you store it. Like many other vegetables, asparagus will not have the “sell by date”, or “best before date”. So you need to go with the purchase date. There will be a very big difference if you leave it in the fridge and freezer. Here we have given a shelf life of asparagus to know how long it will last after you bring them home.

Storage Methods
Fridge Freezer At Room Temperature
Raw 3 to 5 days Not recommended 1 day
Raw in a jar with water 10 to 14 days Not recommended


Raw wrapped in a wet paper towel 5 to 10 days Not recommended
Blanched Not recommended 1 year 1 day
Pickled asparagus 1 year Not recommended 5 – 6 months
Unopened canned asparagus Not recommended Not recommended 3 – 5 years

Unless you plan to use them in the following days they will not be good to eat. Store them properly and use them within the shelf life.

Shelf life of Asparagus

How to Store Fresh Asparagus?

Before knowing these storing tips, the first thing you need to know is you need to treat the asparagus like a flower. How do you take care of the flower that you bring from the store? In the same way, you should take care of asparagus. So, look into the tips that are given below to keep them fresh for a long.

  • When you bring asparagus home, just take some water in a bowl and keep the asparagus in the bottle like how we keep the flower. And then keep them in the fridge.
  • Wrap the bottom of the stalks in a wet paper towel and keep it in the fridge so that they will stay fresh for a few longer.
  • You can roast, blanch, or cook the asparagus by keeping their crispy texture the same, keep them in an air-tight container and make sure it is tightly sealed. Then keep it in a freezer.
  • As asparagus is a seasonal vegetable, by pickling it you can use it throughout the year.

Interesting Facts About Asparagus

Below we have given some interesting facts that many of us do not know about asparagus. Check into them.

  • Asparagus is not always green in color.
  • Asparagus will reproduce for up to 20 consecutive years.
  • Asparagus will grow 7 inches daily.
  • White asparagus is one of the most labor-intensive vegetables to grow.
  • This white asparagus will turn pink if you keep them in sunlight.

    FAQs on Does Asparagus Go Bad

    1. Can you freeze asparagus?

    Yes, you can freeze the asparagus which will keep it fresh for a long time.

    2. How to freeze the asparagus?

    Just wash, trim the asparagus, and then blanch it, just take time to cool it. And then drain the water and pat them with paper towels to dry. Then pack them into a freezer bag and then keep them in the freezer.

    3. Can I eat raw asparagus?

    Yes, you can eat raw asparagus, it will be crunchy and it is good for your health.

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    In a Nutshell

    Hope that the fears and queries that you have about asparagus are cleared by reading the detailed information that we have provided on Can asparagus go bad?

    As asparagus has many health benefits and has low calories it became trendy worldwide. If you are on a diet, it is best to eat asparagus. Still if you have any doubts you can comment to us in the comment section below.

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