Quick and Easy Lip-smacking Bisquick Banana Muffins Along with Tips

Bisquick Banana Muffins: Bisquick bake mix is the most versatile baking ingredient in the food market right now. There is no fancy baked dish or morning meal you cannot really make with this. We have seen how cinnamon rolls, pancakes, and other baked goodies come off this magic mix.

Nonetheless, we still have a special recipe that is a favorite of everyone. Yes, the sweet and filling banana muffins are one great baked item people cannot get enough of. They taste sweet but they are very filling and wholesome at the same time. So, we are going to list down a wholesome and tasty Bisquick banana muffin recipe. Hence, gear up to take some important notes.

Bisquick Banana Muffins

What Are Bisquick Banana Muffins?

Bisquick banana muffins are homemade tasty muffins that you can prepare in your own kitchen. While that might not sound anything special, these muffins are quite delicious and appealing. The Bisquick bake mix also makes it super easy to prepare these sweet muffins.

These muffins are also great for snacks or teatime, or even breakfast if you prefer. The buttery and soft flavors of the muffins take only a couple of hours to prepare and serve. Hence, you make the most out of these baked goodies by investing a short amount of time in the kitchen.

Tips On Making Bisquick Banana Muffins

Well, most of the instructions for making the Bisquick banana muffins are sorted and easy. However, we do want you to have the perfect kind of muffins on the first try. Hence, these tips will work if you keep them in mind while baking.

  • Mix ripe bananas: Ripe bananas are the best way to induce natural sweetness in your muffins. Bananas are known for having heavy natural sugar content, and the ripe ones have more. Hence, you will not need too much sugar in the already sweet batter.
  • Don’t overmix the dough: If you knead the dough too much, then the muffins will turn out like rocks. Ensure that you are combining the dry and wet ingredients evenly until it is properly mixed. Too much blending will only lead to a batch of rock-lie muffins that don’t even look edible.
  • Leave some top space: When you add batter to the muffin molds, fill the molds only to a certain level. Do not overfill the mold or even fill the entire space. This is because the batter expands, and overfilling will not give the muffins a good shape.

Ingredients Needed To Make Bisquick Banana Muffins

As the name already has it, you will need a few known ingredients and even a few special touches. Still, let us list down the basic items we will require for this recipe:

  • Bisquick bake mix: The Bisquick bake mix is going to tie up this entire recipe into a really short one. This baking mix is the main mix you will need for the delicious banana muffins you have been craving.
  • Bananas: Make sure you mash and blend some ripe bananas in the muffin batter for natural sweetness. Moreover, it is also the key ingredient of distinction.
  • Sugar: Sugar or brown sugar, both works for this banana muffin batter. Since ripe bananas are packed with a lot of sweetness, you won’t even require a lot of sugar for taste.
  • Eggs: Well, we do know by now that eggs are essential for baking, no matter what it is. Similarly, these Bisquick banana muffins also require at least a couple of eggs to get everything done.
  • Softened butter or oil: You will need some amount of greasing in this banana muffin recipe. Well, both softened butter and oil are easily available, so you can use any one of them.
  • Milk: Any milk is good to use in the banana muffin batter. However, in this recipe, we will use the example of pure dairy milk instead of other vegan options. Although you are free to use any.
  • Chocolate chips and cinnamon powder: Chocolate chips and cinnamon powder are just for garnish and flavors. You are free to use whatever you prefer best.

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How To Make Bisquick Banana Muffins Soft?

The most essential factor that makes any kind of muffin perfect is the texture. Likewise, these Bisquick banana muffins won’t be great as it looks if they don’t turn out moist. But we can surely do a couple of things so the muffins don’t turn out like rocks.

As discussed earlier, use mashed ripe bananas for this specific muffin batter. This will allow enough moisture to enter the batter to make the muffins soft. Just remember to mash the bananas into a sticky pulp. Another big tip is to use softened butter or oil in the muffin batter. The softened butter will let the batter expand more in the oven.

So, regardless of the ripped bananas, you still have a chance to get a soft bite once you have served the muffins. Lastly, do not bake the batch of Bisquick banana muffins more than it is intended. Baking over the intended time will either burn the muffins or make the batter super tough to bite through and enjoy.

How To Make Bisquick Banana Muffins?

Now that we have jotted down all the tips and essential ingredients, let’s also follow this easy recipe mentioned below:

  • Set your oven’s temperature to 400°F (200°C) or gas mark 6. Paper liners for 12 regular-sized muffin holes should be used.
  • In a sizable mixing basin, combine the mashed bananas, brown sugar, melted butter, egg, and vanilla essence. Mix the ingredients thoroughly with a whisk.
  • When the Bisquick mix and ground cinnamon are just wet and there are no longer any streaks of dry powder visible, switch to a rubber spatula or wooden spoon. Watch out not to combine too much.
  • For a great high rise, only half-fill each muffin mold properly.
  • Place in the oven and bake for 15 to 20 minutes, or until the tops of the muffins are golden. A skewer can also be used to check the center to see if the muffin is ready.
  • Give the muffins five to ten minutes to cool in the pan. After that, move the muffins to a wire rack to finish cooling or consume them straight away. Muffins with bananas are excellent when they are warm.
  • Combine the brown sugar and ground cinnamon in a small bowl. Before dipping into the cinnamon-sugar mixture, brush each muffin top with melted butter.

How To Store Bisquick Banana Muffins?

Bisquick’s baked items are usually very easy to store in normal temperatures. Even these tasty banana muffins store well at room temperature if kept properly. There are a few things we can bring to attention before we store them.

You will require some plastic wraps and airtight containers that are both freezer-friendly and refrigerator friendly. After cooling the batch of muffins, you can head to zip up the rest in the wraps and keep them away from direct sunlight. Hence, you can use the containers for this very purpose.

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Can You Freeze Bisquick Banana Muffins?

Yes, you can freeze these Bisquick banana muffins for three months max. Most baked foods stay edible in the freezer for this limit or approximately 2-3 months. Hence, you should have no problem thawing these muffins and eating them after a while.

You will need some freezer bags and tight-lid containers as usual for freezing. Also, ensure that you separate each muffin with the help of butter paper or parchment paper. That way all the leftover muffins will not stick to each other creating a frozen mess in the containers.

FAQs On Bisquick Banana Muffins

1. Is it okay to include fresh bananas in the mix for muffins?

Yes, it is completely fine to use fresh bananas in the Bisquick banana muffin batter. We suggest using the ripped ones as it adds soft texture and sweetness to the muffin batter. Moreover, frozen bananas are not exactly suitable for baking muffins and pastries.

2. Are banana muffins hard? 

No, generally banana muffins have a soft and fluffy texture on the inside. However, if you knead the batter too harshly, the muffins might become as hard as a stone. So, we do not recommend doing any of the unnecessary steps that are not included in the recipe.

3. What makes banana muffins healthy?

Banana muffins can be extremely healthy with just a few adjustments in the list of ingredients. For example, you can use wheat instead of all-purpose flour. Or, replacing sugar with stevia syrup. Other than that, bananas and other ingredients are already healthy enough.

In A Nutshell

Well, the list of Bisquick’s baked dishes is not ending with this tasty banana muffin recipe. Although this may be the tastiest one out of all you have come across in a while. Obliviously, there is nothing not to like about some wholesome and comforting banana muffins. But, we have so much stored for the readers. If this banana muffin recipe made you take an interest in easy cooking, we got you. Look up to our site and don’t miss out on more Bisquick recipes coming ahead.

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