What Happens If You Leave Eggs in The Car Overnight? Checkout: Here’s What To Do?

What Happens If You Leave Eggs In The Car?: Eggs are a common item found in all grocery stores. We can make a lot of quick and healthy recipes using eggs. Eggs are a time saver for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. We might forget that we have bought eggs and leave them in our cars. So the question comes what happens if you leave eggs in the car?

Eggs are stable food that finds in every house. To increase their shelf life, we have to refrigerate them. The two important facts that find the potential safety of the egg are the temperature at which it was stored and the duration.

Eggs that are placed in a warm car for more than 2 hours can start to grow bacterial and spoil. In cold weather, they are fine to consume. If you find eggs start to sweat, then they are at risk of starting to grow bacteria. Get the ways how to tell if eggs are good to eat.

What Happens If You Leave Eggs in The Car

What Happens If You Leave Eggs in The Car?

Here the answer is Yes and No. The spoilage of eggs depends on the temperature in the car. The eggs will start to grow bacteria if the inside temperature is high. Because heat supports bacteria growth leading to spoilage.

If the car’s inside temperature is low, the eggs will remain fresh for a longer time as the cold temperatures avoid bacteria growth. We have different techniques to check the egg’s freshness, they are smell, float, visual, and shake.

Eggs can sweat when they are left in a car for too long period. Fresh farm eggs that are left in the car are safe to consume. Eggs that were previously refrigerated will damage quicker. Eggs that are left overnight can end up smelling bad. And eggs left in a hot car spoil in less than 2 hours.

How to Know if Eggs Are Safe to Eat after Leaving in the Car?

A small amount of bacteria can thrive at low temperatures, it is suggested to store eggs in the fridge to prevent any contamination. If you have left eggs in the car, the temperature is favorable for the bacteria’s growth.

Here are the four simple ways to test if the eggs are safe for consumption before discarding them.

Visual Inspection

You can easily identify that eggs have gone bad by observing them closely. Once you have collected eggs from the car, inspect it carefully for any molds, cracks or color changes or integrity of the shell coat.

When you find that eggs have any of these, it is not safe to consume them. Damaged shell integrity or cracked shell are the quick ways to bacteria or fungus growth.

Shake Test

You can even shake the eggs to detect the flaws in them. With this, we can easily know the health of yolks.
In this test, shake the eggs lightly by keeping them close to your ears. If you observe a plopping noise, then the egg is spoiled. That noise indicated that the consistency of the yolk has been compromised.

Float Test

It is one of the easiest tests that can help you understand the safety of your egg. Eggs have a semi-permeable membrane so water and air can travel through the membrane.

The aged egg has a higher air concentration than the eggshell’s interior. It increases the buoyancy of the egg. As we need fresh eggs, we choose eggs that are not filled with air. By having air, the chances of contaminations entering the eggshell also increase.

Add egg to a bowl of water to do this test. If the egg floats on the water’s surface, the egg’s density is lighter than water, thus egg has more air and has a higher chance of contamination.
If the egg sinks in the water, the amount of air is less and it is safe for consumption. But the test is not accurate.

Smell Test

If you can’t determine the bad eggs by visual inspection, then this test can help you. As per USDA, an egg that has a rotten pungent or sulfur smell even after cooking is not good. Don’t eat them.

What Happens If You Leave Eggs in a Car Overnight?

Store-bought eggs that have been placed in a car overnight at temperatures more than 40° are not edible. Store-bought eggs that are left in the car for more tahn 2 hours can start to sweat and leads to bacteria growth. The time depends on the temperature outside.

But, fresh farm-bought eggs left in the car overnight are still safe to eat. Because eggs don’t need refrigeration unless they have been commercially cleaned or already refrigerated before.

In the U.S. the eggs are commercially cleaned to increase their shelf life, but without their cuticle layer. This layer prevents the bacteria thus eggs don’t require refrigeration.

What Happens if You Leave Eggs in a Hot Car?

If you leave eggs in the car at a hot temperature i.e. 85°F or more, they start to grow bacterial within 30 minutes. Even eggs that are collected from farms also get contaminated under heat during transportation and storage. But they may need longer time to go bad than those who are left in the car.

Can You Leave Eggs in a Cold Car?

Yes, you can leave eggs in a car at 40° or less temperatures so that they are safe to consume. If the temperature of the car is equal to the temperature of a refrigerator, then eggs are safe. That means they are refrigerated in the car.

At proper temperature, you can leave eggs in a clod car for 5 weeks. But temperature change happens that can spoil eggs. At 40°, eggs are edible for more than 2 hours.

What Happens if Eggs Freeze from Being Left in the Car?

Eggs that are being left in temperatures below freezing are edible as long as the shells have not cracked. If you see any cracks on the eggs shells, they need to be disposed of because bacteria can induce into the egg.

As per the USDA, the eggs that have been frozen should leave in the freezer until you use them. You have to defrost it in the refrigerator before cooking it. Frozen eggs have a thicker and syrupy yolk so they don’t blend well.

How Long Can You Leave Out A Farm Fresh Egg?

Eggs that are bought from farms and have not been commercially cleaned can be left at room temperature for 2 to 3 weeks. With their cuticle layer, the eggs protect from salmonella infection on the inside shell of the egg. However, they are still susceptible to bacteria growth outside of the shell.

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How To Store Boiled Eggs?

Boiled eggs are the best snacks that provide an instant boost of protein. Many people want to store boiled eggs to save their cooking time. But eggs are prone to bacteria so special care should be taken to refrigerate them after boiling.

The step-by-step guide that can help to store boiled eggs for 1 week is here:

  • Once the egg is boiled, leave it in cold water. The sudden temperature change ensures no time for microbes to contaminate and flourish.
  • Once the eggs are cooled, wipe them with a clean paper towel.
  • If you want to store peeled eggs, then place them in an airtight container.
  • If you want to store the boiled eggs with the shell, you can store them in ziplock bags.
  • If you leave the egg at room temperature for more than 2 hours after cooking them, it should be discarded.

Ways to Store Eggs With Refrigeration

It is better to store eggs in an airtight container in the fridge to prevent their deterioration. Containers will ensure that eggs remain free from absorbing any external or strong odors that may potentially remain even after cooking.

Also, avoid placing eggs on the fridge doors. The temperature fluctuation at the door can lead to food contamination.

Tips to Preserve Eggs Without Refrigeration

You can even store eggs at room temperature without refrigeration. However, the eggs that are not washed will have a shorter shelf life than refrigerated eggs.

It is recommended to eat unrefrigerated eggs within 3 weeks of purchase. Use a solid container to store them. It aids in preserving the eggs, preventing contamination and avoiding a messy kitchen.

FAQs on Left Eggs In Car Overnight

1. How long will eggs last if left in the car?

Eggs will last for 2 hours in a hot car. If they are left in a cold car can stay good for 12 hours.

2. Can eggs spoil in heat?

Yes, eggs spoil in the heat. Eggs should not be left at a hot temperature for more than 2 hours.

3. Can I eat the eggs I left in my car?

If they are fine, you can eat eggs left in my car. Before consuming them check the signs of spoilage.

4. How do you know if an egg is bad?

Drop an egg in a glass of water, if they go to the bottom of the glass, they are not as fresh but still edible. If the egg floats, then they are fresh.


You might forget and leave eggs in the car. Check whether they are edible or not by performing a few tests.
If the temperature in the car is lesser than 40 degrees for 2 hours, then they are safe to consume. Otherwise, the bacteria can contaminate the eggs.

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