20+ Simple & Best Paleo Breakfast Recipes – What Is A Paleo Diet?

Paleo Breakfast Recipes: In case you are wondering, a paleo diet-friendly recipe is going to be a dish that strictly focuses on foods that are unprocessed and dairy free. These recipes are generally high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, involving fresh fruits, seeds, nuts, and meat or eggs to provide that everyday dose of protein that you need to keep you strong and active for the entire day.

Hence, if you want to try these nutrition-packed paleo breakfast recipes then this article is definitely going to help you with that. Here, you will not only learn about the best Paleo Breakfast recipes but also these recipes meet specific concerns like weight loss, heart health, toddlers, etc. Let’s quickly jump into the article now and find out what these recipes are.

Paleo Breakfast Recipes

List of 10 Best Paleo Breakfast Recipe Ideas That Make You Full All Day

It’s time to reveal the most healthy and easily made 10 Paleo Breakfast Recipes that you should not miss out on. Below mentioned paleo recipe ideas for breakfast will not only help you fight diseases but also give you the strength and nutrition for your hectic day: 

  1. Broccoli and Mushroom Paleo Muffins
  2. Hazelnut Chocolate Paleo Crepes
  3. Quinoa Paleo Breakfast Recipe
  4. Paleo Apple Breakfast Recipes
  5. Grain-free Energy Bars
  6. Blueberry Spinach Smoothie
  7. Air-fryer Paleo Breakfast Recipe
  8. Grain Free Paleo Hot Cereal
  9. Sweet Potato Waffle Sandwich
  10. Cranberry Orange Muffins

Broccoli and Mushroom Paleo Muffins

For people on a paleo diet, the broccoli mushroom Paleo Muffins recipe idea is amazing as it looks like a muffin but doesn’t accommodate the usual ingredients of a traditional muffin.

This breakfast idea is a perfect combination of eggs and veggies, with a super savory creamy texture. It is high in protein and can be taken as a daily protein supplement for people working out.

Hazelnut Chocolate Paleo Crepes

The hazelnut chocolate paleo crepes is a very famous French recipe that is also considered to be one of the most delicious paleo-friendly desserts. This recipe is yummy and is an amazing grain-free concoction of green plantains as its base. Plantains provide you with a boost of potassium that helps in building muscles and breaking down protein into disease-killing molecules.

Quinoa Paleo Breakfast Recipe

The Cinnamon Toast Breakfast Quinoa is yet another super-friendly breakfast casserole for people on a paleo diet. This recipe is vegan, gluten-free, and oil-free. This super tasty and quick recipe combines pre-cooked quinoa, toasted pecans, dried cherries or cranberries, and roasted cinnamon. One spoonful of maple syrup and flax seeds at the end works like a game changer.

Paleo Apple Breakfast Recipes

The best apple paleo breakfast recipe idea that you can try out is definitely going to be the roasted butternut hash with apple and bacon. This is an amazing fall dish that combines roasted squash and sweet apples along with bacon a nice smokey flavor combined with a boost of protein. This recipe is super easy and gets ready in just 30 minutes, best for your busy mornings.

Grain-free Energy Bars

If you are a protein lover or a heavy workout person then energy or protein bars are definitely a part of your daily routine. Hence why not ditch your regular highly processed energy bars from the store and replace them with super healthy and nutritious paleo energy bars?

Well, these grain-free energy bars require very simple ingredients like soft dates that add a natural sweetness and almonds that give a nutty flavor to them along with protein.

Blueberry Spinach Smoothie

One of the best & amazing superfoods that fill your tummy with a super nutritious breakfast is the blueberry and spinach green smoothie. It includes a handful of blueberries, bananas, and spinach. The making of this blueberry spinach paleo smoothie is quick and easy to digest as well.

Mix all these above ingredients with vegan or dairy or any other liquids for a healthier version. To get that cafe-style frosty touch to your smoothie, must add some ice cubes while blending. Smoothie lovers will definitely find this recipe as a go-to breakfast paleo recipe for their busy mornings.

Air-fryer Paleo Breakfast Recipe

If you want to enjoy a no-mess quick paleo diet-friendly recipe then the air fryer baked bacon is going to serve the best. This process will give you super crispy instant bacon strips in no time rather than standing in front of a super greasy hot stove just at the start of the day. You can add as many slices to your batch depending on the number of people who are going to consume them.

Grain Free Paleo Hot Cereal

If you are tired of scrutinizing labels for dry cereals packed with carbs why not try quick grain-free hot cereal that will not only fulfill your cravings but also keep gluten and grains away from you?

This recipe needs just to be soaked in warm water, whirled in a blender, and ready in a few minutes. Try adding a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg, along with fresh berries, cacao nibs, and caramel sauce for a better taste.

Sweet Potato Waffle Sandwich

If you want to enjoy a paleo-friendly meal at the start of the day which is super filling then the sweet potato waffle sandwich is going to suit you the best for you. This dish is famous for its slight sweetness along with a delicious bacon base and garlic mayonnaise tossed throughout. Other ingredients like avocado, tomato, and lettuce boost fiber and protein.

Cranberry Orange Muffins

The Cranberry Orange muffin is yet another never go wrong breakfast option for paleo diet consumers, especially during the hot summer months and the superfood avocado acts just like the cherry on the cake.

This dish is creamy and moist in texture which gives you an amazing feeling of baked food without tampering with the tangy flavors of orange and cranberry.

Paleo Breakfast Recipes For Weight Loss

As mentioned, Paleo Breakfast Recipes are completely dairy and junk ingredients free and hence can be an amazing option for people aiming for weight loss. Hence, if you are on your weight loss journey then the following are the Paleo Breakfast options that you definitely give a try:

  • Homemade Turkey Sausage
  • Paleo Green Smoothie with Protein
  • Cinnamon and Date Chia Pudding
  • Gluten-free Paleo Granola
  • Fat-burning Tropical Paleo Granola

Paleo Breakfast Recipes Without Eggs

If you are somebody who doesn’t like adding eggs to your dishes or is allergic to them then the following are the paleo dish options that go on without using eggs:

  • Avocado Mango Smoothie
  • Pumpkin pie Smoothie
  • Paleo Banana Pancakes with Fresh Strawberries
  • Flourless blueberry banana pancakes
  • Sweet potato Toasts
  • Bacon and Veggies Egg-free Paleo Skillet

Paleo Breakfast Recipes With Eggs

The following recipes are for the people who love adding eggs to their breakfast to get that super boost of protein right at the beginning of the day:

  • Paleo Turkey, Bacon, and Egg Skillet
  • Green Paleo Shakshuka
  • Coconut Almond Paleo with Scrambled Eggs
  • Paleo Eggs Benedict
  • Stuffed Breakfast Peppers with Scrambled Eggs and Mushrooms

Paleo Kid-Friendly Breakfast Recipes

As a parent, it is natural to be concerned as to what to feed your toddlers during their early ages to give them strength and nourishment at their best. The following kid-friendly Paleo recipes are definitely going to help:

  • Paleo Biscuits with Almond Flour and Honey
  • Dairy-free Scrambled Eggs
  • Paleo Sandwich Bread with Sauteed Veggies
  • Banana Nuts Protein Pancakes
  • Sauteed Cinnamon Apples Paleo Breakfast Casserole

Paleo Sweet Breakfast Recipes

Dedicated to all our sweet tooth audience out there, we have some amazing Paleo Breakfast recipe ideas for you to try out too:

  • Paleo Cinnamon Coffee Cake
  • Pumpkin Coconut Smoothie
  • Strawberry Banana Paleo Breakfast Bars
  • Raspberry Crumble Paleo Bars
  • Sweet Potato Latkes
  • Paleo Double Chocolate Banana Breakfast Muffins

Vegan Paleo Breakfast Recipes

Last but not the least, we have some amazing Paleo Breakfast recipe ideas for people who are vegetarian as well. These recipes are not only vegan-friendly, but also easy to digest and prepare:

  • Gluten-free Pumpkin Vegan Cones
  • Apple Cider Doughnuts
  • Gluten-free Irish Cones with Caraway seeds and Currants
  • Stuffed Breakfast Peppers
  • Lemon Poppy Seed Baked Donuts

FAQs on Quick Paleo Breakfast Recipes For an Amazing Day

1. What is a typical Paleo Breakfast?

A typical paleo diet basically concentrates on unprocessed foods and anti-dairy products that are high in fiber, nuts, fruits, seeds, protein, etc.

2. Is Oatmeal Paleo?

Since the paleo diet does not involve grains, oatmeal cannot be considered a paleo diet-approved food even if it is healthy and gluten-free.

3. Can you drink Milk on Paleo?

A strict paleo diet avoids dairy products, hence milk cannot be considered ok for paleo including yogurt, cream, cheese, etc.

4. What are paleo eggs?

Yes, Eggs are a nutrient-rich source of minerals, vitamins, and protein which indeed is part of a basic healthy paleo diet.

5. Is Rice ok for Paleo?

Since grains and carbs are prohibited in a paleo diet, rice is not considered ok for paleo including wheat, corn, pasta, bread, cereal, barley, oats, etc.

6. Are Almonds ok on Paleo Diet?

Yes, almonds are ok to be taken on a paleo diet because they contain vitamins and minerals that help you fight illnesses like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. Consume them after soaking overnight to avoid having the phytic acid that they contain.

7. Are Chickpeas paleo?

No, chickpeas are not allowed on a paleo diet because legumes are not suitable for paleo consumers.

Closing Thoughts

So that was all the interesting Paleo Breakfast Recipes that you can try out for yourself, your family, or if guests are around. As you have known by now, a Paleo Breakfast recipe is superbly healthy and nutritious for people coming from all age groups and with health issues.

We hope you found this article helpful, make sure to try the recipe that you loved the best, and stay tuned with us for more such recipe-related writeups.

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