How To Store Baguette To Keep It Fresh – How Long Does Baguette Last?

How To Store Baguette?: A paper bag or bread box should be used to store baguettes. It’s usually preferable to freeze the remains after cutting into them because the sliced side will dry up and go stale in eight to sixteen hours. In simpler words, baguettes degrade fairly fast, and the process quickens once you cut one or two slices. For a detailed account of how to store baguettes, how long baguettes last, and what to do with a stale baguette, refer to the information given below.

How To Store Baguette?

To keep your baguettes from going bad too soon, store them inside paper bags or a bread saver. For optimal quality, freeze the leftovers after cutting one or two slices. You can keep your baguette in the aforementioned bread box for one or two days if you don’t mind it getting a little stale, but after that time it will be very dry.

Due to being exposed to fresh air after cutting into the baguette, the sliced side will immediately dry out. The unaltered side on the other hand should be fine for much longer. Overall, it is not recommended to leave a sliced baguette (or indeed any baguette, for that matter) on the shelf for more than twelve to sixteen hours.

It is generally advised to purchase freshly made baguettes in the mornings or when you’re on your way home for dinner and consume them all at once. Fortunately, the freshness issue may be easily fixed by freezing the leftover baguette. The baguette, whether cut or not, only needs to be wrapped and placed in the freezer.

How Long Does A Baguette Last?

A whole baguette keeps well for two to three days at room temperature in a bread box or ziplock bag, but it is at its best the day it is cooked. It lasts less than a day after slicing into it before losing quality because it spoils so quickly. For this reason, it is preferable to freeze leftover baguettes.

In other words, baguettes are best consumed on the day they are purchased, but they can be stored for up to three days or until they are chopped into smaller pieces. Even if it is properly packaged, an unfinished baguette left on the counter will go bad in two to three days. Fortunately, not everything is lost if your baguette has become stale. Let’s discuss the possibilities for using it.

Type Counter
Baguette (whole) 2 – 3 days
Baguette (cut up) Less than 1 day

How To Treat A Stale Baguette?

There are a few things you can do with a stale baguette:

  • Create breadcrumbs out of it. A food blender, an oven, and a few minutes are required. Once they are prepared, you will have a lot of time to use them because breadcrumbs are durable.
  • Prepare bread pudding. If you enjoy baking, making bread pudding is a terrific method for utilizing that stale baguette.
  • Toss it to the birds.
  • It may not work as smoothly as you’d like when you try to resurrect it. It’s an iffy approach.

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How To Revive A Stale Baguette?

The following information shows the methods of reviving a stale baguette:

Placing it under running water: To avoid “filling” the interior with water, ensure the sliced end of said baguette is facing the other way from the faucet as you do this. Both the exposed side and the entire crust need to be thoroughly washed. If the thought of putting bread beneath running water makes you anxious, you can moisten the baguette using a spray bottle or your damp hands.

Baking it for six to twelve minutes at 300 degrees Fahrenheit: To get a crisp crust, bake the dish uncovered. The bigger the baguette and the more water within, the more time you require. The crust should be crisp, and the interior should be fluffy and tender (but not wet anymore). If you’re not sure how long it should bake, check it after 6 minutes to see if it still needs extra time.

This is more of a hit-and-trial method, which doesn’t always work. If you’ve really made up your mind about reviving the stale baguette, here is another method that you could try:

  • The baguette should be split lengthwise.
  • With wet hands or a spray bottle, dampen the interior. The surface should be evenly damp but not drenched.
  • For six to eight minutes, bake the baguette at 300°F (150°C) to 350°F (180°F). Bake for a further two to three minutes if the water hasn’t completely evaporated.

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FAQs On Storing Baguette

1. How do you keep the baguette crispy?

The baguette remains crispy when wrapped in aluminum foil for a day. Try to eat the baguette within a day after setting it out on the counter. Avoid chilling the baguette because doing so will add moisture and hasten the bread’s hardening.

2. Why do baguettes go stale so quickly?

Any bread composed solely of flour, water, salt, and yeast will shortly go bad. The majority of what we refer to as French bread fall under the category of lean bread. When starch cells solidify, a process known as retrogradation causes the water to be pushed out.

3. How to reheat French baguettes?

It should be heated inside a 350°F (180°C) oven for approximately fifteen minutes (less for slices). The crust will be tender if you just heat the baguette for 30 seconds. If you’ve got slices, you can quickly defrost them in the toaster.


It is clear now that baguettes, when whole, last for 2-3 days, and sliced ones last less than a day. Baguettes should be stored in a paper bag or a bread box and it is recommended to freeze the leftovers after having sliced into them as they dry up and go stale within sixteen to eighteen hours.

When it comes to stale baguettes, you can either make breadcrumbs or pudding out of them or can simply toss them out for the birds. Reviving a stale baguette is usually not recommended but in case you’ve set your mind upon doing so, we have given a detailed explanation for the same in the article above. Keep connected to our site to avail latest updates on How To Store Fresh Mozzarella and others in no time.

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