How Long Does Pepper Last? The Answer May Surprise You!

How Long Does Pepper Last?: Pepper is one of the popular spices that we use in our day-to-day lives. Its distinct and rich aroma makes it different from regular spices.

Have you bought some peppercorns and stored them in your spice rack and don’t know how long it’s been kept there? Don’t bother as we tried to satisfy your quest with questions like How Long Does Pepper Last, Does Black Pepper Go Off and Expire, Tips and tricks to Store Pepper, etc.

Read on to learn further about the Shelf Life of Black Pepper, do peppercorns go bad, and the Signs of Spoilage of Pepper in detail and when to discard them. If you want answers to either of these questions then this article is for you. Wait no further and start learning about this Spice in detail.

How Long Does Pepper Last

Does Black Pepper Go Bad or Expire?

No, Black Pepper doesn’t expire or go bad. However, the taste of the spice will not be the same and it loses its potency over time. Usually, the manufacturer mentions the best date on the packaging label to tell us how long the product will stay of good quality. You can use the Black Pepper even after that tenure but the taste will fade away.

By following better storage practices the chances of Black Pepper are quite low. As it is ground and dried there is no chance of microbial growth. Despite all this, if you find any mold growth or any off smell throw it away.

How to Store Black Pepper Long Time?

In Order to Store your Black Pepper for a long time, it is advised to keep the Pepper in a dry and cool place away from the sunlight. Make sure the jar or container in which you are storing the Black Pepper needs to be tightly sealed. In case you bought Black Pepper in non-resealable bags better transfer them to a container after opening the bag.

You can even close the top of it and seal the bag. Unless and until some moisture content gets into the Black Pepper Container your Pepper stays perfectly fine.

How Long Does Pepper Last

How Long Does Pepper Last 1

Ingredient: Black Pepper

Nutritional Information
No. of Servings per Pack: 40
Serving Size: 5 g

Nutrients Per 100 g [Approx. Values] *% Contribution to RDA per Serve
Energy 359.93 kcal 0.90
Protein 11.96 g
Carbohydrates 65.49 g
Total Sugars 0.32 g
Added Sugars 0 g 0
Total Fat 5.57 g 0.42
Saturated Fat 0.65 g 0.15
Trans Fat [other than naturally occurring trans-fat] 0 g 0
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 24.08 mg 0.06

*%RDA values are based on the Energy requirement of 2000 kcal/day for an average adult as per ICMR 2010, it may vary as per an individual’s calorie needs.

How to Store Peppercorns?

Storage of peppercorns is similar to storing Black Pepper. Keep the Peppercorns in a dry and cool place away from the sunlight, and direct sources of heat. Kitchen Cabinets or a Pantry can be a great choice to do so.

You can even store some peppercorns in the pepper mill. If your Peppercorns don’t come in resealable bags better transfer them to containers. You can even fold and close the top of the bag so that it doesn’t get exposed to air.

How Long Does Black Pepper Last? – Does Pepper Expire?

Black Pepper will stay in good quality for about 2-4 years after the Production Date. The Longer it stays in storage the milder the taste will be. If your taste doesn’t vary much you need not discard it. If there is no aroma and the taste is mild you better open a new package.

Have a glance at the below table to understand the does black pepper expires or not, and black pepper’s shelf life.

Condition Pantry
Whole peppercorns (black, white, pink, green) 3 – 4 years or Best-by date
Ground pepper 1 – 2 years or Best-by date

How Long Does Black Pepper Last

How Long Do Peppercorns Last?

Peppercorns will stay of the best quality for about 3-4 years. When compared to ground pepper Peppercorns will lose their flavor much slower than grounded pepper.

You can’t go by the best-by date and throwing your Peppercorns on the basis of it is a pretty bad idea. In case of any doubts crush or grind the peppercorns and check for their smell and flavor. If the Aroma and Taste are strong Peppercorns are perfect to use.

Condition Pantry
Peppercorns Best-by + 6 – 12 months for best quality

How to Tell if Pepper is Bad?

Below are signs that tell us if Pepper has gone bad or not. They are along the lines

  • If Pepper is Moldy, Wet, or gets any off smell it’s a sign that your Pepper is useless.
  • In case of any visual change discard the Pepper right away.
  • For an ancient pack of pepper, the taste will not remain the same and you better buy a new package.
  • To check if your Black Pepper is good or not give it a quick taste and if you find any difference it indicates something went wrong.

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How Long Does Pepper Last

Facts about Black Pepper

Here is a quick glance at some of the interesting facts to know about Black Pepper. They are as under

  • Black Pepper is a Perennial Flowering Vine and comes from the dry fruit Peppercorn.
  • After the plants reach maturity Peppercorns are harvested from the stem and then boiled and dried in the sun for several days.
  • Pepper is rich in both Vitamin A and vitamin C.
  • Pepper loses its aroma and flavor via evaporation and is thus better to store in an airtight container.
  • It is cultivated in typical tropical regions and is native to South India.

FAQs on the Shelf Life of Pepper

1. How can you tell if Black Pepper is Bad?

You can tell if Black Pepper is bad or not by sensing its flavor as it has a very distinct and sharp flavor. If you don’t get any smell then it is time to toss your Black Pepper.

2. Can Expired Pepper Make You Sick?

No, Pepper will not make you sick but you will not have good taste.

3. Can Black Pepper Get Moldy? 

Yes, Black Pepper can develop the potential to grow mold if it comes in contact with water by any chance.

Final Takeaways

We hope the information presented here with regard to How Long Does Pepper Last and Does Black Pepper Go Off is true to our knowledge. Follow the simple hacks listed to ensure the longevity of Pepper and retain the flavors.

If you have any questions left unanswered feel free to write us via the comment section and we are open to help. Keep connected with us to have the latest updates on storage practices, shelf life, and expiration dates of various food-related products.

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