Does Mustard Never Really Expire?: Shelf-Life, Storage Tips, and Signs to Tell if Mustard is Bad

Can Dijon Mustard Go Bad?: Are you warming up some sausages and seeing a mustard seeds bottle that you bought long back in the kitchen? You are not alone in this and many of us who bring Dijon Mustard Seeds use it and forget about it.

These questions might come up in your head like Can Dijon Mustard Go Bad, How Long Does the Dijon Mustard Last, Shelf Life of Mustard Seeds, etc. No worries as we have got them all covered in this Guide.

Continue to read to know more about Signs that Indicate Dijon Mustard Seeds might have Gone Bad, Tips on How to Store Dijon Mustard Seeds, Does Dijon Mustard Go Bad if not Refrigerated, etc.

To keep you with more information we have also included details on the shelf life of Mustard Seeds both Opened & Unopened in the later sections. So, without any further delay let’s get started.

Can Dijon Mustard Go Bad

Can Dijon Mustard Go Bad?

Yes, Dijon Mustard Can Go Bad and degrade in quality over time. Dijon Mustard includes natural preservatives as most of the ingredients and they do decline in quality with time. Unopened Dijon Mustard has a shelf life of about 2 to 3 years after completing the expiration date on the manufacturer’s label. However, the Mustard is still consumable it’s just that the taste will not be as good as if it is bought for the first time.

Usually, Opened Mustard has a shorter life span compared to an unopened one. Keep it away from moisture and contaminants to avoid spoilage of Mustard. So see if Mustard is spoiled before using it. Homemade Mustard has less shelf life when compared to commercially produced one. Homemade ones can last around a few weeks to 6 months if refrigerated.

Can Dijon Mustard Go Bad

Signs Dijon Mustard has Gone Bad

The following are the signs by which you can identify that your Dijon Mustard has gone bad. They are explained in the below fashion

  • Dijon Mustard will go bad after a stipulated time and starts drying out and fades in color. At this point, Mustards shouldn’t be consumed. This isn’t a safety hazard but a sign that Mustards have begun to spoil.
  • Moisture entering the bottle of Mustards can lead to mold and bacterial growth. If you witness any mold growth in the Mustards then don’t consume it. Always close the lid or seal tightly the container so that no moisture enters and leads to mold growth.
  • If you get any off smell it’s a sign that there is unwanted bacterial growth in the bottle.
  • If you find any popping noise on opening the bottle or any sort of pressure inside it’s an indication that mustard has spoiled and time to discard it.

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How to Store Dijon Mustard?

Mustards should be stored in a cool and dark place in your pantry away from sources of heat and sunlight. You can store an unopened jar at room temperatures in the pantry or cabinets. Follow the suggestions over here to store mustards for a long time. They are as beneath

  • Keep the bottles of mustard in the fridge if opened to retain the safety and quality of the condiment.
  • Always try to use clean utensils while storing the mustard seeds.
  • In the case of homemade mustard, canning is a better idea to preserve it.

Using Proper Sanitation and Canning Procedures you can store the Dijon Mustard for about one year.

How Long Does Dijon Mustard Last?

All the mustards will come with the best date to use that the manufacturer lists. This is an indication of how fresh the product will be. It will not stay the same after the expiry date and loses its texture and creaminess. Opening the Mustard is an essential factor that indicates how long your Mustards stay fresh. Shelf life varies between placing in Room Temperature and Fridge as well. Follow the below table to get an idea on the Dijon Mustard Shelf Life.

Dijon Mustard Shelf Life

Pantry Fridge
Mustard (unopened) Best by + 1 year
Mustard (opened) 1 – 2 months 8 – 12 months

FAQs on Does Dijon Mustard Go Bad

1. Can Expired Mustard Hurt You?

No, Expired Mustard will not kill you or make you fall sick. It’s just that there will be a decline in the quality and taste of the product.

2. How to know if Dijon Mustard is Bad?

Signs like color fading, off smell, mold, and bacterial growth are indications that Dijon Mustard has gone bad.

3. How long does it take for Dijon Mustard to go bad if opened?

It takes almost 1-2 months for Dijon Mustard to go bad if opened.

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