Do Oreos Expire? – How Long Do Oreos Last After Expiration Date?

How Long Do Oreos Last: Oreos are chocolaty in taste. From children to adults, everyone is very fond of Oreos. Have you ever gone to any departmental store to buy your monthly house stuff and you bought a whole lot of Oreos?

And now you don’t know how to store these Oreos so they won’t get worse. Well, you do not have to worry much then. We have got you all covered. With this article, we present to you all the details related to Oreos, their shelf life, their storage tips, and more. So, let us dive in.

Don’t know if eating expired Oreos will harm your body or not? Follow this article to the end to know about the side effects of eating expired Oreos!

Shelf Life Of Oreos

Do Oreos Go Bad?

Yes, Oreos can go bad. There are certain ways which if not followed properly result in the expiration of Oreos. Oreos are sold in packets in the market with a “best by” date. If you bought oreo a few days before its expiry date without checking, then it will surely go bad after a few days of exceeding the expiry date. So, whenever, you go to buy Oreos, check the expiry date.

Also, Oreos can go bad if you left the packet of Oreos open. The air from outside will make the Oreos damp and it will immediately go bad. However, storing Oreos under the sunlight will make them go bad. So, these are the ways that will make Oreos go bad.

How Long Do Oreos Last?

Oreos can last for months if stored properly. Although, the expiry date of Oreos mentioned in the packet is the deadline by which Oreos will stay good. Moreover, you can store Oreos for up to two months if the packet is left unopened. If you do not keep the packet of Oreos unopened, then you can easily make it last till the expiry date. However, Oreos can last for two to three weeks if you leave them open.

Type Pantry
Oreos (unopened) 1 – 2 months past their date
Oreos (opened) 1 – 2 weeks

How Long Do Oreos Last
This table indicates the shelf life of Oreos if remained opened or unopened.

How Can You Store Oreos?

Storing Oreos is not that difficult. If Oreos are left unopened, then you can store the packet of Oreos anywhere in your cupboard. Now, if you have opened the packet of Oreos, then you have to store the Oreos in a proper manner otherwise there are higher chances of Oreos getting melted or bad.

  • If the packet of Oreos is opened, then you should place them in an airtight jar so that moisture isn’t allowed to enter the jar and damp the Oreos present inside.
  • However, you should also keep both opened and unopened Oreos far away from sunlight otherwise there will be higher chances of those Oreos getting bad.
  • Moreover, you should not store Oreos in a refrigerator. Oreo is a cookie-type snack that has zero amount of water present in it. Oreos are totally dry. Thus, storing a dry snack in the refrigerator will only make it go bad.

So, you should not store Oreos in a refrigerator, sunlight, and loose jar. All three of these will expire Oreos much before the expiration date mentioned in the packet.

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What Is The Reason Behind The Lasting Feature of Oreos?

Oreos are totally vegan and do not require the use of eggs to make the crust. Also, Oreos are made without milk i.e., dairy-free. However, people usually think that Oreos are made of milk or eggs. But the ingredients used for making Oreos include preservatives like sugar.

The other ingredients used in the formation of Oreos include high fructose corn syrup, palm, canola oil, some sort of artificial flavor, and soy lecithin. These are some of the ingredients used in the making of Oreos and also allow them to last for months.

Thus, the main reason behind the lasting feature of Oreos including the sugar preservatives and ingredients. Due to the absence of milk and egg, there is nothing to worry about fermentation or melting.

How To Tell If Oreos Are Bad?

If the Oreos you bought went bad, you can easily identify them by the expiry date mentioned in the packet itself. Every grocery item comes with a “best by” date mentioned in the packet which indicates the time to which you can use that product. Besides the expiry date, there are various other methods by which you can easily tell if the Oreos you bought have gone bad or not. These methods include

  • If the cream present in the Oreos you bought has changed its appearance, then you should conclude that they have gone bad. Changes in appearance include melting of the cream present inside the Oreos.
  • If you find that the Oreos have lost their stiffness and become damp, then you should conclude that they have gone bad. Losing stiffness means that the crust of the oreo has become mold and less crunchy.
  • If you find that the Oreos you bought have developed a foul smell or taken over the smell of some other product present in the place you kept your Oreos, then you should conclude that they have gone bad.
  • Besides losing the crunchiness and taking over the foul smell, you can also identify if the Oreos you bought have started to taste bad. The creamy and chocolaty taste of Oreos went off and instead a sour taste started to take over.

What Will Happen If You Eat Expired Oreos?

Eating expired Oreos will not affect you adversely. At most, you can suffer from food poisoning or diarrhea. But, if you keep eating expired Oreos for a long even after knowing that it has gone bad, then these simple health effects will give rise to their most dangerous forms. Thus, it is better to avoid the intake of expired Oreos.

However, if you still want to eat that expired Oreos right after they exceed their expiry date mentioned in the packet, then you can easily intake those after refrigerating them. You can also have them by dipping them in milk and also by mixing them with other food items like cake, shakes, and more.

How To Refrigerate Oreos To Make Them Good To Eat Again?

Refrigerating expired Oreos will help you eat them for a little longer time past their expiry date. To refrigerate Oreos, you need to transfer the Oreos present in the pantry to a freezer to make them edible again.

Can We Eat Expired Oreos By Dipping Them In Milk?

Yes, you can surely eat expired Oreos by dipping them in milk. Dipping expired Oreos in milk will allow you to eat those for a few days after the expiry date of Oreos has been crossed. Dipping biscuits or cookies in milk is one of the oldest techniques to eat expired cookies or biscuits.

How To Mix Oreos With Other Food Items?

Oreos have this amazing chocolaty and crunchy taste. Being so delicious and crunchy, Oreos can be used in making various desserts and baked items. Oreos go well with chocolate cakes and ice creams. Also, you can use Oreos for garnishing purposes.

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Oreos?

There are typically no specific benefits to eating Oreos. Oreos have this amazing crunchy taste that goes well with all kinds of desserts and bakery items. There are no such good health effects of eating Oreos but they taste good when added to any other food items and also, they taste very sweet.

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FAQs On How Long Do Oreos Last

1. How long can you store opened oreo packets in a refrigerator?

In a refrigerator, you cannot store opened oreo packets because it is a dry cookies and it doesn’t require milk and egg formation.

2. Will I suffer from adverse health effects if I eat expired Oreos?

No, there are no such adverse health effects if you eat expired Oreos. You can at most suffer from gastric issues, food poisoning, and others.

3. Where should you store Oreos to make them stay for a long?

You can store Oreos in an airtight jar under a dark place to make them last for a long.

In A Nutshell

Oreos come under the group of cookies and biscuits and are a great snack for both children and adults. Both children and adults enjoy eating Oreos with milk, tea, or coffee. However, you can also use Oreos to make other food items like cakes, milkshakes, chocolate shakes, and more. Also, you can use them to garnish desserts.

Thus, knowing the storage tips and shelf life of Oreos is a must. Hope this article helped you solve your queries. Share it with your friends and visit our site for more amazing updates on Can Jello Go Bad and others.

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