Christmas Punch Recipes – Best Christmas Punch Alcoholic & Non Alcoholic Recipes That Can Make In No Time

Christmas Punch Recipes: Are you inviting your guest for christmas eve and thinking that what type of drink you need to keep for Christmas dinner? Then our article is the answer.  We are going to introduce you to different types of drinks to drink, the combination of light and bright with deep and spicy makes this christmas punch memorable!!

And many of these christmas punch recipes that we are providing are the best holiday recipes that you can do, which can save you time at the party. Enjoy this christmas with these drinks recipes, and these will bring you good, old-fashioned fun to any holiday party.

Christmas Punch Recipes

What is Christmas Punch?

Christmas punch is the best drink for a holiday party or for a christmas dinner. And making this is very easy, as it does not require any skills in cooking. Christmas punch is a delicious drink with a mix of juices and soda and it is your wish to mix alcohol or not. When garnishing this drink with pomegranates, cranberries, and orange slices really make this drink festive.

How To Make Christmas Punch?

Christmas punch recipe is an easy and delicious fruit punch recipe that is packed with fruits like cranberries, oranges, and pomegranates. You can also add rum or vodka if you are an alcoholic. But here we are providing you with a christmas punch recipe.

Step 1:

First, take a large bowl and add the pomogranate seeds, Orange slices, cranberries, and a sprig or two of rosemary. If you want you can add some spirits like rum or vodka that make your punch more delicious.

Step 2:

And mix everything and keep it aside. Add ice and garnish with an orange slice when you are giving a drink to your guests. So that ice will not mix with water. And also add soda when you are ready to drink, otherwise, the drink will become flat.

This is the most common way to make Christmas punch, it is very easy and takes just a few minutes, and tastes delicious.

Tips To Make the Perfect Christmas Punch

Look into some of the tips that we have given below to enjoy the perfect christmas punch recipe.

  • When you think to make a christmas punch if you do not have pomegranate-cranberry juice you can try the cranberry juice cocktail.
  • Do not try to use unsweetened cranberry and pomegranate juice as it spoils your drink.
  • When you think of adding cranberries to the top of the drink, freeze them before you add them to the drink. So that the drink will be cool and you do not need to add ice cubes.
  • If you don’t have cranberries, you can use pomegranate seeds.
  • Always use sparkling water plain, or orange or lime flavors only.
  • Provide the drinks to the guests either in a pitcher or in a drink dispenser.

More Simple Christmas Punch Recipes For Holiday Party

Mostly, christmas punch is made of a blend of pomegranate, cranberry, and lime. But we have many other punch recipes that you can enjoy at holiday parties, with good taste. If you are thinking to try a new punch recipe other than the traditional one, the below recipes will be perfect!! Try them out and enjoy this festive season and give your guests a good feel.

Christmas Morning Punch

Prepare this christmas morning punch recipe and this will be the best punch recipe for your guests as they will like it very much. Because in this recipe we use ice cubes that are made with pomegranate seeds and rosemary sprigs. And this drink is garnished or topped with sparkling apple cider vinegar for a fizzy finish that everyone will love. So enjoy this christmas with the christmas morning punch which will take just a few seconds. And also you can save lots of time.

Christmas Morning Punch

Elf Party Punch

As christmas day should be filled with a festive sparkling from the beginning to the end, provide your guests with the elf party punch. And this is the perfect drink to serve to your guests. And this was made with a combination of unsweetened pineapple juice and coconut water along with the coconut extract. And when you are serving this dish it should be cool, make it before and keep it in the refrigerator.

ELF Party Punch

Sparkling Wine Mojito Punch

Adding this drink to your christmas Eve dinner will add so much fun and a surprising bubbly twist to your holiday mojito. It is very easy to make, and also it takes just a few seconds. This drink just needs sugar, lime juice, rum, and mint leaves. You need to mix it all together and serve it by adding ice, lime slices, and mint leaves.

Sparkling Wine Mojito Punch

Boozy Butterbeer Punch

If you are a fan of harry potter or if you have read harry, potter, then this punch needs no introduction. This butterbeer punch is perfect for movie nights and for many parties. With very less ingredients, and within 10 minutes you can make it very easily. Just you need brown sugar, vanilla, soda, and vodka with this you can make it, and your guests will enjoy it!! On christmas eve you can keep the harry potter series and give them this drink.

Boozy Butterbeer Punch

Passion Fruit Rum Punch

As this christmas is in the winter season, serve your guests a passion fruit rum punch cocktail. By drinking this everyone will boost up and feel like they are sipping a cocktail on the beach. As it has coconut and pineapple, it tastes so good with those flavors in the rum. It is an excellent drink that you can give your guests at any holiday party. Within minutes you can make this drink and enjoy it!!

Passion Fruit Rum Punch

Jingle Juice

By listening to this name you may connect to the christmas party as it sounds like jingle bells. And this is a little too easy to make, within 5-10 minutes you can make this drink and you can enjoy it with your guests. If you are thinking that you have no time, you can just try this as this doesn’t need much preparation.

Jingle Juice

Citrus and White Grape Juice Party Punch

If you are just looking for a punch recipe that will be less expensive, then this will be the perfect drink. As it is very easy to make in a few minutes with only four ingredients. When you are making the punch recipe, always keep in mind that if you are thinking to add ice or soda, they should be mixed up with the drink only while serving. Give your guests a drink with good taste!!

Citrus and White Grape Juice

Easy Christmas Punch Alcoholic, Non-Alcoholic Recipes

When you are thinking to serve your guests a delicious refreshing drink, then look into the below ideas that we have provided you. Below is a list of some refreshing drinks that can be turned into cocktails. And also we provided you with both alcoholic and nonalcoholic.

Christmas Punch Alcoholic Recipes

Here is a list of some christmas punch alcoholic recipes. Adding alcohol to christmas punch will make give you an extra holiday spirit.

  • Apple Cider Sangaria
  • Hot Buttered Rum
  • Winter Sangaria
  • White Christmas Margarita Punch
  • Holiday Spiced Wine
  • Moscow Mule Punch
  • Spiced cranberry Ombre Punch

Christmas Punch Non-Alcoholic Recipes

Look into the list of ideas for making christmas punch nonalcoholic recipes.

  • Cherry Punch
  • Peppermint Nog Punch
  • Eggnog Punch Recipe
  • Pomegranate and Orange Champagne Punch
  • Harvest Punch
  • Boozy Grinch Punch
  • Christmosas

FAQs on Easy Christmas Punch Recipes

1. What is christmas punch made of?

Christmas punch was mainly made in a large bowl with ice along with cranberry juice, sparkling wine, rum, ginger ale, and apple cider. Finally, you need to mix them well. If you want you can top it with orange slices and fresh cranberries.

2. What are the five ingredients that we use in the punch?

The five ingredients that we use in punch are given below.

  • Alcohol
  • Lemon or lime juice
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Spices

3. What is the most popular drink at christmas?

The most popular drink that everyone likes to drink is eggnog. Other than that, hot buttered rum and also anything with peppermint flavors are the most common drink at the christmas party.

4. Can you make a christmas punch in advance?

No, it is always better to make the christmas punch before you drink as the carbonated water that we add to that drink will go flat after a few hours. It is always best to make it before you serve them as it will just take a few minutes.

Key Takeaways

The festive punches that we have provided in this christmas punch recipe are perfect. Make any of these drinks that you like for this christmas and that makes work easy and spend more time with your guests. Starting the party with these refreshing drinks will make everyone happy. For more interesting christmas food articles like this, check out our website.

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