Can Hazelnuts Go Bad? – Hazelnuts Shelf Life & Spoilage Signs – How To Store Hazelnuts?

Can Hazelnuts Go Bad?: Are you a newbie to hazelnut and have no idea about what to do with hazelnuts? how to roast hazelnuts? can hazelnuts go bad or make you sick? how to store hazelnuts? how long do roasted hazelnuts last? what happens if you eat expired hazelnuts? then this is the correct page for you to clear all your doubts and get perfect solutions for the same.

One of the most expensive nuts from the group of nuts and seeds is hazelnut. Hazelnut is a sweet-flavored nut that includes antioxidants and phytonutrients in enough portions. The other name for hazelnut is ‘filberts’. Get into this guide and gather all other answers to your questions about hazelnut.

Can Hazelnuts Go Bad

Do Hazelnuts Go Bad?

Yes, Hazelnuts go bad because of rancid attack that occurs when they are stored inappropriately. If you left the hazelnuts in a storage area for too long time in worse situations then they will go rancid. If you don’t know how to spot rancid hazelnuts then check the taste and smell of the nuts. If it tastes sharp and bitter and smells like paint or chemical then your hazelnuts have gone rancid surely.

Having hazelnuts that are spoiled with rancidity is dangerous to eat and unhealthy too. So, toss the rancid hazelnuts immediately. Also, you should know that hazelnuts are low in polyunsaturated fats, which allows for maintaining the quality for a longer time. Hence, it’s good to eat for the long term compared to walnuts. Also, you toss the hazelnuts if you find any of the spoilage signs covered in the next sections

How to Tell When Hazelnuts Are Bad?

Hazelnuts go bad when it goes mold or rancid or infested. Want to understand more about these signs of spoilage? Let’s see below:

Mold Growth: With nuts like peanuts, cashew nuts, and hazelnuts don’t come into contact with mold growth but sometimes it happens. To understand whether it is mold or not follow this step: break the shell and check for whiteish mold. If you found them moldy then throw them out. Also, when you notice the fluffy white threads on shelled hazelnuts then toss the nearby hazelnuts to stop spreading to others.

Infested: When you have problems with pantry pests and you stored your hazelnuts in the pantry at room temperature without proper sealing then you find the bag is infested. If this happens to you then toss the nuts as they are unsafe to eat.

Rancid: As we mentioned above rancid is the primary sign to tell that hazelnuts are bad. In case, your nuts are also rancid then check all the nuts before tossing the whole bag. Some may be fine but smell stale so you can use the stale nuts in various ways. Need to check what are they then check the next section.

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Can Hazelnuts Go Bad

How to Use Stale Hazelnuts

If your nuts are not rancid but stale then avoid eating them for snack time but use them in other ways. The options instead of tossing the stale hazelnuts are as follows:

  • Use them to fold or top baked goods
  • Roast the stale hazelnuts
  • Chop them into smaller pieces and use them as topping in desserts
  • You can enjoy them with your health salads

How To Store Hazelnuts? | Tips for Storing Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts come in two types with shells and without a shell. Here we have explained the storage tips for both unshelled and shelled hazelnuts. So let’s begin learning how to store hazelnuts in the fridge and at room temperature:

If you have unshelled hazelnuts stored at room temperature then use the ventilated bad or a sealed container or bag. It can last for a minimum of 6 months like this. As they are unshelled so they can last a bit longer on the counter too but cold storage is the perfect solution for prolonging their shelf life.

In case they are shelled, they last for 3 months on the counter and for about a year in the fridge but are sealed properly in the bags. They should preserve in cool and dark areas and protect them from light, heat, and air. Check how to preserve hazelnuts at room temperature and in the fridge in detail from the below subparts.

Hazelnuts At Room Temperature Storage Tips

The storage at room temperature for hazelnuts is simple and easy, simply keep them in a dry or cool place and avoid sunlight or heat sources. For unshelled hazelnuts, use the kitchen basket or lidless storage container or ventilated bags to pass the airflow properly, and also it can evaporate the moisture content easily.

The only drawback of storing hazelnuts on the counter is pantry pests. For shelled hazelnuts, take the freezer bag and store them in the refrigerator. All storage conditions for hazelnuts are mostly similar to storing peanuts ( Can peanuts go bad) and walnuts.

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Tips To Store Hazelnuts In the Fridge

The refrigerator works best for shelled hazelnuts that protect from mold, rancid, and pantry bugs. Storing hazelnuts in the fridge is also simple you just need a freezer bag or an airtight container with tight sealing. It protects your nuts from absorbing the strong odors of surrounding foods.

When it comes to storing the unshelled hazelnuts in the fridge, you can leave them on the fridge shelf, and better if you packed them while storing them. If you want to free up the space in the fridge break the shells and store the hazelnuts in the bag.

Can You Freeze Hazelnuts? | How To Thaw Hazelnuts?

Yes, freezing the hazelnuts is possible and works best for storing the nuts upto many years either shelled or in-shell. Get the simple steps to freeze hazelnuts from here:

  • Opt for the freezer bag and store hazelnuts.
  • Take off the excess air from the bag.
  • Seal the bag tightly.
  • At last, keep the bag in the freezer.

And it’s done! which take one minute to do so stop excusing to say no. If you want a bunch of nuts to use then take enough nuts from the bag and leave them on the counter for some time like 30 minutes or so. In the next minute, they are ready to use for snack time or in any desserts. If you want them to use for baked recipes then skip the thawing process and fold directly.

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How Long Do Hazelnuts Last?

When you store the hazelnuts in the refrigerator they stay good for about 1 year and in the freezer, it lasts for about two years with the best quality. The shelf life for hazelnuts at room temperature is quite the same as walnuts when it is stored properly and the period is a year for unshelled nuts and 3 to 4 months for shelled hazelnuts.

Let’s talk about the store-bought hazelnut shelf life. For the packaged nuts, the storage life depends on the date printed on the label. After the expiration date also you can use them for extra months but check the quality or do a taste check before using a huge amount of nuts in any recipes or for snacking. If you store them in proper conditions then they can extend their shelf life to a couple of years. Need to know how to store fresh? Check the above-storing tips module.

Lastly, you should know the shelf life of the nuts that are available in bulk bins in the supermarket. Let’s assume they last for about a month in the least cases but recommend you buy fresh nuts from the farmers market and know how old they are before purchasing. All the shelf life periods above are only estimated ones so remember to follow the best storage practices and prolong the storage time of hazelnuts.

Conditions Pantry Fridge Freezer
Unshelled hazelnuts 6 – 12 months 12+ months 24+ months
Shelled hazelnuts 3 – 4 months 12 months 24 months

How Long Do Hazelnuts Last

Fun Facts About Hazelnuts

The hazelnut is the fruit of the hazel tree and includes many hidden facts which are historical, and nutritional. So, check the following hazelnuts facts and learn more about them:

  • Hazelnut is a short-lived tree related to the family of birch.
  • It is the most commonly cultured and consumed kind of nut worldwide.
  • North America, Asia, and Europe are the temperate areas where hazelnuts were produced initially.
  • Hazelnuts are also called cobnuts or filberts as per the species.
  • The height of the hazelnut tree is 20 to 40 feet.
  • It is rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids sources, vitamins A, E, and folic acid (B9), dietary fibers, and minerals.
  • Hazelnuts are also used to treat cough and baldness and were done by ancient greeks originally.
  • Annually, around 75 percent of globally consumed nuts initiate from Turkey and 748.000 metric tons of hazelnuts are produced.

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FAQs on Can Hazelnuts Go Bad? – Hazelnut Spoilage Signs, Shelf Life, Storage Tips

1. Are raw hazelnuts poisonous?

No, raw hazelnuts are not poisonous. Usually, hazelnuts can be eaten raw, or roasted. But people who are allergic to nuts should avoid taking hazelnuts because they may cause life-threatening breathing problems (anaphylaxis) and other allergic reactions too.

2. What do rancid hazelnuts taste like?

Rancid hazelnuts taste bitter and sharp same as rancid oil. Eating rancid nuts is unsafe and makes you sick.

3. Can old hazelnuts make you sick?

No, old hazelnuts don’t make you sick but they may give you side effects on your body after some time.

In A Nutshell

I believe that the data given above regarding whether can hazelnuts go bad helped you clear your doubts so easily and also provided additional information about hazelnuts like shelf life, signs of spoilage, and tips to preserve. Need more like these articles on nuts and seeds then visit our website and learn the details about the nuts in no time and solve your issues while using them during cooking or snack time.

Can Macadamia Nuts Go Bad? – How Long Do Macadamia Nuts Last? – How To Store Macadamia Nuts?

Can Macadamia Nuts Go Bad?: Macadamia nuts are not really nuts. They are obtained from macadamia trees. These nuts are satisfying with a creamy texture and buttery flavor. Macadamia nuts are extremely nutritious and are linked to a wide range of health benefits such as blood sugar regulation, digestion, heart health, and weight management.

Bought a macadamia nuts package from the store and thinking about can macadamia nuts go bad. In the following sections, we have provided useful information about macadamia nuts such as storage, spoilage signs, and so on.

Can Macadamia Nuts Go Bad

Do Macadamia Nuts Go Bad?

Yes, macadamia nuts go bad. The main reason for nuts rancidity is poor storage conditions. You can tell your macadamia nuts are rancid when you notice they start to taste sharp and bitter. They also smell similar to nail polish remover.

The rancid nut can’t be saved. Once the damage has been done, you can’t reverse the process. If macadamia nuts are rancid, throw them out. The rancid nuts are not unsafe to eat, so eating one to two is helpful to know whether they are bad or not.

Can Macadamia Nuts Go Bad

How to Tell if Macadamia Nuts Are Bad?

When you are not sure whether your macadamia nuts are good or not, then check the following tips.

  • The first tip is to check the smell. The fresh nuts smell fresh when you smell them you feel like eating them. If you have found any off smell, then nuts are expired.
  • When macadamia nuts are really going bad, mold will start growing on them. Mold appears as white, green or black spots and even white fuzzy fir.
  • Later check the macadamia nuts’ smooth texture and shiny look. When nuts become dry or shrivelled, then have reached the expiration date.
  • Taste one or two macadamia nuts, if they don’t have their buttery flavor, discard them.
  • Original macadamia nuts are in light color, when they turned into dark brown, they are not safe to consume.

Using Stale Macadamia Nuts

It is recommended to use stale macadamia nuts that are not rancid.

  • Roast the stale macadamia nuts so that you can try to bring their flavor back. You can add roasted nuts to the dishes.
  • Add chopped staled macadamia nuts into baked goods and make cupcakes.
  • You can make your own macadamia butter using stale nuts. As the nuts taste stale, I suggest being liberal with spices and maybe even sweetening the whole thing a bit.
  • Use stale macadamia nuts as topping for desserts. These provide extra crunch and extra flavor to your eatables.
  • Make a salad using the stale nuts. Stale nuts won’t have good taste but ass a nice crunch to your salads.

How Long Do Macadamia Nuts Last?

Shelled macadamia nuts last for 5 months at room temperature, 1 year in the fridge, and more than 2 years in the freezer. While in-shell macadamia nuts will keep for a 25-50% longer period. The better storage conditions may even extend the macadamia nuts’ shelf life.

If you want to store the nuts for the most possible time, then the only option you have is to place them in the freezer. If your nuts are reaching the best by date, then they will start losing quality even at the best storage.

Fridge Freezer
Macadamia Nuts 3 Months 3 to 6 Months

How Long Do Unshelled Macadamia Nuts Last

How to Store Macadamia Nuts?

When you want to keep macadamia nuts fresh for the highest possible time, then you have to offer better storage conditions. Once the nuts are dried, they need protection from air and moisture. The moisture takes the crispness of the nuts and speeds up the expiration process. So, the nuts always should be stored in an airtight container or freezer bag.

Place that container in the pantry or cupboard when you want to eat them within a week or two. And make sure that your pantry is a cool and dry place away from moisture, excess air, hot temperature and even sunlight. You can even place the nurs in the refrigerator or freezer when you bought the nuts in bulk quantity. Nuts have the tendency to absorb flavours and smells, so store them in a separate container in the fridge or freezer.

In-Shell Macadamia Nuts Storage

If you have in-shell macadamias, don’t take the shell out of the nuts. Because the shell protects the nuts from sunlight and air and moisture. That is why in-shell macadamia nuts have a higher shelf life. Just place in a resealable bag and refrigerate.

Tips To Store Shelled Macadamia Nuts

For shelled macadamia nuts, you have to seal them in a plastic bag so that it is placed away from air, which speeds up rancidification. If you leave them at room temperature, they will spoil soon. So, try to refrigerate them to increase the shelf life.

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Can You Freeze Macadamia Nuts?

Yes, you can freeze macadamia nuts for storing for longer periods. The simple process to freeze the nuts is here. Transfer the macadamia nuts into a ziplock bag or freezer bag. And squeeze out the air and seal the bag and we advise you to write the date on the label. Then place the bag in the freezer.

Frozen macadamia nuts will last for 2 years without affecting the quality. To defrost the nuts, leave them on the counter for 30 minutes.

Interesting Facts About Macadamia Nuts

The surprising facts about macadamia nuts are along the lines:

  • Macadamia Nuts are native to Australia.
  • Macadamia nuts are high in monounsaturated fatty acids and help to reduce overall cholesterol levels.
  • Nuts are high in minerals and protein and are part of a healthy diet.
  • Macadamia nuts are not picked from the tree but are fully ripened when they fall and are then harvested.
  • They are toxic to dogs.
  • Macadamia nuts are also known as Queen land nuts.

FAQs on Can Macadamia Nuts Go Bad

1. Can rancid macadamia nuts make you sick?

Eating rancid or stale macadamia nuts may not immediately make you sick, but it is not recommended as it may hamper digestion.

2. How long do roasted macadamia nuts last?

The roasted macadamia nuts keep for up to 3 months in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

3. Can macadamia nuts get moldy?

Yes, macadamia nuts get moldy. Macadamia nuts can also be infested by pantry bugs.

4. How do you know if macadamia nuts are bad?

To know if macadamia nuts are bad, just check the taste, smell, and mold.

Key Upshorts

We as a team think the knowledge shared here about Can Macadamia Nuts Go Bad has been beneficial to you. Follow the simple measures mentioned here and extend its shelf life to the best possible time. For any other queries do let us know via comment box and we will resolve them at the earliest.

Can Pine Nuts Go Bad? – How To Store Pine Nuts? – How Long Do Pine Nuts Last In The Fridge?

Can Pine Nuts Go Bad?: These healthy pine nuts are useful to make homemade pesto. And the pesto will get good, but you have to buy a big bag of pine nuts and most quality is remaining. Then you start to wonder can pine nuts go bad.

Pine nuts are also called pinoli nuts which are used to add a pleasant crunch to daily snacks, dishes, and desserts. These pine nuts are very expensive, so you don’t want to waste them. Definitely, you need to know the best storage precautions to extend the pine nuts’ shelf life. Therefore, here we are giving the shelf life of pine nuts, storage tips, fun facts, and spoilage of pine nuts.

can pine nuts go bad

Do Pine Nuts Nuts Go Bad?

Yes, pine nuts can go bad. Rancidity of nuts happens when stored in a bad storage system. The technique to identify the bad pine nuts is by checking their taste, smell, and texture. Pine nuts don’t spoil in a single day, it is a gradual process which takes weeks and months.

You can eat some of the expired pine nuts but only when they are not spoiled. But eating lots of nuts is not sage at all.

How Long Do Pine Nuts Last?

Pine nuts last for 3 to 4 months at room temperature and more than 1 year in the fridge. When you buy pine nurs packs in the supermarket, we usually check for the use-by date which represents the best time that nuts retain their quality. Obviously, you can increase the pine nuts’ shelf life by providing better storage conditions.

Toasted Pine Nuts

Toasting pine nuts decrease their storage time and thus reduces the shelf life. So, we suggest you do small batches instead of toasting so that you have enough for a couple of tops. And store those in the refrigerator.
If you want to toast the whole quantity once, you need to freeze them once they are cooled. So that it remains quality for 6 months.

Fridge Freezer
Unopened package 3 months 4 months
Opened package 1 month 4 months

how long do pine nuts go bad

How to Tell if Pine Nuts Are Bad?

Here are the signs to tell if pine nuts are rancid.

  • Mold In The Package: If you store pine nuts at room temperature and moisture gets in the bag, mold will start to grow.
  • Bag Is Infested: Pantry pests not only love flour and sugar but also like nuts too. So if you find any bugs, then discard them.

If you don’t find any of the above, and the nuts look, smell, and taste good, then they are safe to eat. The worst that could happen is that they are stale.

Using Stale Pine Nuts

  • Make Pesto: If your pine nuts are beyond gone, don’t put them in pesto. If they taste a bit old, then you can make pesto, especially when basil is nice and fresh.
  • Toast Them: Toasting the nuts is the best way to freshen nuts.
    Add to Baked Goods: If you are not into homemade bread, some pine nuts will give that taste with extra crunch.
  • Include in a Salad: Use pine nuts in the salads.

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How to Store Pine Nuts?

The proper storage precautions are useful to retain the pine nuts taste, smell, and color for long period. Store pinenuts in a tightly sealed container and place them in a cool and dry environment. A ziplock bag or freezer bag is the best option. You can leave the pine nuts at room temperature in the pantry when you want to use them within months.

It is important to store pine nuts away from moisture, air exposure, and warm temperatures. All are leads to the rancidification process. You can do all these by placing the nuts in a sealed bag and in a dry environment.

For storing pine nuts long-term, you have to place the bag in a refrigerator or freezer. In both ways, you can protect nuts for an extended period.

Can You Freeze Pine Nuts?

Yes, you can freeze pine nuts. The freezing option is helpful to store pine nuts for a longer period. The freezing process is simple. You have to transfer the pine nuts into a freezer bag. Squeeze the air out of the bag and seal it. Place the bag in the freezer. When you want to use the pine nuts, allow them to defrost at the count for an hour.

Surprising Facts About Pine Nuts

The interesting facts about pine nuts are provided below:

  • Pine nuts come from the pine tree.
  • Pine nuts aren’t nuts.
  • Harvesting pine nuts is not easy.
  • These have a rich history.
  • The pineal gland are the pines.
  • China is the largest producer of pine nuts.
  • Pine nuts have many health benefits.
  • Pine nuts are a good source of thiamine, vitamin K, protein and magnesium.

FAQs on Can Pine Nuts Go Bad

1. What do bad pine nuts look like?

The bad pine nuts look and taste unpleasant.

2. What happens if you eat bad pine nuts?

Consuming bad pine nuts can cause some people to experience a bitter or metallic taste lasting from a few days to 2 weeks.

3. How long do pine nuts last in the fridge?

Pine nuts can last up to 3 months in the fridge.

4. Can you get sick from eating old pine nuts?

Yes, you can get sick from eating old pine nuts but not immediately.


We hope you got all the information about can pine nuts go bad. Practice all guidelines and tips mentioned above regarding the pine nuts storage condition, shelf life, and signs of spoilage. Visit and get all the latest details about the nuts and seeds articles in no time.