Can you Put Milk in an Electric Kettle? – 2 Ways To Use Electric Kettle For Boiling Milk

Can You Put Milk in an Electric Kettle: Have you bought a new electric kettle and thinking to boil milk in it? or does your gas has been completed and have a kettle and are thinking can you put milk in an electric kettle in it? There are a lot of myths out there about electric kettles. Dont, worry as we are in the right place we are going to clear all your queries. 

In this blog post, we are going to provide answers to your questions and also we are going to show how to boil milk in an electric kettle along with some possible scenarios that can take place by using a kettle to boil. Even we are going to provide the cleaning process.

Can You Put Milk In an Electric Kettle

Can You Put Milk in an Electric Kettle & Is it Safe?

Yes, you can boil milk in an electric kettle, if you have no other way to boil milk. And you need to be very careful while using the kettle as it should not get damaged. It is safe to boil milk to some extent but it is not a good practice, and even the company which designed the kettle also does not recommend it as it is just designed to boil water because other than water anything that you boil may cause damage to your kettle.

How To Boil Milk in an Electric Kettle

Try to avoid boiling milk in an electric kettle. But if you think, you don’t have any other option then follow the below process carefully. Here we have provided you about how to boil milk in an electric kettle.

  • Take the kettle, clean it, then keep some drinking water aside and pour the milk into the kettle.
  • Turn on the kettle and keep the lid open.
  • Do not go anywhere just keep your eyes on the kettle till the process completes because an overflowing of milk may occur.
  • Once the milk starts boiling, stir it in the middle using a tablespoon.
  • If you see that the milk is overflowing just add some cold water to it (1-2 tablespoons).
  • Finally, you can switch off the plug and pour that hot milk into a glass.
  • Enjoy it by drinking.

It is better to buy a jointless kettle if you want to boil anything other than water. So that the cleaning process will be easy.

Alternative Way to Boil Milk in an Electric Kettle? – How To Boil Milk in Electric Kettle Without Burning

If you were unable to follow the above method as it is difficult to clean we have another alternative way to boil milk in an electric kettle without burning the kettle. Look into the process below.

  • Firstly, pour the required amount of milk into a glass or container.
  • Now, take the kettle and pour some water into it.
  • Then, Place this glass or container into the kettle.
  • And, now close the lid and switch on the kettle, and do not close the lid.
  • Leave it until the switch is automatically off or until it is boiled.
  • Once everything is completed, just take off the container after 5 mins.
  • Remove it carefully as it is hot.
  • And enjoy drinking it after it is removed.

Advantages of Boiling Milk in an Electric Kettle

If you are in a dilemma to boil milk in a kettle, here are some of the advantages of boiling milk in an electric kettle. Have a look at them below.

  • If you boil milk in an electric kettle, it will boil very fast than boiling on a stovetop.
  • As electric kettles have an automatic switch that helps to prevent accidents.
  • You can easily control the milk temperature in the kettle and prevent it from scorching and curdling.
  • And if you have a kettle, you can happily use it for any other beverages.

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Disadvantages of Boiling Milk in an Electric Kettle?

As we have seen the advantages of boiling milk in an electric kettle, you can see the disadvantages of boiling milk in an electric kettle.

  • When you are boiling milk it may spill over and cause a mess because like water milk will not evaporate.
  • As milk contain fat and protein when you boil milk in the kettle, the fat and protein will be inside the kettle which is hard to clean.
  • If the milk has burnt inside the kettle, you will get a foul smell that will not leave even after cleaning.
  • Even if we have an automatic shut-off button, milk will not work as it has fat and protein, so there is a high chance of burning milk.
  • The kettle can stink a bit after boiling milk.

How To Clean the Kettle After Boiling Milk

If you are boiling milk in an electric kettle, you need to clean it more effectively than normal. So that you can prevent complications and reduces causing damage to the kettle. And cleaning it also has a different way as you cannot clean it like other vessels. Look into the below process and options to clean the kettle properly after boiling milk.

  • Vinegar Solution
  • Lemon juice
  • Baking Soda

Vinegar Solution

Clean the kettle with the vinegar solution after boiling your milk, as the process shown below. The main reason to clean the kettle with vinegar solutions is it has a mildly acidic nature which will clean the kettle very easily.

To clean the kettle, fill it with 3 parts o water and 1 part of vinegar solution and boil it then keep it aside overnight or for 6 hours and then clean it. Again boil some normal drinking water and if you want you can repeat twice to remove the vinegar smell.

Lemon Juice

One more way to clean your kettle after boiling milk is by using lemon juice. And using this method is very easy and as you always have lemons at home or it is very easy to buy as it is cost-effective. Even lemons have an acidic nature.

Same as the vinegar solution, just pour one or two tablespoons of lemon juice into the kettle, and add some water to it. Then boil it and let it sit for 10 minutes and discard the water. You can boil it again with normal water if you don’t want that lemon smell.

Baking Soda

The last and most effective way to clean your kettle when you don’t have any of the above, you can use this way as every household, will definitely have baking soda. And every one of us knows baking soda is the best cleaning agent.

Like the above two cleaning process, add one or two tablespoons of baking soda into the kettle and fill some water. Then boil the water and let it rest for 20-30 minutes and then discard the water. Still, if you feel there is a limescale inside, scrub it lightly with a nonabrasive brush.

Finally, boil the kettle again with normal water.

FAQs on Electric Kettle For Boiling Milk

1. Are kettles able to boil milk?

Yes, kettles can boil milk but the kettle companies definitely would not recommend doing so as they are designed only to boil and heat water.

2. Do you need to clean the kettle after boiling milk?

Yes, you need to clean the kettle immediately after boiling milk. So that you can prevent many complications that you get and extends the usability.

3. Which electric kettle is suitable for boiling milk?

The best electric kettle for boiling milk may be Breville Icon cordless kettle. Because it has a built-in steam wand that helps to boil milk easily and quickly.

4. What happens if we boil milk in an electric kettle?

When you boil milk in an electric kettle you may get a bunch of burnt milk at the bottom, which will not taste good, and also it isn’t easy to clean.

Final Outcomes

We hope that we have clarified your doubt on “Can You Put Milk in an Electric Kettle”. As we have provided every piece of information about the kettle you can think of using it or not. Still, if you have any doubts about the article, you can comment to us in the comment section.

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