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Can Tofu Go Bad?: If you are a fitness freak who wants to minimize your calorie count on a daily food routine can opt for tofu. Tofu is made up of soy milk so it is also a kind of dairy product, that has an expiry date.

For vegetarians and vegan lovers, tofu is the best meat-based substitute that works best for your diet & healthy food habits. You can prepare tofu curry or else you can have it in salads.

If you bought tofu in the sale and doubted about can tofu go bad? along with tofu storage tips, can you freeze tofu? signs of spoilage, etc. just dive in to clear all your doubts.  

Can Tofu Go Bad

Can Tofu Go Bad?

Yes, tofu can go bad merely like other protein food items. It contains an expiry date too for checking. So that we can go through via date before consuming the old tofu. Did you know tofu is a nutritious soy product? contain 80 calories per 3 ounces (85 g).

Does Tofu Go Bad? is the most common question that everyone wants to know before consuming old tofu or before buying a huge amount of tofu if there is a sale. Every time we need to check what is the shelf life of tofu, and how to store tofu to last fresh for a longer time. Depending on these factors you can easily get to know whether tofu is bad or not or else you can even prevent the spoilage of tofu earlier.

Shelf Life of Tofu | How Long Does Tofu Last?

The storage time for tofu is two months after the date of production when it is stored properly and unopened. If you apply the best storage technique then it doesn’t matter the production date or best by or use by dates as they indicate how long tofu last safe to eat. If the tofu is in the fridge then it lasts for a week or even more plus the expiry date.

In case it is opened then eat within 3 to 5 days. Freeze the tofu to extend its storage time. Kindly, note that tofu freezing is the best trick to extend the shelf life longer but it may change in taste. Cooked tofu shelf life is the minimum, if any of the fastest ingredients go bad then the whole recipe goes bad. By following the correct process of storage like cooling down the dish and refrigerating it immediately using an airtight container.

Tofu type Pantry Fridge Freezer
Unopened 2 to 3 months One week 3 to 5 months
Opened Unsafe 3 to 5 days 3 to 5 months
Homemade Unsafe 3 to 5 days 3 to 5 months

Here is the shareable image of How long tofu lasts fresh chart under various conditions.

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Shelf Life of Tofu

Can Tofu Go Bad

Storing Tofu | Tips To Store Tofu For Long Time

The best storage practices will definitely increase the shelf life of any food product so check out the tofu storage tips and enhance the tofu shelf life.

  • The first and foremost tip is to store the tofu is keeping it in the fridge whether it is opened or unopened.
  • If the tofu packet is opened, then make sure to seal it tightly or else transfer the leftover tofus into an airtight container and submerge them in fresh water.
  • The water in the container should be changeable on daily basis and sit in the fridge for a longer time.
  • For more storage life, freezing tofu is the best choice. You can freeze tofu simply by draining the tofu at first.
  • To do that, place a paper towel in the container at the bottom and top of the tofus. Once it releases the water then change the towels and also place the string thing on the top of the tofu to press it a little and lose excess water from the tofu.
  • If it is finished with the draining process, do wrap it with a freezer wrap and store it in a freezer bag and seal it tightly.
  • Lastly, keep the bag in the freezer and extend its storage time for longer.
  • Note that the tofus gets firmer in texture once it was done with the thawing process.

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How to Tell if Tofu is Bad

Checking the spoilage signs before consuming tofu is mandatory. So, let’s take a look at the indications to tell if tofu is bad or not:

  • Initially, you have to look deeply at the tofu for checking the mold growth signs.
  • Sometimes it seems to be flimsy.
  • If there is no mold then check the smell. If it is bad then it smells sour and it’s time to discard it.
  • Also, try to taste the old tofus before preparing a dish or making salads. If it tastes off, throw it out.

Interesting Facts About Tofu

  • Tofu is called the oldest food in the world.
  • You can see five primary tofu kinds.
  • It overcomes the risk of cancer, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.
  • Tofu is an extraordinary option for getting protein to vegans.
  • It was introduced by Prince Liu An of the Han Dynasty, nephew to the Emperor of China (179-122 BC).
  • The tofu was brought by Benjamin Franklin tofu to the US
  • It is made up of soy milk and you can make it just like cheese making.

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FAQs on Does Tofu Go Bad Last in Shelf, Fridge, or Freezer

1. How can you tell if tofu has gone bad?

Tofu that is expired releases the symptoms like creamy, changes white color to tan or brown, smells off, and tastes off. mold growth, etc. Thus, you can identify that tofu is bad.

2. Can expired tofu make you sick?

A microbial degradation risk may affect if you eat the expired or old tofu that sits in the fridge. Due to this, a consumed person may get digestive problems along with other symptoms which cause food poisoning.

3. How long can you keep tofu in the fridge?

Mostly, 3 to 5 days is the shelf life for tofu in the refrigerator if it is unopened. If it is opened then store it in an airtight container with water. If you freeze them it is last for several months but they may change their taste and have no food consistency.

Key Takeaways

The process of getting tofu bad doesn’t take much time. If you need any other assistance regarding can tofu go bad or what is the shelf life of tofu or others kindly speak out to us via the comment section below. We at works on your queries and provide solution at a faster pace. For more information on protein, articles check our site’s main pages.

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