Can Dehydrated Food Go Bad? – An Ultimate Guide on Shelf Life of Dehydrated Food

Can Dehydrated Food Go Bad: Dehydrating foods is a great practice to preserve fruits and vegetables for a long time without wasting them.

If you are curious to know about dehydrating foods, how long dehydrating foods last, and tips to follow while storing dehydrated foods to extend their shelf life you will learn them all here.

In this article, we have covered information on Do Dehydrated Foods ever go bad, Signs to tell if Dehydrated Foods have expired, and Storage Practices to follow for better preservation in the further sections.

Can Dehydrated Food Go Bad

What is Dehydrated Food?

Dehydrated Food is nothing but fruits and veggies that are processed to remove the water content from them. You can use devices like an oven, sun, or even a food dehydrator to remove the water content from food. The flavor is retained in dehydrated foods and dehydrating extends the shelf life of the food. Based on the method you used for drying and how much moisture content you have removed the texture will differ from chewy to crispy.

Do Dehydrated Foods Go Bad?

Yes, dehydrated foods go bad. However, it doesn’t go bad as fast as fresh foods. Dehydrated Foods can spoil from bacteria, mold, and other microbes. They might even catch bad odors and even experience nutrient loss. So, follow proper guidelines and measures to prevent them from getting damaged.

How To Tell If Dehydrated Food Is Bad?

There are plenty of reasons which Dehydrated Food goes bad. Here are some of the possible signs that you can check and determine if your Dehydrated Food is expired or not. Go through them and confirm before eating your dried food.

  • Moisture: If the dried food has any signs of moisture it is a clear sign as it has gone bad. Moisture existing activates bacterial growth and thus becomes unsafe to consume.
  • Mold: Any black or fuzzy spots on the dried food is a sign that it has gone bad and time to dispose of it off. Temperature fluctuations will result in mold formation.
  • Smell: If you get a strong smell that is different from the regular fruity smell it has gone bad due to poor storage practices.
  • Taste: If the bad dried fruit tastes different from the usual one it is probably because of loss of flavor.
  • Texture: Any change in the texture and shape is a visible sign that the dehydrated food has gone bad.

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How Long Does Dehydrated Food Last?

Dehydrated food will last for about 6-12 months when stored in the Pantry. However, if you keep them in airtight packaging with oxygen absorbers they can last about 10-15 years. When compared to dried vegetables dried fruits will last for a long time.

Can Dehydrated Food Go Bad

Tips to follow in Preparing Dehydrated Foods

In the process of dehydration, food will shrink automatically. Go through the tips & tricks mentioned to know about the preparation as it is the key involved in the whole process.

  • Before you begin the process of dehydrating make sure you clean the veggies and fruits in order to remove the waxes and pesticides from them.
  • If you want you can remove the seeds, stem, and peels if necessary.
  • Cutting 3 mm size is advisable.
  • After you cut your veggies and fruits sprinkle some lemon juice to help counteract the oxidation and thereby remove any bacteria remaining.
  • Try to dip the fruits and veggies in the ascorbic acid bath as it is about adding vitamin C powder to it.

How to Store Dehydrated Food?

Following proper preservation methods is the first step to preventing food from getting spoiled. The storage method you have opted for in the preservation of dehydrated food also plays a crucial role. Here are some of the potential signs by which you can identify whether your dehydrated foods expired or not. They are as under

  • Store Dehydrated Food in a Dried Place: Keep your dehydrated food in areas with low moisture levels. If the dehydrated foods come in contact with water they will become rancid.
  • Keep Dried Food in Shady Regions: Try to keep the dried food in a cool and dark place as sunlight accelerates the process of breaking down dried food.
  • Pack your Dehydrated Food in Airtight Containers: If dehydrated foods get exposed to air the oxidation process will begin. If you keep your dehydrated food in glass jars or plastic bags and prevent the premature oxidation of food. If you have picked a freezer bag or Ziploc bag vacuum seal it and lock it to prevent space in the pantry or freezer.
  • Keep the Dehydrated Food in a Cool Place: Store the dehydrated food in a cool place to keep them fresh for a long time.

FAQs on Does Dehydrated Food Ever Go Bad

1. Can you eat expired dehydrated food?

As long as the food in the can or bag is dried you can still eat the expired dehydrated food.

2. Can bacteria grow in dehydrated food?

Yes, bacteria can grow in dehydrated food.

3. Can food spoil while dehydrating?

Yes, food can spoil while dehydrating due to poor storage practices.

4. How long does dehydrated food stay good for?

Dehydrated Food stays good for about 4-12 months.


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