20+ Easy Porridge Recipe Ideas To Make For Breakfast For Your Busy Mornings

Porridge Recipes: Porridges are a nourishing whole-food meal that has a balance of nutrition. Notably, the high fiber content in porridges makes it a comfort meal for illnesses. Hence, a great meal option no matter what time of the day it is. To help you pique your interest in more healthy porridges, we will give you a bunch of recipes to try. This article will have over ten porridge recipe ideas, that are great for adults, and a part for toddlers too. So, without a second thought, let’s get some notes.

Porridge Recipes

Top Tasty & Healthy Porridge Recipes

Most porridge recipes mentioned here are vegetarian and can be vegan-friendly too. Hence, this particular article is for everyone who loves to plan healthy meals regardless of diet preferences. These ideas are not even difficult to recreate. So, there goes our list of ten incredible porridge recipes to try for dinner, lunch, or even breakfast.

Banana, Raisins & Nutmeg Porridge

Looking for a recipe for a tasty but nutritious breakfast? Try the lip-smackingly delicious and highly nutritious banana raisin porridge with nutmeg. The only ingredients needed for this simple dish are raisins, nutmegs, oats, and milk or water.

People of all ages will adore this delectable dish. This delicious porridge recipe will go down very well in your family. Share this dish with your loved ones who are constantly concerned about their health but struggle to find recipes that are both delicious and gut-friendly.

Stewed Plums Porridge

Plum porridges are naturally sweetened desserts for breakfast or lunch. The thick and creamy steamed plums give a nice texture to the seasoned porridge and make it delightful to eat. Additionally, it has every nutritional advantage a whole-food meal has to offer.

Make sure you don’t add any artificial sweeteners to the porridge. That will blow away some of the health benefits and add more calories to the porridge bowl. Nonetheless, this bowl is a superfood for days when you want to have an easy meal.

Stewed Apple with Cinnamon Porridge

Apples and cinnamon do make the best food duo in the line of healthy meals. The apple and cinnamon porridge is a great immunity booster and strengthens blood flow in the body. However, this healthy bowl tastes so much like a good dessert.

The cinnamon seasoning is a lifesaver for those who don’t enjoy apple porridge. Sometimes, the fruits on porridges can get really bland and basic in taste. Hence, the roasted cinnamon flavor gives the porridge a nice kick to it.

Blueberries and Blackberry Porridge

Fruity hot porridges in winter are some of the best things for a comfortable and cozy meal. Not that you can limit yourself to only eating fruity porridge in winter, but it is a good vibe. However, this recipe goes way beyond just a good tangy taste.

Blackberries and blueberries are great for Vitamin C and have a good amount of antioxidants. When mixed with oats and water, this porridge is great for skiing regeneration too. Hence, a simple bowl of blackberry and blueberry porridge won’t hurt for a day.

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Apple Pie Porridge

Apple pie itself is a great dish, no matter what part of the day you’re having your meal. Now, imagine the same flavors but in a healthy bowl of milk porridge. This honey-topped porridge meal will make your meal way better than the bland porridge you are used to eating.

While preparing this porridge, keep the apple skin on because it has a good fiber content. This apple porridge also does not require any extra ingredients or any specific flavors. So, you are good to go with whatever you have left in your pantry.

Coconut Quinoa Porridge with Berries

Quinoa is a great body supplement for people who get digestion issues. Plus, the combo of quinoa and coconut milk is a great whole-food meal for both vegans and vegetarians. Also, people who are accustomed to non-veg, cope pretty well with vegan food.

This coconut quinoa porridge is an easy meal prep including all the grated coconut you will require. The cooking is also for 15 minutes or so considering all the odds. However, this meal is quick and great for easy morning breakfasts.

Banana Millet Porridge

If we did not mention bananas in a porridge recipe, it would be an utter disappointment. Bananas and breakfast are two things that correspond so well in healthy meals. Additionally, there is also millet in this meal, which is a good fiber source.

The sweet flavors of banana and the basic flavor of millet do balance out the flavors. The porridge then becomes a power meal for the rest of the day. Henceforth, a good porridge meal makes your heart and mind both happy and healthy.

Miso and Salmon Savory Porridge

For all those non-vegetarian readers, we hope this reaches your eyes as soon as possible. The miso porridge is a big dish in Japanese cuisine and there is nothing you won’t love about it. A savory and nutritious breakfast for those who love animal protein.

The salmon here either is skin-side seared or just boiled with the porridge. You can pick any rice option even though brown rice is preferable in most miso soup items. This a wholesome porridge recipe for those who can’t help but love some fish in porridge.

The Black Forest Gateau Porridge

Everybody loves a good slice of Black Forest cakes topped with cherries and cream. Now, you can have those same flavors while minding the healthy factor too. The legendary black forest gateau porridge is here to save you from a bland breakfast.

This porridge recipe calls for a lot of ingredients like cocoa, dates, fresh or frozen cherries, and other base items. These delicious ingredients are so tempting that it makes the appeal of the porridge better. Hence, a proper chocolaty dessert with good nutritional value.

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Easy Porridge Recipes For Toddlers

While the recipes mentioned above are great, not everything is great for the little ones. With this list of recipes, the ingredients are easy to digest. Hence, a great choice for toddlers who have a hard time chewing everything.

Ragi Porridge

Ragi porridge or the healthy ragi java recipe is a staple in numerous households. This ancient recipe is a mix of ragi flour, jaggery, and lots of water. This porridge recipe is mostly served to newborns or kids with no teeth. The porridge is high in fiber, and lots of nutrition. Hence, a perfect meal for the young brats in your house.

Semolina Porridge

Semolina, or even creamy wheat flour is a high-fiber base for a good porridge. This high-fiber porridge is a filling dish, that kids eat during any meal. The rigid taste of this porridge is often canceled out by chocolate, syrups, or some sort of jam. Also, keeps some nuts and seeds for a finishing crunch for the hyper-active toddlers.

Lotus Seed Porridge

The kids love Makhana kheer, or the lotus seed porridge for any meal of the day. It is a buttery porridge that tastes good and even digests easily with no hassle. Plus, it is not a typical sweet porridge with bits of sugar and syrup. This porridge calls for a pot of seasoned porridge that is best for the little crawling buddies.

List Of Other Healthy Porridge Recipes

Porridges are indeed the healthiest dishes for breakfast and even taste decently good with good ingredients. However, that is not everything for this list of goodies. Written below are some additional porridge recipe ideas that you might look up.

      • Peaches and Raspberries Porridge
      • Greek Yogurt and Tinned Apricot Porridge
      • Chocolate Banana Porridge
      • Banoffee Porridge
      • Rig Honey and Ricotta Porridge
      • Saffron Porridge with Jaggery

FAQs On Amazing Porridge Recipes

1. What is the most basic type of porridge? 

Millet flour porridge is the most common porridge eaten all across the globe. Most flour porridge recipes are adopted by people for preparing quick meals. However, there is a variety of porridge ingredients that taste good.

2. Is it necessary to eat porridge with milk?

No, porridge does not have to be eaten with milk all the time. A porridge cooks just fine with a little bit of water or even vegan milk replacements. Hence, it is no rule to use only milk in porridge.

3. What makes porridge nutritious?

Most porridges are highly nutritious because it has both complex carbs and fiber. Both of these ingredients are like a daily necessity to our bodies. Additionally, you can include more nutrient-dense items.

In A Nutshell

As we mentioned earlier, porridges do make great meals regardless of the time of the day. Most of the porridge recipes are also quick recipes and do not require extra time for preparation. All you need are some basic ingredients lying in your kitchen. Hence, a proportionate meal idea made under a tight budget with zero trouble. Nonetheless, if you are inspired to make porridge by reading this piece, we have countless ones in store. Go open our website and see what the world is preparing every day for breakfast or any other meal.

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