Does Hoisin Sauce Go Bad If Not Refrigerated? – A Guide to Hoisin Sauce Shelf Life

Does Hoisin Sauce Go Bad?: If you are a lover of tangy and spicy flavored Asian vegetable stir-fry bowls then you should know that its aroma and taste come from the super sauce called hoisin sauce which is popular in cuisines like Chinese and Vietnamese.

When you want to prepare those yummy Asian cuisine recipes at home, firstly, buy the hoisin sauce and then go with other ingredients. Had many queries about the lifespan of the sauce after opening and whether it will go wrong or not.

Don’t worry! we have solutions for every question raised in your mind related to hoisin sauce. The below guide will make you know the right techniques to store hoisin sauce, hoisin sauce shelf life in the pantry and the refrigerator, spoilage signs along with can hoisin sauce go bad.

Does Hoisin Sauce Go Bad

Does Hoisin Sauce Go Bad(Opened or Unopened)?

Yes, hoisin sauce does go bad like other sauces. It goes bad properly when the sauce loses its quality like a strong aroma and taste. This sweet, spicy, and tangy dipping sauce should be stored properly after opening or unopened, if not it can easily go bad.

One of the primary precautions all need to take for fresh and best quality hoisin sauce is storing it in the perfect storage condition. Want to know what are the storage techniques of hoisin sauce and how to tell if it is bad? Then jump into the next section without fail.

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How Long Does Hoisin Sauce Last?

Hoisin Sauce and every other sauce shelf life depends upon the item utilized in it. If the ingredients stay fresh for a longer time then the lifespan of hoisin sauce increases a lot. And every store-bought hoisin sauce variety comes with the best-by date.

Also, the shelf life can be decided on the basis of storage conditions. If it is unopened and sealed properly then lasts for three years. It can also last after three years but you may lose all the freshness and flavors.

The lifespan of hoisin sauce once opened and stored in the refrigerator can last for up to 18 months. Remember to close the jar or bottle very tight and help the sauce to preserve its aroma and flavors.

If the bottle stays at room temperature, then it can last about 3 years or a best-by date. When you seal the bottle very tight and store it in proper condition helps in increasing the shelf life of hoisin sauce too.

Does Hoisin Sauce Need To Be Refrigerated?

Not probably, hoisin sauce needs not to be refrigerated always but when it is open to use then you should definitely store it in the fridge for maintaining its freshness, and aroma, and extend the shelf time.

If it is unopened then you can avoid refrigerating as it can last up to 2 years when stored properly in a good climate and storage conditions. But when you opened and store it at room temperature then it can last for hardly 2-3 days in a sealed container.

If you wanted to preserve the sauce for more than a week or months then refrigerating the hoisin sauce is a must and it will surely increase its life expectancy. Want to know more about how to store it properly in the pantry and in the fridge, make sure to read out the below modules.

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How to Store Hoisin Sauce?

The storage conditions that work well for the hoisin sauce to preserve are explained here clearly for your reference. Do check them carefully and store your sauce properly:

  • In order to avoid hoisin sauce going bad, you all should remember to store it in cool and dry places most importantly whether it is opened or unopened.
  • When you open the jar, then ensure to keep away it from exposure to air, light, hot temperature, and even heat sources.
  • Always preserve the opened jar of hoisin sauce in the refrigerator for maintaining the same flavors and save it for a longer time without going bad.
  • Even professional chefs recommend storing the sauces in the refrigerator for the long term.
  • Storing it away from direct sunlight is also important to stop hoisin sauce to go bad.

How Do You Tell If Hoisin Sauce Is Bad?

The direct answer to tell if your hoisin sauce has gone bad is by checking the signs of spoilage such as sour smell, mild aroma, presence of mold, rubbery consistency, and changes in taste & texture.

The following are some important tips and tricks to be considered if hoisin sauce had gone bad.

Sour Smell: The first spoilage sign is the sour smell, generally making sauces go throw a fermentation process due to yeast infection. Due to this, the sauce smells sour and makes you understand that the hoisin sauce has gone bad.

Separation: When the hoisin sauce and water got separated as a layer on the top then it has gone bad. So, understand the spoilage sign and remember it.

Rubbery Consistency: If your hoisin sauce texture has turned into a rubbery consistency then it is the next sign of spoilage. Discard the sauce immediately and avoid bothering your health. This spoilage will happen when your sauce loses its water content or when it dehydrates.

Mold Growth: One more indication to discard the sauce is growing mold on the surface of the hoisin sauce. Whenever you see this sign of spoilage that means hoisin sauce has gone bad.

Discoloration: In case, it changes color to dark or has streaks or spots of discoloration on the top of the sauce then it is one more sign of going bad.

Change in Taste: After checking all the above signs and finding everything right then check the taste before using it in a large batch. If it altered the taste and not being as delicious in flavor then discard the jar.

Can Old Hoisin Sauce Make You Sick? | Is It OK To Use Expired Hoisin Sauce?

Are you wondering what’s going to happen when you consume the expired hoisin sauce? Is it make you sick badly? Firstly, it’s not okay to eat any expired food. Because it starts growing bacteria and causes food poisoning.

The signs to understand about food poisoning are stomach cramps, chills, fever, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. If the hoisin sauce bottle is unopened then cross-check the date of expiration on the package instructions before consuming.

If you even find any of the spoilage signs from the above module, then it is not safe to consume, and make sure to discard the sauce right away.

Best Alternatives For Hoisin Sauce If It Goes Bad

Whenever you face tough situations like running out of hoisin sauce or having a small amount of sauce in the jar at the last moment or your sauce turns bad, start using these best & simple hoisin sauce alternatives:

  • Bean paste and brown sugar
  • Garlic, miso, mustard, and raisins
  • Garlic and prunes
  • Soy and peanut butter
  • Garlic teriyaki
  • Bean paste and brown sugar

Can You Freeze Hoisin Sauce? | Tips For Freezing Hoisin Sauce

Yes, you can freeze hoisin sauce generally but it’s not compulsory as all condiments are good at preserving in the fridge. Hoisin sauce has a stable shelf life when it is refrigerated so freezing it is not recommended.

If you feel to keep it safe for extra shelf life then go for freezing. After freezing the sauce, it last for a longer time than expected, and also flavors & aroma of the sauce stay intact and good.

Wondering how to freeze hoisin sauce properly then look at the below tips:

  • Use non-metal airtight containers and tightly sealed jars to freeze the sauce.
  • If you made sauce at home or bought the plastic bottled hoisin sauce then transfer the sauce into the container.
  • Cover the container properly and prevent air, heat, and light exposure.
  • Finally, toss the container into the freezer after labeling the important information on it and preserve it for a longer time

FAQs On Can Hoisin Sauce Go Bad Unopened or Opened?

1. How long does hoisin sauce last once opened?

Opened hoisin sauce can last upto 1 year and 6 months in the fridge. If you maintain its storage temperature and condition properly, its shelf life can increase with the same freshness and flavors.

2. Can I use out-of-date hoisin sauce?

Yes, the unopened bottle of hoisin sauce can be used for months after the best-by date or expiry date as it was not used or opened so its texture and aroma stay the same in the jar for a longer time.

3. Does hoisin sauce go bad unrefrigerated?

Yes, opened hoisin sauce does go bad unrefrigerated. It is a must to store the opened bottle in the fridge for maintaining its quality. When you kept the opened jar of hoisin sauce at room temperature on the pantry or kitchen top it can easily grow mold and form bacteria.

An unopened jar of hoisin sauce can last great for some time in the kitchen later keep it in the fridge for best results.

4. How long does homemade hoisin sauce last?

Homemade hoisin sauce can last upto two weeks in the fridge and upto 3 months in the freezer. Remember to store the sauce in glass jars for better storage and good shelf life.

Final Words

We are hoping that the details shared here on Does hoisin sauce go bad surely helped you prevent any spoilage and increase its shelf life too. Do you need to learn what other sauces stay fresh in the pantry and refrigerator then visit our dips and sauces category page and find various guides on the same like Does Taco Bell Sauce Go Bad or Expire, Does Teriyaki Sauce Go Bad, etc.

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