Do Cherries Go Bad? – How To Store Cherries & Tips To Keep Cherries Fresh For A Long Time

Do Cherries Go Bad?: There is always a cherry on top of a birthday cake. You must have wondered if you could eat it or not. But have you ever wondered how long cherries will last and how late you can eat them? Do not worry, as we are going to discuss everything regarding Do Cherries Go Bad, How To Store Cherries, the Shelf Life of Cherries, and many more tips and facts regarding storing cherries.

Cherries tend to go bad quickly if not stored properly since they have a short shelf life. Ensure to follow the best practices to avoid spoilage of your cherries and extend their shelf life. If you want to learn either of these, continue reading the further sections to know in detail. You will be learning more on the same line if you continue reading the following sections.

Do Cherries Go Bad

Do Cherries Go Bad?

Yes, cherries have a very short shelf life and can get bad real quick. Their life is relatively less than other prominent fruits like mangoes, apples, bananas, etc. Cherries spoil faster as they are sensitive to moisture and heat. Thus, we advise you to buy cherries in small quantities and store them in appropriate conditions. Choose the best cherries from the bunch in your supermarket or local market.

How Long Do Cherries Last?

Cherries will last around 1-2 days when kept at room temperature and around 5-7 days when stored in your refrigerator. The shelf life of cherries also depends on various other factors like how long it has been kept in the supermarket, how they are stored, how soon they are consumed, and more. Hence, do not expect the cherries to last for longer time than 7 days. Do check the below table to see how long cherries last when stored in the Pantry or Fridge.

Type Pantry Fridge
Cherries 1 – 2 days 5 – 7 days

How Long Do Cherries Last

How to Store Cherries?

If cherries are kept at room temperature for a long time, they will go bad real soon. Instead, keep them in a bag and store them in a refrigerator. Make sure you do not remove the stems from the cherries and keep them in a Perforated Plastic Bag.

Keeping it in a cold area will cool the fruit and ensure the moisture does not leave the fruit. But once it is taken out from the fridge, it is important to eat them as soon as possible since they can go bad real soon.

How to Keep Cherries Fresh?

To make sure your cherries remain fresh, ensure you pick the best bunch from the place you buy. The cherries must be bright red and ripe when buying. They are not going to ripen since their shelf life is very short. Pick the ones that are of peak quality while you buy them. Check the stem of the fruit and the fruit as well to decide if your Cherries are fresh or not. A few ways to keep your cherries fresh are:

  • Leave the stem on: If you remove the stem before storing, air will get into the fruit and can lead to the formation of mold.
  • Do not squish the fruit: Squishing the fruit can lead to the water getting oozed out and the fruit will get rotten sooner.
  • Avoid washing: Wash your cherries only when you plan to consume the cherry. If you are washing your cherries before storing them, ensure they are dried properly.

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How to Tell if Cherries are Bad?

There are a few common signs by which you can tell if Cherries are Bad or not. If you notice any of the listed changes, discard the cherries and do not consume them any time after. These signs of cherries going bad are:

  • Soft and Mushy Skin: If you observe the skin getting soft and mushy when you touch them, it means it is on the verge of getting bad
  • Mold in The Skin: Mold formation on the skin means the cherry has gotten bad and must be discarded immediately
  • Infested Fruit: If you see the fruit being infected, dispose of it as it may have been infested by insects or worms
  • Sour Smell: When the cherries start giving off a bad smell, throw the cherries out and do not consume them

Can You Freeze Cherries?

You can freeze cherries in the Freezer. Freezing cherries is a very simple task. Before freezing make sure to wash and dry them before you put them back in the freezer. Frozen cherries will taste better and can be used as a great summer dessert. You can make various cherry-based dishes like jam and juice

Depending on how long you want the cherries to stay edible. If you want the cherries to stay for a long time without spoiling, refrigeration is a great option to do so. Cherries left in the Pantry/Counter will stay around 1-2 days without spoiling whereas Refrigerated cherries will stay fresh for up to 1 week. Look at the article of ours Can You Freeze Cherries to know how the entire freezing process works.

Fascinating Facts About Cherries

Cherries have a unique sweet and sour taste to them which not many fruits can provide. But apart from the taste, there are several facts about cherries that make them unique and wonderful. Here are a few fascinating facts about cherries:

  • The cherry species is believed to be originated in western Asia and eastern Europe from the Caspian Sea to the Balkans.
  • The average cherry tree has 7,000 cherries.
  • The earliest mention of cherries comes from the Greek author Theophrastus.
  • A cherry tree can produce fruit for around 100 years.
  • A cherry tree can be harvested in seven seconds.
  • There are two types of cherries. They are sweet and tart.
  • There are more than 500 varieties of sweet cherries.
  • Turkey produces 535,000 tons annually.
  • The pits of the cherry can be harvested into several other cherry trees and into your own garden.

FAQs on Do Cherries Go Bad

1. Do cherries spoil easily?

Yes, cherries can go bad easily as they are highly perishable and have a shorter shelf life compared to other fruits.

2. How long can cherries last in the Fridge?

Cherries will last around 7 days in the Fridge.

3. How healthy are cherries?

Cherries are low in calories and contain high fiber content. They also contain vitamins A, K, and C and also have nutrients like potassium, magnesium, etc.

Key Takeaways

We hope the information shared on our page regarding Do Cherries Go Bad has helped you to know more about cherries and how to store them, and if they go bad. If you need any further assistance feel free to reach us through the comment section and we will respond to them at the earliest possibility. Keep connected to us to get updates on several other such information.

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